Victoria Climbie Essay Example
Victoria Climbie Essay Example

Victoria Climbie Essay Example

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  • Published: May 17, 2018
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Victoria Climbie Agencies at Fault. Lord Laming’s concerns, was not with the way 1 agency had discharged its duties but the way all the agencies involved had done so. 4 social services departments 3 Housing departments 2 specialist child protection teams in the metropolitan police. 2 different hospitals and the NSPCC Victoria died at the hands of her great aunt Marie Therese Kouao and her partner Carl John Manning. She was a frightened little girl who probably became incontinent because of the abuse she received off Carl john Manning and her great aunt.

Victoria was then made to sleep in the bath tied in a black bin bag where she had to sleep in her own urine and faeces. The bag was only removed when her skin became so infected and Manning was worried in case anybody noticed how bad It had


become. Victoria still had to endure long periods of time confined to the bathroom. Victoria was forced to eat like a dog when her hands were tied with tape. Manning claimed Victoria was beat regularly by Kouao with various objects, wooden spoon, hair brush coat hanger also a hammer.

There was blood found on Manning’s football boots and trainers and he admitted to beating her with a bicycle chain. When she was admitted to St Marys Hospital her respiratory, cardiac and renal systems all began to shut down and Victoria went into cardiac arrest. She was declared dead at 3. 15pm 25th February 2000. A post mortem found Victoria died of hypothermia caused by malnourishment, a damp environment and restricted movement. 128 separate injuries caused by both sharp and blunt objects were found on her

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Marks on her wrists and ankles indicated that Victoria had been tied and bound. However there is a much improved track sharing of information through child care services and other agencies i. e. Hospitals, Police, Social Services. Integration of Child Protection Services which includes the creation of “Children’s Trusts” which brings together local Education Authorities and Health and Social Services. Also introduced is Every Child Matters Being Healthy Staying Safe Enjoying and Achieving Make a positive contribution Achieve Economic Wellbeing

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