The Civil Peace Essay Example
The Civil Peace Essay Example

The Civil Peace Essay Example

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  • Published: June 14, 2018
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Freshman English 102 [ 7 February 2012 ] Civic Peace In the story, the first major scene I felt that was important was when Jonathan used his family earnings to buy wine. His family picked mangoes near the military cemetery and sold them to the soldiers wives for some pennies. Jonathan uses the money to buy palm-wine for his bar that he opened up for the soldiers and other lucky people with a lot of money. Jonathan cheats his way out of many things. One was with the running public tap water down the road, Jonathan diluted the wine with water to cheat the soldiers thinking its fine wine which was actually diluted.

He also cheats the carpenter by giving him the cheapest kind of money. Another scene from the short story Civil Peace wa


s when Jonathan got his bike. The bicycle had a lot of history and it meant a lot to him. The bicycle was commandeered for urgent military action. Jonathan bought the bike for two pounds. The money he used was going to be used to buy firewood which his wife Maria used for extra stock fish and corn meal. He used the bike as a taxi and made a small pile of biafran money. He ferried camp officials and families across the four-mile road.

In the end he made a small fortune of one hundred and fifteen pounds. Although the bike helped Jonathan in the end, he still took valuable money from his wife Maria which she used to sell to camp officials for extra stock of fish and corn. He was also shocked, because when he buried the bike for a year

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it needed nothing but a little grease and said nothing puzzles god. He believes god is on his side because everything is working out. The scene in the middle of the story was when Jonathan waited in the sun outside for five days in a line at the treasury.

He received twenty pounds known as a egg-rasher that was counted into his hands as a ex-gratia award for the rebel money he had turned in. When he received his money Jonathan made sure he gripped his money tight into his pocket. He was extra careful on his way home because he noticed a man collapse into a crowd and a heartless ruffian picked off his twenty pounds. In the end of the story thieves come to his house and request money. Jonathan told the thieves that he is a poor man and everything he had was with the war.

He lies to the thieves and tells them all the money he had was twenty pounds. He knows he lost money he never had it to begin with and eventually he will get it back. He is happy his family is safe which matters the most to him. The next day straps a five-gallon demijohn to his bike carrier, and his wife was already sweating in the open fire cooking akara balls in a clay bowl of boiling oil. His son was also cleaning old beer bottles. He says that all that went bad can perish in the flames that nothing puzzles god

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