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In this ever-modernizing world, sometimes it is hard to keep a calm and clear head to face with many problems arising everyday. The fast pace of city life usually tires me to hell by snowing me under a lot of pressure. Whenever feel tired, there is one place I would love to go to, the place where time seems to stand still and I can release all of my stress, letting the wind blow it away. Until now, my secondary school has always been the most familiar place for me.

My secondary school is Huu Nghi school, where I had spent 4 years on studying and many other stuff. It is located near the foot of a mountain interesting resembling a car. Huu Nghi was established in 1992, coming into use as a school functioning as both primary and secondary schools. Later on, it was seperated and has attained a lot of achievements in spite of its infancy at that time. To many people, my school may appear to be prestigious and formidable. However, it is not everything about it. This has always been the only place where I feel I can be myself in a world of hypocrisy. My school is quite small, so when in here I feel as if I am at home. There is not much to tell you about its architecture in that all the buildings were built in a conventional way, hence bringing a sense of familiariry even for someone who has been there for the first time. There are so many trees in the school yard that a visitor once said that you may hit your head against the tree if you run in the yard. Flowers are in bloom all the year around. It may be the peaceful atmosphere there that attracts me the most even though I left the school several years ago.

The memories about Huu Nghi school suddenly come into my mind as a raging torrent that I can hardly remember and depict a single event clearly. Everytime I catch myself missing it, all I can remember is the pleasant feeling the place offers me. It never fades in my memory how peaceful I felt when sitting on the school benches, watching the junior as they head towards the school gate and chatting with my”old” friends. Time seems to freeze when I come back to my loved place. I love the faint aroma of autumn that lingers on my face everytime I watch the leaves as they fall. I love the taste of ending, though bitter, at the point I say goodbye to my beloved shool. Everyone has their own favourite place. To me it will forever be my secondary school, no matter how much time elapses.

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