Technological Advancements Are Incompatible with Cultural Tradition

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Whether or not technological advancements are discordant cultural tradition remains a controversial issue. Many people believe that traditional culture is harmonious modern technology. However, I reckon that breakthrough of technology is contradictory culture’s traditional values for two reasons. First, the development of technology will allow traditional cultures to approach many different ones which may obliterate the value of them.

It’s the advent of smart phones and the incredible growth of the Internet for boosting accessible and cross culture. For example, the influence of Korean culture such as fashion, cuisine, music through movies and Internet makes young people who are effected easily by hot trend in other cultures virtually unknown the traditionally national values. Second, technological advancements have changed some production methods and depending too much on machineries may reduce our craftsmanship.

The products of mass production technology such as sculpture and knitwear are almost the same. It’s disparate for unique feature of tradition culture and also losing the soul’s beauty of the artist in the artworks. However, the opponent reckon that technological advancement helps us with maintaining and developing traditional cultures. Computer technology stores historical documents and mystery data safely for a long-term without costly payment for storages or securities.

Interactive technology applied in the museum creates the excitement and refreshed sense to young people who want to discover deeply about cultural values. Miraculously modern technology has helped human civilization go far but the rapid breakthrough and exploration of modern technology has been modifying somewhat distinct characteristics of culture identify compared to original values. In short, the development of advanced civilization still needs to be along with the preservation of traditional values.

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