Sgt John Wilson Review Essay Example
Sgt John Wilson Review Essay Example

Sgt John Wilson Review Essay Example

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  • Published: November 6, 2016
  • Type: Review
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John Wilson in the beginning is an honest man trying to make a better life for his family back home in Scotland. My opinion of John Wilson started out as him use being a nicenguyntrying to help everyone out. John starts life out in Canada pretty rough, he can't find good work and the climate is hard on his lungs. In an attempt to get back home he applies for the army but is turned down because of his lung condition with a little luck he lands a good job with the Police force.

John meets Jessie Patterson, who he immediately takes an interest in and John being all bright and using his brain has a wife and 2 children back home but that doesn't stop him for going for Jessie. John's fee


lings toward Jessie turn serious and shortly after a rumor that the Mountie in fact is still married appears. When confronted about this by Jessie's dad he says that he was married, but his wife died after he left the old country John lies to cover up his old marriage and i think that is completely wrong and makes him a huge liar!

Later in in the book we find out that john's lung problem has been blown into a case of tuberculosis. John becomes so sick that he can no longer take care of himself and relies on Jessie and her family take him in. Jessie cares for John for all of winter until he slowly regains his strength. He doesn't repay them at all for the care they provided even though he put their whole family a

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risk of catching tuberculosis. He used Jessie and her family just so he had a place he could call home.

Jessie desperately wants her mother’s approval before she marries john but he wint prove any divorce papers which made her suspicious and I wouldn't blame her plus he had told Jessie’s father that his wife was dead. John says later on that his brother was found alive and that he sent him $500. He kept postponing the marriage date because he wasn't sure how to deal with Polly and his kids. I don't really see how someone could pull off the whole deal of not actually being married because from what I have ever heard It never works.

They said John started drinking and I would bet its formal the stress of the huge situation he was dealing with. John writes letters home they mention throughout the story and he just slowly stops sending them. i dont blame polly for being worried about her husband because he isnt taking the time to message her. Polly discovers a letter from Jessie to John in a coat pocket.

Polly suspected that John had another girl. John kills his wife and is pursued by the police and he uses his knowledge and experience from bein in he royal Mounties to try and stay ahead of the police looking for him. I prefer to call him John instead of jack because I think the name John fits the character better and after all the title is Sgt. John Wilson. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers who like a mystery and action filled book.

There isn't much about this book that makes it long and drawn out. I am not a very avid reader but this book appealed to me very well.

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