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National Ferries Company is the first company in the Sultanate of Oman which is operating the fastest ferries in the world. NFC offers ferries as boats that transport people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule. However, this company aims to help improving maritime transport of passengers, and goods, encourage internal trading, provide job opportunities for national cadres, help the government provides services to remote coastal areas, provide urgent aid services in case of natural disasters. This report will focus several parts including: Company history.

Company vision and mission. Company management. Organization structure. Company products and services. Financial information.

Company history The National Ferries Company was established in January 9,2006. It is a significant investment for the maritime transport infrastructure completely owned by the government of the Sultanate of Oman. The exceptional challenges of the long coastlines of the Sultanate, which are more 3000 km long, make this service necessary for people to save time and enjoy the picturesque costs of the country. Nowadays, both locals and tourists enjoy this service since its inauguration on 23rd July 2008. In addition to their speed, more than100km/h, the ferries Shinas and Hormuz sail on the longest local maritime lines (225 NM) for high-speed ferries around the world.

Company vision and mission NFC vision: The National Ferries Company looks confidently and positively to the future through the vital development role it plays in the long-term development plan of the country (Oman 2020) especially with the completion of the basic preparations in all harbors that the ferries will operate from. The services of the high speed ferries are planned to cover more than 12 harbors nationwide that are overlooking the Oman Sea and Arabian Sea (Muscat- Khasab- Shinas- Salalah- Halaniyat- Duqum- A’Shwimiyah- Diba- Lima- Hasik- Duqum- Shannah- Masirah) in addition to international harbors in the region. NFC mission:

The National Ferries Company aim is to provide high service on board and exceed the expectations of our valuable customers. Company management National Ferries Company employs 81 people, which 51 work directly on the ferries and 30 are responsible for the general management of the company. Mehdi Mohammed jawad Al Abduwani, Chairman of the Board Director of the National Ferry Company. Ahmed Aal Burcat, Manager of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs. Mrs.Fadhila Ali Al Khalasi, NFC Marketing Manager.

Yousuf Al Balushi, reservation department official and customer service. Ahmed khameas Al Sadi, Director of the department of licenses tourism ministry of tourism and member of the board of directors. Ghazi Abdulah Al Zadjali, Advisor to the Board of directors of NFC. Morad click, sea captain.

Organization structure Mr. Mehdi Mohammed Al Abduwani

Mr. Mehdi Mohammed Al Abduwani, Director of the Company holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Development Planning Technique (DPT) and a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is currently the Director General of Development Planning at the Ministry of National Economy, Sultanate of Oman. In this capacity he participated in the formulation of the long term development strategy for Oman 2020 (1996-2020), and at present leading the team of implementation. He is also a board member and chairman in several companies, operating in various fields of the economy. Mr Mehdi is a board member in three other joint stock companies in Oman, namely Oman Telecommunication Company SAOG, Al Anwar Holdings SAOG, Computer Stationery Industry SAOG and National Ferries Company SAOC.

Company products and services Services: •VIP lounge with High customer service. •Business class service. •Tourist class where the crew of different nationalities ensures the comfort of our guests. •Enjoyable trips between Muscat and khassab with reasonable price and good discount to khassab citizen ( food and drinks for free during the whole trip). •Trips in the cost of Muscat.

•Iftar trips in Ramadan. •Special event on board. •High quality seating and catering facilities on board these ferries are all located on a single deck while a helicopter landing pad on the bridge deck can accommodate a medium-class helicopter. Products:

•Ferries such as Hormuz, Shinas, Souqrah. •Ports.

Financial information The company raised the national language of its capital to SR 2.288 million by issuing 1.788 million shares. Included Muscat Securities Market shares of the capital increase of the national company of the phrases in the market, the third since in the light of the extraordinary general assembly of the company. The Extraordinary General Assembly of the company had decided at its meeting held at the end of March 2010 capital increase of 500 thousand riyals to SR 2.288 million by issuing 1.788 million shares with a nominal value of SAR per share in a private placement.

The National Company of the terms established in 2006 as an investment in the glorious field of infrastructure for maritime transport, and this project aims to support the link between the regions of the Sultanate each other and to promote maritime transport, and the company currently has 3 ferries.

Conclusion National Ferries Company is attractive and useful company. It provides excellent services and products. NFC consists faster ferries in the world which the company purposed to operate in the field of passenger transport, cargo and delivery of services to citizens and is responsible for the ownership, management and retention of different types of phrases and the provision of related services, which include facilities for the operation of ferries.

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