Entrepreneurial Skills Analysis

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The guest speaker at the conference of May 19, 2011, Luis Sanchez Noble spoke about the characteristics, qualities and aptitudes an entrepreneur should have. He defined entrepreneurs as someone who would risk developing an idea of a product or service that is considered innovative in order to create a new value for the market. He also listed some important factors that entrepreneurs should take into account which are goals and the success they have at achieving their goals.

Success is nothing more than working to achieve all your set goals and create new ones. This is so because goals are the main objective you want to accomplish and if a person is dedicated to accomplishing those goals then eventually success will follow. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “the future belongs to those who see the beauty of dreaming”. Those who see themselves somewhere and work towards getting to that place will manage to get there.

Some of the qualities an entrepreneur must have would be aptitude, attitude, and self-awareness. Other qualities would be having a vision of where they would want to develop themselves and how to make this possible. The will to carry out their plans no matter what obstacles might get in their way. Finally they need passion for the things they will develop since they will be the ones motivating others to follow and help create their vision a reality.

In conclusion, an entrepreneur is a person who takes a risk to provide something new to the market and creates a clear idea to his followers, as of how this new product or service will be created and promoted. Empathy, determination, business abilities, passion, creativity, discipline, honesty, patience, and responsibility are some of many things a entrepreneur should strive to have.

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