Database Sql Server Essay Example
Database Sql Server Essay Example

Database Sql Server Essay Example

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  • Published: November 13, 2016
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Please mark on the student answer sheet if the statements below are true or false.

A requirement is an essential condition that a database must satisfy in order to fulfill its purpose, which is indeed true.

2) The inclusion of only the most important stakeholders is sufficient in the database discussions.

Forms are utilized to collect input, which is true.

4) It is true that a transaction database is optimized for real-time transaction tracking.

Data mining involves the analysis of various data sources consolidated in data warehouses by utilizing business intelligence tools and techniques. This statement remains true.

The domain of a database refers to its focus or knowledge area. Is this statement true?

7) It is true that interviews are beneficial for asking open-ended questions.

8) True or false: open-ended qu


estions do not have fixed answers.

9) False. Questionnaires are not effective for asking open-ended questions.

10) Job shadowing is an effective method for witnessing deviations from standard procedures and rules. True

The data required to generate the desired reports must be stored, thus fulfilling the report requirement.

The permissions a user has to use objects and data in a database is known as user access. True.

The permission to update the database allows for making changes. However, this statement is false.

The permission to delete records from database tables is referred to as delete permission. However, the statement that it is false is incorrect.

15) Yes, a business rule includes the acquisition, storage, and processing of data.

The accurate definition of "user access" pertains to the privilege

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granted to a user in order to utilize objects and data within a database.

The attributes function as general headings and do not contain the actual data.

18) True - A candidate key is an attribute or combination of attributes that has the potential to become a primary key.

19) A natural key is when one or more attributes naturally belong to the entity. False

20) A composite key is a true combination of two or more attributes.

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