Wireless broadband Essay Example
Wireless broadband Essay Example

Wireless broadband Essay Example

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  • Published: August 26, 2017
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I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Almighty Allah S.W.T for granting me the patience and resilience required to successfully accomplish this undertaking.

During the completion of this project, I had the privilege of working with individuals who made significant contributions to its success. Their assistance was not only limited to their knowledge and expertise, but also included their valuable energy.

Firstly, I would like to express my extreme gratitude and appreciation to my Final Year Project (FYP) supervisor, Mr. Mardeni Roslee, for his inspiring and invaluable guidance throughout Part 1 and Part 2 of completing this project. I want to thank him for all the advice, encouragement, support, and everything that I learned from him. Without him, this FYP would have been extremely challenging.

A tower of respect and also my sincere gratitude goes to my final year project moderator, Mr. [i


nsert name].

Lo's encouragement and belief in my ability to complete this project are greatly appreciated. After presenting Part 1, his encouragement has fueled my eagerness to continue and finish this endeavor. I would also like to express high recognition for Nur Kamilia, my partner in this undertaking. Her willingness to assist, discuss, share ideas, and engage in numerous interactions has greatly aided me in various aspects of the project. Working with her has been a pleasure throughout as her contributions have demonstrated her deep commitment to scientific and technical matters, her professional capability, and most importantly, her enthusiastic approach to solving complex problems.

I am sincerely grateful towards my parents and siblings for their invaluable support both emotionally and financially.

Thank you to all who gave me the opportunity to complete this project.


The purpose of this

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final year project is to analyze high speed radio broadband internet in Malaysia. The main objective is to investigate and compare the major radio broadband internet providers in Malaysia, focusing on two aspects: identifying issues with service and finding ways to improve and enhance radio broadband internet in the country. Research has been conducted on the technology used by radio technology in Malaysia with the goal of improving radio broadband.

The text discusses the implementation of new engineering in Malaysia's radio industry and the efforts to enhance broadband technology. It also mentions the presence of multiple wireless broadband providers in Malaysia and the importance of comparing them in order to choose the best one and improve their services. In Chapter 1, an introduction is provided which gives an overview of the project and study.


The purpose of this final year project is to investigate the high-speed wireless broadband network in Malaysia. The project is divided into two main parts: examining service issues in wireless broadband and improving and enhancing wireless broadband in Malaysia. Each part involves comparing different wireless broadband providers in Malaysia. The research section requires studying the improvement and enhancement of wireless broadband technology in Malaysia, as well as the latest technology that can be implemented. In this project, the comparison focuses on well-known and large companies in the wireless broadband industry such as Celcom, DiGi, Telekom Malaysia, and P1WiMAX, analyzing their technology and the issues they face.

In addition, we will gain knowledge about the top wireless broadband engineering. The task of advancing radio engineering in Malaysia needs to be considered from both the provider's perspective and the user's perspective.

Additionally, users desire the best for themselves and play a crucial role in enhancing radio technology in Malaysia. This final year project provided exposure to almost all the technologies used in implementing radio technology. Any relevant or useful knowledge acquired during formal study was applicable during the completion of this project. Moreover, this project also offered valuable experience in research and information gathering.

The use of high-speed radio broadband is highly valuable and significant because it caters to a wide range of users. This technology is typically employed to connect people worldwide and serves as a key source of information. The benefits of wireless broadband compared to traditional wired connections are that it is wireless, portable, and offers exceptional performance based on the specific technology in use.


The writer is motivated to compose this study for various reasons. Scientific research in the field of radio multimedia communication is rapidly advancing. Additionally, the development of different technologies in wireless broadband engineering, each offering different performance, motivates the writer to determine the best solutions for both users and providers. The significant growth of mobile networks and the potential of wireless multimedia communication raise many questions for operators, manufacturers, and scientists in this field. The future scenario offers several options and activities that could provide answers to existing problems and dictate better and improved trends in the wireless world. Because of this, the writer is enthusiastic about participating in research to enhance and develop radio technology in Malaysia. Nowadays, the use of the Internet is indispensable in people's lives, as it assists in performing various tasks. One can argue that life is meaningless without the internet market. However, browsing activities

may encounter issues such as reporting, speed, and other limitations.

This article discusses the author's research on high velocity radio engineering that provides advantages to users by improving wireless communication. The research will be beneficial for both suppliers and users, as it aims to advance wireless technology.


The primary goal of this project is to examine and study high velocity radio broadband networks in Malaysia and compare the major broadband providers. The research aims to identify the best supplier and technology for customers to choose from.

To achieve the objective, the following aims must be met: First, analyze each engineering used to improve radio engineering. Second, evaluate the improvements in radio broadband internet in Malaysia. Finally, compare the main radio broadband providers in Malaysia based on various aspects such as technology, issues, and services.


This project involves conducting detailed research on radio broadband in Malaysia.

The main objective of improving and enhancing the radio broadband sector is to enhance and improve radio technology. This research requires wireless broadband technology to meet the needs of both suppliers and users. Suppliers and users both want improved coverage, call quality, reduced cost, traffic management, and services. Advanced technologies such as HSDPA, iBurst™, WiMAX, and others can achieve all of these goals. The end result will be an easily installable, high-quality, affordable, and portable product.

The main radio suppliers in Malaysia, such as DiGi, P1WiMAX, Celcom, and Maxis, utilize various technologies for "last mile" connectivity. Consequently, a comparison has been carried out to assess the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies. This study and project target graduate students engaged in research activities related to radio communications, as well as professional engineers

and project managers involved in radio design. The aim is to enhance their comprehension and perspective on the future of the multimedia radio industry.

The current mobile and radio systems as well as architectural constructs need to evolve to meet the demands of complex connectivity and user requirements. Scientific research in this multidisciplinary field is rapidly advancing. This project aims to identify and explore new technologies, architectural constructs, and emerging challenges.


The project consists of two main parts, the comparison and research sections.

The text discusses the comparison between the client side and supplier side in a project. This undertaking involved research and interviews to gather information from both the company and the client. The information obtained is confidential, similar to the client's personal information. The project was carried out by two individuals, the writer and their spouse. The writer focused on improving radio broadband web in Malaysia, while Nur Kamila Mohd Kamil examined service issues in wireless broadband network. Both parties focused on comparing the main radio supplier in Malaysia.


Initial Phase

The project began with a comprehensive literature review to gather as much information as possible. This was done to ensure a thorough understanding before any planning or idea generation was initiated to start the project.

The complete literature review consists of a variety of information obtained from the Internet, books, journals that contain information about radio broadband.

Development Phase

In this development phase, we examine all the information collected in the first phase. We also compare wired cable and wireless broadband by interviewing Telekom Berhad. We distribute surveys to understand the customer's point of view. Additionally,

we interview other broadband providers to gather more information.

Final Phase

In this final phase, the process for this project becomes more complex and specific. This is because this phase deals with compiling and analyzing the data collected in the initial and development phases. However, data collection still continues in this phase due to the abundance of information and the constant improvement of radio broadband technology. This phase is crucial in learning how to adapt to rapidly advancing technologies, which is invaluable for any engineering student.


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