Wireless broadband Essay Example
Wireless broadband Essay Example

Wireless broadband Essay Example

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  • Published: August 26, 2017
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I am really thankful and grateful to Almighty Allah S.W.T in giving me forbearance and strength to finish this undertaking. In the procedure of carry throughing this undertaking, I was opportune plenty to work with people who had contributed greatly to the success of this undertaking. Their aid was non merely limited to their cognition and expertness, but besides in lending their invaluable energy.

First, I wish to show my extreme gratitude and grasp to my Concluding Year Project ( FYP ) supervisor Mr.Mardeni Roslee for his inspiring and priceless counsel throughout Part 1 and Part 2 on finishing my undertaking. I would wish to thank him for all the advice, encouragement, supports and everything that I had learn from him.Without him this FYP would hold been really hard.

A tower of regard and besides my sincere gratitude to my concluding twelv


emonth undertaking moderator, Mr. Lo for his encouragement and his belief in me to finish this undertaking. With his encouragement after presentation of Part 1, my eager in finishing this undertaking becomes more and more.

High recognition to my undertaking spouse Nur Kamilia. Her preparedness to assist and discourse and portion thoughts and tonss of interaction helped me in assorted facets particularly in understanding the rules on doing this undertaking a success in several of facets. Thank you for being such a nice company to work all the time.The part she gave has confirmed her deep committedness to scientific and proficient affairs, her professional capableness and most importantlyA her enthusiastic attack to work outing complex jobs.

I would wish to show my hearty grasp for my parents and my siblings for their priceless encouragement and supports in footings

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of interior strength and besides financials. Thank you to all who gave me the possibility to finish this undertaking.


The purpose of this concluding twelvemonth undertaking is to analyze of high velocity radio broadband web in Malaysia. The demand of this undertaking is to look into and research about radio broadband and to do comparings between chief radio broadband web suppliers in Malaysia. The undertaking consists of two major parts which are look intoing of jobs of service in radio broadband web and betterment and sweetening in radio broadband web in Malaysia.For betterment in radio broadband, research about the engineering been used by the radio engineering in Malaysia presents revealed. Analyze about the new engineering that been used by other states to be implement in Malaysia so that the radio engineering in Malaysia can be enhance. There are besides authorities programs in heightening broadband engineering in Malaysia. There are many wireless broadband suppliers in Malaysia and comparing among them will assist client to take what the best are and make the supplier better their services.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In this introductory chapter, the information and background about this undertaking and study are outlined.


The purpose of this concluding twelvemonth undertaking is to analyze the high-velocity radio broadband web in Malaysia. This undertaking consists of two major parts ; which are look intoing of jobs of service in radio broadband web and betterment and sweetening in radio broadband web in Malaysia. For each portion, is further divided into the devising of comparing between wireless broadband suppliers in Malaysia. The research portion requires the survey about the betterment and sweetening about the radio broadband engineering in Malaysia and the latest engineering

that can be implemented in Malaysia.

In this undertaking, for the comparing portion, focused on celebrated and large company of radio broadband supplier such as Celcom, DiGi, Telekom Malaysia and P1WiMAX in their engineering and jobs occur. Apart from this, we will cognize the best engineering in wireless broadband. The undertaking of the development of radio engineering throughout Malaysia should be position non merely from the supplier side but besides from the user point of position. Furthermore, user wants the best for them and the chief facet in heightening the radio engineering in Malaysia.

This concluding twelvemonth undertaking gave exposure in about all the engineering been used in implementing the radio engineering. Any related or utile cognition gained during formal survey was able to be applied during the completion of this undertaking. Furthermore, this undertaking besides gave valuable experience throughout the research in seeking for the information.

This undertaking is really utile and meaningful every bit high velocity radio broadband has a really broad scope of user. The engineering is normally use to link people everyplace and one of the key of information. The advantages in utilizing wireless broadband over fixed line overseas telegram of these systems are wireless engineering non utilizing any overseas telegram so it is wireless and portable. It besides has premier public presentation depending on the engineering being used.


The writer has been motivated to compose this study for assorted reasons.Scientific research in the radio multimedia communicating field is turning fast.Futhermore, the design of different engineerings in wireless broadband engineering offering different public presentation will do the writer tidal bore to happen out the best for both users and suppliers.

The impressive development of nomadic webs

and the potency of wireless multimedia communicating pose many inquiries to operators, makers and scientists working in the field.The hereafter scenario is unfastened to several options such as ideas, proposals and activities of the close hereafter could supply the reply to open points and dictate the better and improved tendencies of wireless world.Because of this, the writer is really enthusiasm to take part in the research to the Malaysia in heightening and developing the radio engineering.

Presents, the use of Internet is become indispensable in homo 's life. Internet can assist us in making many undertakings in our day-to-day life. One can state that life mean nil without Internet market. However the browse activity will happen some jobs such as the coverage, velocity and other restriction. This phenomenon has inspired the writer to research the high velocity radio engineering that will convey benefit to the user. This research will assist both supplier and user in conveying wireless engineering to the farther phase.


The chief aim of this undertaking is to analyze and research about the high velocity radio broadband web and to compare the chief radio broadband suppliers in Malaysia. The research will uncover the best supplier and engineering for the client to take. Therefore, in order to accomplish the mark, the aims listed below should be met.

First is to analyse on each engineering that been use to come out with the best technique to do this radio engineering better. Second, is to analyze the betterment and sweetening in radio broadband web in Malaysia and eventually, the most important portion of the undertaking is to do comparings between chief radio broadband web supplier in

Malaysia by sing in many aspect such as their engineering, jobs and services.


In this undertaking, a item research about radio broadband in Malaysia had been studied. For the betterment and sweetening in radio broadband portion, the chief end is to better and heighten the engineering of the radio.

The demand for this research is the wireless broadband engineering must necessitate both supplier and user satisfaction. Both suppliers and users want to better coverage, call quality, lower the cost, traffic direction and the services.

All of this can be achieve by utilizing better engineering such as HSDPA, iBursta„? , WiMAX and others so that the concluding merchandise will be easy to put in, best quality, low-cost and portable. The chief radio in Malaysia are DiGi, P1WiMAX, Celcom and Maxis. This supplier usage different engineering for `` last stat mi '' . So, comparing has been proceed between those engineerings so happen their pro and cons.

This study and undertaking is intended for usage by alumnus pupils nearing research activities in the radio communications country and by professional applied scientists and undertaking directors involve in radio design, taking for better and at consolidating their future vision of the radio multimedia universe.

Current Mobile and radio system and architectural constructs must germinate in order to get by with complex connectivity demands and besides users ' demand. Scientific research in this truly multidisciplinary field is turning fast. This undertaking will detect and uncover about the new engineerings, new architectural constructs and new challenges that are emerging.


This undertaking comprises of two major parts which are compare and research portion. For the comparing portion, it can be farther separated into the client side

and the supplier side.In order to fulfill both sides, study been made and interview been proceed.The information achieved from the company will be private and confidential similar to the personal information of the client.This is true informations from both side without any hesitate from them.

This undertaking was handled by two individuals. The individuals who are involved in this undertaking are the writer and spouse ; The writer is responsible in betterment and sweetening in radio broadband web in Malaysia while Nur Kamila Mohd Kamil is responsible in look intoing of jobs of service in wireless broadband network.Both of us will concentrate on comparing between the chief radio supplier is Malaysia.


Initial Phase

Initially, a complete and comprehensive literature reappraisal is done to derive as many information as possible, to guarantee a thorough apprehension before any planning or generating of thoughts is done to by and large get down the undertaking. The full literature reappraisal consists of a assortment of information obtained from the Internet, books, diaries that have information about radio broadband.

Development Phase

In this development phase, the full information gathered in the first phase is look intoing all the information collected at the first stage.At this phase besides we have done comparing the wired overseas telegram and besides wireless broadband by questioning Telekom Berhad.We administering study to cognize client point of view.To collect more information, we besides interview other broadband supplier.

Final Phase

In this concluding phase, the procedure for this undertaking becomes more complicated and specific. It is because this concluding phase trades with compilation and analysing the information and information collected at the initial and development phase.

However, roll uping informations

is still proceed in this phase as there are a batch of information and radio broadband is acquiring wider and the engineering are acquiring better twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. That is why this phase is really of import in larning how to accommodate the engineerings that ne'er stop turning, which is priceless to any technology pupil.


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