Audio Amplifier project Essay Example
Audio Amplifier project Essay Example

Audio Amplifier project Essay Example

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  • Published: July 26, 2017
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The aim of this study is to exemplify the full procedure of conveying an audio amplifier from a circuit diagram to a finished. working merchandise. The footing of the amplifier will be the LM386 bit and as such. this will be looked at in farther item along with other proficient characteristics of the undertaking. Aims and Objectives The overall aim of this undertaking is to plan and construct the circuit for a stereo end product audio amplifier whilst guaranting a high sound quality at all input frequences and volume scenes.

The lodging for the circuitry and talkers must besides be considered. it should be strong plenty to defy being moved about and sturdy as to guarantee that it doesn’t rattling when it is playing music. It should look professionally made and with an interesti


ng and alone design. It should be simple to utilize leting it to be enjoyed by all consumers. of all ages. every bit good as holding a high quality sound end product with minimum inactive. particularly at the more common scopes of frequences. The talker system must hold a broad scope in volume. which must be easy controlled.

Portability is non an issue as this is non to be designed as a portable amplifier. instead a semi-permanent speaker unit system. The merchandise is to hold two talkers set up in stereo. with the input to be provided by an MP3 device. The two talkers will hold an internal opposition of 8 ohms each. with each wired to either the left or right provender of the sound from the MP3 device doodly-squat. The amplifier will hold a addition of 20db. The volume controls will be

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an parallel system utilizing a potentiometer linking both of the two talker systems together to guarantee consistence throughout the listening experience.

The system will be powered by one 9 V battery which will be easy accessible for easiness of entree. To guarantee that the power beginning does non run out over clip. a switch will be connected to enable the whole system to be turned on and off. The lodging for the talkers and for the circuitry will be of a alone design whilst still enabling for practicality in footings of linking the MP3 device. volume control and powering the amplifier system on and off. Specifications Switch to turn the amplifier on and off Volume control which will command both talkers at the same time Power supply from 9 Vs battery Gain of 20db

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