Compare and Contrast Yourself from the Past to Now Essay Example
Compare and Contrast Yourself from the Past to Now Essay Example

Compare and Contrast Yourself from the Past to Now Essay Example

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  • Published: November 21, 2016
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During the years are passing people tend to have many change in their life either physical or emotional. I can clearly remember every stages of my life, like it was yesterday. I have not forgotten when I was running with my friends, playing with my cars, and when I was riding bike in my childhood. I can also remember many things of my first years as a teenager like the first time that I talk with a girl trying to date her, when started to have changes in my voice and all my friends make fun of me.

Besides, I keep in my mind the first years as an adult. Adulthood is very different to the other stages of life, but is the best one. In my life, I have had many emotional changes such as been more mature, confident and responsible. In my life I had many emotional changes. Years ago, I was immature; I always took everything like a joke, I was revel and I did not care about anything. Now I feel myself like a mature person, I take serious the things that need to be taken seriously; I care about the things that are really important in my life.

Although, in the past I was unsure of myself, it was hard to take a decision when it was necessary to take it, I did not trust myself to do things that were a chal


lenge for me and I tried to avoid them. Now I feel confident of myself, I think about the pros and cons before I take a decision and when I take it I am sure that is the best decision, also, I trust myself to do many things that years ago were a challenge for me and now when problems arise I do not avoid them, I confront them .

Couple years ago, I used to be really Irresponsible, I always used to let everything for the last minutes and even sometimes I did not do things such as school staff or chores house. However, now I consider myself a responsible person because over the years I had been learning to be responsible and now a try the most to do the duties that are required in the different areas of my life such as school, work, church and family.

On the other hand, there are things that never have changed since I remember. I have always been a calm person that avoids arguing and fighting with other. Also, I have always tried to help others. In addition I have always been Christian and I have always had my faith on God. In my life, I have lived several emotional changes. Most of the changes I have experienced in my life have been helpful to make me a better person. I consider myself a mature, confident, and responsible.

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