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Harmonizing to World Health Organization, striplings are defined as persons in the 10-19 old ages age group. From Latin, adolescence agencies to turn up. Obviously, striplings are ongoing altering in physical, such as physical passage and physical growing, addition in tallness, weight, musculus mass, every bit good as major alterations in encephalon construction and organisation. Besides develop the cognitive thought. Cognitive thought means the ability of stripling to believe abstractly and multi-dimensionally. Or socially, it is a period of readying for big function.

Adolescence is a peak clip of leisure demands. In our plan, we chiefly targeted at the striplings who are still study at school since they are more likely to go on their engagement in athleticss nines. Besides, they are willing to show themselves and ever seek for those disputing activities such as escapade activities.

However, there are tonss of factors that contribute to or impede their motive of take parting in leisure activities. To work out a suited leisure activities for striplings, hence, we should hold good understanding on them.

Peer influences

”The most important factor is the pressureaˆ¦ to make up one’s mind on leisure activities in relation to peersaˆ¦ which allow continued interaction with equals, and are extremely valued within the equal groups. ”

( Hendry, 1976:50 )

Harmonizing to the theory announced by Hendry ( 1976 ) , striplings spend a batch of trim clip with equals, so the self-image of them are to be reinforced by equals.

Parental intercessions

Parents ever hold a stereotyped image of peculiar activities because they proposed that deficiency of information is an of import restraint in footings of what can be gained by take parting in those activities.

Their traditional idea is that kids should merely concentrate on their academic but non the extra-curricular activities. Or else, it will impact their academic consequence.

Personal factors

As striplings are merely who have undergone pubescence but have non reached full adulthood, in many facets such as fiscal, they are still kids. Therefore, they are restricted by deficiency of disbursement power, conveyance restriction etc. Other than that, there are many other factors that influence their engagement in leisure, for illustration, gender, personalities, and accomplishments and ability etc.

Adolescents are ever self-centered. They seldom concern things around them such as those environmental issues which are the hot subjects in presents. What they concern more are merely things that related to their ain. And merriment is really what they are seeking for. As what we said from the really beginning, striplings who are still study at school are more likely to fall in the physically demanding activities. We hereby supply an activity for striplings that non merely concentrate on playing, but besides to elicit their eco-awareness.



In this activity, we will unite eco-tourism and cycling together and to present some local landmarks and natural environment to the participants. We plan to collaborate with two motorcycle stores ( in instance the one is non available on the twenty-four hours ) in Tuen Mun and to engage the unemployed striplings to ease the local unemployment rate. Furthermore, our program is to promote more participants, and therefore we are striking for interruption even instead than to derive net income. During the twenty-four hours, other than go cycling on the planned path ; we would besides include some group activities to heighten their personal accomplishments. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, we will hold a debriefing subdivision on sum up the experience gained in the twenty-four hours.

In between eco-tourism and cycling, we will besides carry on some low event escapade activities which participant has to co-operate with others. In these games, the participant can derive merriment and construct up their sense of co-operation. Besides, they may recognize the restriction of themselves and may be able to better it afterwards.

Event Rundown

A brief summation will be conducted by the docent to allow the participants familiarize with the aims of the circuit. Here is one of the bundles:








Gathering and signifier groups

Tuen Mun Community Centre

Name List

Nameplate X 30

5 Volunteer

1.Rollcall 2.Delivery a bottle of H2O to each participant


Get the motorcycle

Tuen Mun Bike Shop

Bike X 36

5 Volunteer


Eco-tours ( 1 )

Tuen Mun Town Hall

Wireless Mic X 1 for






Nam Sang Wai

5 Volunteer

Low Event game



Eco-tours ( 2 )




Bike Return

Tuen Mun Bike Shop

5 Volunteer



Tuen Mun Town Hall Outdoor Area

Paper A3 X 5

Marker X 5

5 Volunteer




Fiscal Plan





Participant X 30

( $ 20 per each )

$ 600

Bicycles rent

( 40 X $ 40 )

$ 1,600


$ 100

Promotion fee

$ 100

Water X 36

$ 90


$ 50

Patron by Tuen Mun District Council

$ 2,000

Docent fee

$ 200

Volunteer conveyance fee X 5

( $ 50 per each )

$ 250

Certificate X 5

$ 10

First Aid Kit

$ 100


$ 100


$ 2,600


$ 2,600

Equipment checklist





First Aid Kit


A3 paper


Marker ( Black )


Participant Name List






Mosquito repellant

( esS?ˆ•?°?/e??esSe?? )




Water ( 750ml )





To construct up stripling ‘s sense of grasp to the natural environment

In Hong Kong, there are many run focuses on the job of planetary warming presents such as “ Lights out Hong Kong ” . These runs can merely accomplish small consequence. Adolescent rarely have chances to make the on-the-scene probe. Therefore, we are here to supply them an chance to understand more about the environment in order to construct up their sense of grasp.

Besides, this activity can demo the importance of cultural heritage.

To develop more athleticss voluntary ( professional )

To supply a opportunity for those stripling who are interested in cycling to be the voluntary in order to pull out experience from the activity. So in the hereafter they can be the organiser and host the activity by themselves. And do it as their profession.

To develop stripling ‘s life-time athletics

To supply a opportunity to adolescent for cultivating their involvement in athleticss. And nurture their wont to take portion in athleticss activities continuously.

To supply an chance for stripling to organize their societal group

Adolescent can run into new friends that with same involvement or who can supply them company and support in this activity. During the activity, they can besides develop the sense of cooperation and communicating accomplishments.

To supply an alternate pick for stripling in their free clip

Adolescent has more free clip and chances and possibly less duty than at any other times of their life. Therefore, stripling are exposed to some kind of bad wont like traveling to pub and hanging about on the street. In some serious instance, they may even smoke or take drugs. So by presenting this activity, we can supply them an alternate pick in their free clip.

To elicit stripling ‘s safety consciousness on cycling

Nowadays, most Hong Kong people are deficiency of the safety consciousness on cycling. In this activity, we can demo them the possible hazard on cycling and educate them the right attitude in order to elicit their safety consciousness on cycling.

To cut down emphasis

Adolescent ever full of emphasis because of the instruction system in Hong Kong. In this activity, they can derive sense of satisfaction. They need to bicycle hard in order to make the finish. So they can accomplish personal fulfilment and self-enrichment. It can assist them to cut down the emphasis from the ordinary life.

Potential Benefit

( A ) Personal

( 1 ) To keep a good organic structure form and size ( aerophilic exercising )

Cycling is a sort of aerophilic exercising that its strength is comparatively low. Since bicycler can plan their ain path harmonizing to their ain ability and involvement. If the activity can successfully construct up the participant ‘s involvement on cycling, they may maintain rhythm and handle it as the life-time athletics. And if the participants can use the FITT rule right in the preparation, it can fire fat efficaciously. Besides, regular exercising makes one ‘s musculus become more steadfast, so it can assist them to keep a good organic structure form and size.

( 2 ) To cognize more about the natural environment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fast-paced metropolis that people rarely decelerate down their gait of life to appreciate the natural environment around us. In this phase and age, due to the advanced development of engineering, stripling have more chance to bask their leisure activities likes playing pictures games, on-line games, watching telecasting at place, more picks are available to them, as a consequence, stripling rarely travel to the countryside in their free clip. They merely focus on utilizing those electronic devices.

This cycling activity provides an chance for stripling put off all the electronic devices, have an on-the-scene probe and bask the natural scenery. At the same clip, our circuit ushers will transfuse some constructs of the environmental preservation in Hong Kong. They can understand more about natural environment in Hong Kong and cultivate a sense of grasp to the natural environment.

( 3 ) Develop a wont of environment preservation and heritage

As we have talked about earlier, harmonizing to the theory announced by Hendry ( 1976 ) , striplings spend a batch of trim clip with equals, that is why peer force per unit area influence stripling ‘s wont of take parting in leisure activities the most. Through regular participating in this activity together with their equal groups, it can elicit their involvement on appreciating natural environment and besides arouse their consciousness on the environmental issues. And shortly it can develop a wont of environment preservation within their societal groups.

( 4 ) Enhance personal growing

First, through cycling they can hold a sense of making aerophilic exercising, which can actuate them to hold a regular cycling home grounds. At the same clip, they can cognize more about the West of New Territories. Through Eco-tour, teens can hold a sense of grasps of the natural wonts and so develop a wont of environment preservation. Furthermore, there are group activities which can develop their societal accomplishments, communicating accomplishments with teammates as most of teens are self-centre, so that group activities will chiefly assist them how to collaborate with others to accomplish common end. Besides these activities get young person ‘s cognition and accomplishments through instructional plans which can heighten their personal growing. Last but non least, this event can besides cut down stripling delinquency, which can enrich their leisure and quality of life and acquire off from drugs and offense. Sustainable

( B ) Community

( 1 ) To advance the green civilization by presenting cycling as a transit

As the green issues draw public attending most in recent old ages, Hong Kong people found that environment preservation is at important of import and they have to make something for that. But unhappily to state most of them are merely holding the constructs and ideas instead than taking any existent action. Cycling as a mean of conveyance is a practical manner for stripling to assist continuing the environment since most of the stripling are still analyzing in school in their ain territories that they can rhythm to school instead than taking public conveyance. To advance this activity to stripling, it helps to make a cycling fad among the stripling and hence society.

( 2 ) To supply occupation chances to the local territory

Some topographic points that we are traveling to see are non so celebrated and even in day-to-day life, non many tourers will travel at that place for sightseeing. We can develop our ain path to some distant country and engage the local occupant at that place as our circuit usher. On one manus, it helps us to cognize more about the country deeply and acquire the first-hand information about the topographic points. On the other manus, it provides a occupation chance to the local occupant ; it is decidedly a win-win state of affairs.

( C ) For the motorcycle leaders

( 1 ) Supply them with larning chances

In this activity, non merely those participants have the possible benefit, but besides those assistants. It can supply them an chance to larn how to take for a group of people. Through assisting in taking participant, they may larn about the inside informations of hosting this sort of event.

And short term occupation chances

( 2 ) Enrich their lives

Even if those assistants are non interested in hosting event, this activity is still some life experience that can enrich their lives. They can run into other new friends who have common involvement with them. They can portion their ideas about appreciating the natural environment with each other.

Potential Risks and Solutions

Parental concern

Parents ever concerned about the safety of participant, therefore we will supply

protective cogwheel to them.

The circuit will be suspended when Typhoon Signal No.3 or above is hoisted or the

Yellow Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force.

The 2nd pick may be conducted when the bike company is non available because

of any exigency.

Participants can acquire injured during the circuits so the leader should keep the certification

of first assistance to supply exigency aid.

Plan at least 3 paths when the paths are non available due to exigency.


Pre-visits are needed to gauge the drive distance, the safety of the paths and the clip needed ; to see whether the paths are suited for keeping an circuit or non ; and any inside informations that we have n’t considered.

Be cognizant of the conditions prognosis, and name 1878200 for the latest conditions study.

Be cognizant of the air pollution index, the event will be canceled if it is at “ Very High ” degree or “ Severe ” degree.

Participants should have on proper dressing, e.g: picket long sleeved shirt and bloomerss and athleticss places

Do n’t light lighter/match at state side

Participant should aware their billfold, do n’t convey valuable billfold.

Participant should remain at place or travel to clinic if they feel uncomfortable.

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