Introduction To Leisure Sport And Recreation Tourism Essay Example
Introduction To Leisure Sport And Recreation Tourism Essay Example

Introduction To Leisure Sport And Recreation Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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According to the World Health Organization, adolescents are individuals aged 10-19.

During adolescence, significant changes occur in various aspects. These include physical growth and development which involve increases in height, weight, and muscle mass. There are also alterations in brain structure and organization. Moreover, cognitive thinking skills develop during this period including the ability to think abstractly and in multiple dimensions. Socially, adolescence marks the transition into adulthood where individuals take on adult roles and responsibilities. Additionally, leisure activities become particularly important at this time.

Our main emphasis in our plan is on teenagers who are of school age, as they have a higher tendency to join sports clubs. Additionally, they possess a strong desire to showcase their individuality and actively pursue demanding pursuits such as adventure sports. Nevertheless, various factors can either augment or impede their enthusiasm for participating in recreational activities. Hence,


it is crucial for us to comprehend them well in order to design suitable leisure activities for teenagers.

According to Hendry (1976:50), peer pressure is the dominant factor in choosing leisure activities, facilitating ongoing interaction with peers and holding high social value. Hendry's theory suggests that teenagers spend significant time with peers, contributing to their self-image development. Parents often hold stereotypical views on specific activities and perceive limited information as a barrier for children's participation. They typically prioritize academics over extracurricular activities due to potential negative effects on academic performance. Nonetheless, teenagers are still considered immature in several aspects, including finances, despite undergoing puberty.

Despite the limitations of financial resources and transportation, teenagers face various factors that determine their participation in leisure activities. These factors include gender, personality traits, skills, and abilities. Adolescents tend t

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be self-focused and often overlook environmental issues that are currently prominent. Instead, they prioritize their own interests and are primarily concerned with seeking enjoyment.

Our proposal aims to address the higher likelihood of physically demanding activities among students still attending school. We suggest an activity that combines eco-tourism and cycling, which will not only increase their eco-awareness but also showcase local landmarks and the natural environment. To ensure smooth operations, we plan to collaborate with two motorcycle stores in Tuen Mun. Furthermore, we may hire unemployed students from the area to help reduce local unemployment rates. Our primary objective is to prioritize affordability over profitability in order to attract more participants. In addition to cycling along the planned route, group activities aimed at enhancing personal skills will also be included on the day's agenda.

After the day is over, a debriefing session will be held to summarize the experience gained. Alongside eco-tourism and cycling, participants will also take part in different low-risk adventure activities that foster cooperation. These games not only provide enjoyment but also help develop a sense of cooperation among participants. Moreover, they encourage self-awareness of limitations and offer opportunities for personal growth.

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