Introduction To Leisure Sport And Recreation Tourism Essay Example
Introduction To Leisure Sport And Recreation Tourism Essay Example

Introduction To Leisure Sport And Recreation Tourism Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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Harmonizing to World Health Organization, striplings are defined as persons in the 10-19 old ages age group. From Latin, adolescence agencies to turn up. Obviously, striplings are ongoing altering in physical, such as physical passage and physical growing, addition in tallness, weight, musculus mass, every bit good as major alterations in encephalon construction and organisation. Besides develop the cognitive thought. Cognitive thought means the ability of stripling to believe abstractly and multi-dimensionally. Or socially, it is a period of readying for big function.

Adolescence is a peak clip of leisure demands. In our plan, we chiefly targeted at the striplings who are still study at school since they are more likely to go on their engagement in athleticss nines. Besides, they are willing to show themselves and ever seek for those disputing activities such as es


capade activities.

However, there are tonss of factors that contribute to or impede their motive of take parting in leisure activities. To work out a suited leisure activities for striplings, hence, we should hold good understanding on them.

''The most important factor is the pressurea to make up one's mind on leisure activities in relation to peersa which allow continued interaction with equals, and are extremely valued within the equal groups. '' ( Hendry, 1976:50 ) Harmonizing to the theory announced by Hendry ( 1976 ) , striplings spend a batch of trim clip with equals, so the self-image of them are to be reinforced by equals.

Parents ever hold a stereotyped image of peculiar activities because they proposed that deficiency of information is an of import restraint in footings of what can be gained by take parting in those activities. Their traditional idea

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is that kids should merely concentrate on their academic but non the extra-curricular activities. Or else, it will impact their academic consequence.

As striplings are merely who have undergone pubescence but have non reached full adulthood, in many facets such as fiscal, they are still kids. Therefore, they are restricted by deficiency of disbursement power, conveyance restriction etc. Other than that, there are many other factors that influence their engagement in leisure, for illustration, gender, personalities, and accomplishments and ability etc.

Adolescents are ever self-centered. They seldom concern things around them such as those environmental issues which are the hot subjects in presents. What they concern more are merely things that related to their ain. And merriment is really what they are seeking for. As what we said from the really beginning, striplings who are still study at school are more likely to fall in the physically demanding activities. We hereby supply an activity for striplings that non merely concentrate on playing, but besides to elicit their eco-awareness.

In this activity, we will unite eco-tourism and cycling together and to present some local landmarks and natural environment to the participants. We plan to collaborate with two motorcycle stores ( in instance the one is non available on the twenty-four hours ) in Tuen Mun and to engage the unemployed striplings to ease the local unemployment rate. Furthermore, our program is to promote more participants, and therefore we are striking for interruption even instead than to derive net income. During the twenty-four hours, other than go cycling on the planned path ; we would besides include some group activities to heighten their personal accomplishments. At the terminal of the

twenty-four hours, we will hold a debriefing subdivision on sum up the experience gained in the twenty-four hours.

In between eco-tourism and cycling, we will besides carry on some low event escapade activities which participant has to co-operate with others. In these games, the participant can derive merriment and construct up their sense of co-operation. Besides, they may recognize the restriction of themselves and may be able to better it afterwards.

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