Attendance System Analysis Essay Example
Attendance System Analysis Essay Example

Attendance System Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: November 27, 2016
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According to Waugh (2009), the use of biometric technology is becoming more valuable in different settings, such as shops, schools, offices, organizations, companies, and libraries. This technology provides various applications including visitor management, access control systems with biometric door locks, fingerprint readers, and face recognition systems. A notable application of biometric technology is time attendance.

It is commonly utilized in schools, colleges, business firms, shopping malls, companies, and organizations. Usually, these organizations keep a register book where individuals write their name, time in, time out, and other necessary information. However, the issue with this manual system is its inaccuracy, time-consuming nature, unreliability, and lack of security. In Balitucan National High School, teachers use a log-sheet for attendance monitoring. Each month, a staff member collects the log sheet to manually


record the attendance for monthly records.

The purpose of this system is to assist the local in monitoring the attendance of teachers. It provides a more efficient way to record all attendance based on time and date. Additionally, the system can generate reports on teacher leave and absences. Users have the ability to add, edit, and delete teacher information. Overall, this system greatly improves the local's ability to monitor teacher attendance.

The study aims to develop a system that will help local authorities monitor teacher attendance. The proponent has designed this system to improve the manual process of recording attendance. Specifically, the proposed system will record attendance based on time and date and generate reports on absences and leaves. Implementing this system will save teachers time in recording their attendance and greatly enhance the local authorities' ability to monitor teacher attendance.

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Project Context The project context includes the theoretical framework, conceptual framework, and significance of the study. According to Mahji Jampour (2010), fingerprints are one of the simplest and most reliable biometric features for human identification. The geometry of a fingerprint is fractal, and it can be used to classify a fingerprint database based on its fractal dimension. However, a fingerprint cannot be uniquely identified solely based on its fractal dimension. To address this, a new fractal is created using fractal theory and Chaos Game Theory, initially derived from a fingerprint.

During the creation of a new fractal, it is possible to obtain five parameters that can be used for identification purposes. By analyzing these parameters along with the newly created fractal using Chaos Game fingerprint identification, a fingerprint fractal can be created. This method is referred to as the Fingerprint Fractal Identification System (FFIS). This approach not only ensures the stability of the fractals against transformations such as rotation, enlargement, or deletion of parts of the image, but also provides a desirable speed.

According to CK ( n. ), the classroom is being increasingly infiltrated by modern technology. One specific example is the implementation of biometric attendance taking. Numerous schools have discovered that this technology simplifies the attendance process, making it automatic and productive. They no longer wish to revert to the tedious manual system of calling out names one by one. Implementing a biometric attendance system in schools is relatively straightforward, and teachers find that it streamlines their work.

The implementation of a biometric system eliminates the need for students to take time out of their class for attendance,

or receive reprimands for forgetting to record absences or presence. With the use of relevant theory and studies, the researchers have developed an Attendance Monitoring System to automate the process of checking attendance at Balitucan National High School, making it easier for teachers.

By conducting interviews and analyzing data, the proponent of this conceptual framework has identified the challenges faced by locals when utilizing manual recording. They have acquired comprehension about the purpose and functionality of the system, which involves generating reports on teacher leave and attendance. Attendance is documented based on time and date. The main objective of this system is to decrease the time and effort teachers need to invest in managing attendance.

The reports will provide teachers with information on their number of absences or leaves. The overall issue was that manually checking teachers' attendance took up a lot of time. Some specific problems encountered during manual attendance checks were the following:

The process of logging in attendance takes up a significant amount of time.

For one month, attendance records were misplaced.

The manual recording method does not provide an accurate record of the specific time and date when a user logs in.

The process of documenting the absences of instructors.

5. Teacher log-out records.

The main aim of this study is to develop a teachers Attendance Monitoring System, which has the following specific goals:

Teachers can now log in faster to take attendance by simply entering their name.

Present monthly and dated reports.

The record will be determined based on the time and date.

The system will register

the teacher's absence as a 30-day leave, encompassing paid leave, local arrangements, and sick leave.

5. The log-out time of a teacher will determine the record.

The importance of the study is to enhance the precision, effectiveness, and safety of the Teachers Attendance Monitoring System. Additionally, it will greatly aid teachers by simplifying their attendance verification procedure and allowing them to allocate more time for teaching.

The following section provides a definition of terms.

Attendance is the act or fact of being present at work, which includes measuring the number of individuals present on a specific day. An attendance policy is established by an organization to set expectations for employee attendance and it involves creating, writing, distributing, and enforcing the policy. Monitoring entails physically being present at work.

The text states that attendance is the presence of individuals at work and that an attendance policy is a set of guidelines enforced by an organization. It also mentions the use of a log sheet to manually check teacher's attendance.

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