Apple Control Mechanism Essay Example
Apple Control Mechanism Essay Example

Apple Control Mechanism Essay Example

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  • Published: March 29, 2017
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Even though control mechanisms must be checked from time to time to ensure the proper system is in place, control mechanisms are critical to monitor organization financial goals. Understanding where to focus on improvements is critical and with no type of control mechanisms to monitor Apple's organizational financial strengths, problem area could go unseen. Organizations that do not monitor the product output and how the market is changing will have a full warehouse of products not selling.

This paper will show the control mechanisms used in marketing by Apple, compare and contrast the controls, the effectiveness of the controls, and explain how the controls affect the four functions of management. Marketing plays a large part in Apple’s organization to ensure products are made that the consumers want and can use. Apple uses five main control mechanisms situational analysis, technological situations, competition situations, environment situation


s, weakness, and threat analyses to manage the direction of the company.

Situation analysis takes into consideration population growth, public demand for mobile communication, educational growth, positive attitude for new technology devices, literacy, illiteracy differences, acceptance of imported products, and social views from around the globe. Technological situations are looking at what technology needs are around the globe, worldwide Internet use and awareness, increasing cell phone technology, future technology needs for hospitals, colleges, universities, cities, and other institutes.

Competition situations take into account that 15 major companies are competing for sales to 19,260 cell phone producers worldwide. Environmental situations involve analyzing issues with the global warming and pollution effects of packaging material and cell phone radiation. Environmental approvals must be met to operate in any state (Scribd inc. , 2011). Weaknesses and threats fo

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the company are one of the main areas for Apple to focus.

Some of the weaknesses for the company include the fact that products are focused on personal usage and that Apple has not targeted the business people. Apple has been known for the incompatibility of the Apple systems in the corporate world. Apple still does not offer a lower priced system to compete in the market for cost conscious consumers. Some of the threats Apple must analyze and control are increasing competition, downward pricing pressures, difficulties expanding into the Asian markets, and the competition of the palm

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