A Happy Home Essay Example
A Happy Home Essay Example

A Happy Home Essay Example

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  • Published: November 25, 2016
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A happy home is a home filled with happiness and joy. Everyone can have a happy home. A smile and a joke from any family members can make their home become happy. For me, a happy home does not need many family members. A family members of four can also create a happy home.

A happy home is a home which has no argument and fighting between the family members. There have solutions to solve all the problems. The family members are willing to sit down and discuss about their problems and feelings. A family discussion for ten minutes a day is very important. This is because to give a chance for parents and children to share about their feelings. This actually can make the family members know how they need to treat and care about other people.

Apart from that, happy home is a home which is full of forgiveness. It is very normal to see the family members shouting and fighting between each other. It is okay to have a fight with our brothers or sisters. However, we need to forgive each other after the fight. This is because we cannot be enemy with our siblings in our whole life. We still need to live together.

justify">Of course, love is extremely important in a family. It is a basic need to build a family. Without love, we also cannot create a happy home. We need to love each other. It is very easy to show love to our family members. We can say ‘I love you’ to our father and mother. They are sure be very happy. A hug can also show love to them. Before leaving our house, we can hug our mother and father to tell them we will be safe outside. Therefore, a house full of love can make a happy home.

Moreover, a happy home is a home which can help us release our stress. Whatever stress and hardship we face outside the society, the moment we walk into our home, we can forget all them. The unhappiness diminished in the air when we enter our sweet home. This is because there are people who we love and care waiting inside the house. They can give us encouragement and strength to welcome our days again tomorrow.

A happy home is a place where we recover our wounds from pains. When we are sad, there are people to make us smile again. When we are angry, there are people who manage to calm us down. When we are lost, there are always people who guide us to the right path.

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