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It was Albert Einstein who said that ‘as an artist, or a musician, Mozart was not a man of this world’. His extreme talents enabled him to master a piano piece in half an hour at just 4 years old, write a symphony at five years old and complete writing his first full Opera at the age of 12. Was Mozart a genius or just a talented and hard working person? A scene in Amadeus the play written by Peter Shaffer uncovers Antonio Salieri’s realisation of Mozart’s Genius.

This is discovered when Salieri see’s Mozart’s own work for the first time without any mistakes. Salieri quotes “She had said that these were his original scores. First and only drafts of the music. Yet they looked like fair copies. They showed no corrections of any kind. ” This scene is significant in the play as it shows the negative, jealous and malevolent emotions of Salieri’s unravel to show audiences his revelation of Mozart being a musical genius.

In the film directed by Milos Forman, one of the very beginning scenes shows Salieri describing Mozart’s compositions. “The beginning is simple, almost comic, just a pulse, bassoons, basset horns, like a rusty squeeze box and suddenly, high above it, an oboe. ” Salieri seemed to know Mozart’s music better than anything. After his failed suicide attempt, he watches his own music diminish into oblivion and Mozart’s grows more and more popular, Salieri’s jealousy gets stronger as he decides to make a final attempt to be remembered in the public’s eye.

As we all know, Salieri cleverly took advantage of Mozart’s fondness for drink, his financial crisis, and his obsession with pleasing his deceased father, and tricked Mozart into working himself to death. The question is why? It is no secret to history that Mozart and Salieri were expert enemies. During their years together in Vienna, Salieri was very much respected jobwise. Salieri held succeeding roles as court composer, director of Italian opera, and court conductor. It was very highly unnecessary for Salieri to kill Mozart to put him out of the limelight; Salieri’s position in the industry gave him all the power he needed.

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