ear and eyes

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the process of bending light
medial movement of the eyes to focus on close objects
the process in which the lens must change shape to focus on close objects
blurred vision due to unequal curvatures of the lens or cornia
normal vision
within the structure hearing receptors(hair cells)send messages down
cochlear nerve
structure which transmits the vibrations from the outer ear to the ossicles
tympanic membrane
structure which transmits the vibrations from the ossicles to the perilymph inside the cochlea
oval window
another name for infection of the middle ear
otis media
the ability to sense the rotary or angular movement of the head
dynamic equillibrium
the ability to sense the position of the head with respect to the pull of gravity
static equillibrium
ear rocks
uses otolithis to judge the direction of gravitational pull
static equilibruim
gelatinous cap to tell if the head is rotational or angular meobement
dynamic equilibrium
this type of equillibrium is sensed with the vestibule
this type of equilibrium is sensed with semicircular canals
sound is converted to action potential within the organ of corti located in the
inner ear
three circular passages each in a different plane of space
semi circular canals

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