1. Online and offline customer contact points are often called ____
2. According to the six behavior-based categories of web visitors, _____ are visitors who’s online ….
3. Some Web pages have banner ads that continue to load and reload as long as the page is open in the visitor’s Web browser. Each banner ad loads is a (n) _____
Customer relationship management
4. Technology-enabled relationship management is often called _____.
Opt-in e-mail
5. The practice of spending e-mail messages to people who request information on a particular topic or about a specific product is called _____.
6. Customer’s perception of a product are called the product’s _____.
7. The ______ element of the marketing mix is the physical item or service that a company is selling.
Shopping cart
8. A _____ is the part of a web site that keeps track of selected items for purchase and automates the purchasing process.
9. The _____ provides a communication mode that is an intermediate step between mass media and personal contact.
10. The classic objective of _____ is to provide the right goods in the right quantities in the right place at the right time.
11. One common support activity that underlies multiple primary activities is _____.
Knowledge management
12. _____ is the intentional collection, classification, and dissemination of information about a company, its products, and its processes
13. One trend that is becoming clear in purchasing, logistics and support activities is the shift away from hierarchical structures forward _____ structures.
Electronic data interchange
14. EDI is the acronym for _____.
Bulletin board system
15. _____ were computers that allowed users to correct using dial-up connections through telephone lines to read and post messages in a common discussion forum.
16. The trend toward having readers help write the online newspaper is called _____ journalism.
Social Networking
17. A (n) _____ site is a Web site that allows individuals to create and publish a profile, create a list of other users with whom they share a connection (or connections), control that list, and monitor similar lists made by other users.
Online community
18. A (n) _____ is a gathering place for people and businesses that does not have a physical existence.
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