Driving While Stupid: Distracted Driving Essay Example
Driving While Stupid: Distracted Driving Essay Example

Driving While Stupid: Distracted Driving Essay Example

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  • Published: November 19, 2021
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Dave Barry in his short article, “Driving While Stupid” shares his bad drivers’ experiences. The article discusses the disorientating activities that people undertake while driving which often result in bad things such as accidents. Mainly, Barry utilizes personal experiences as he narrated his numerous accounts of irresponsible driving behaviors in various towns including Miami, Argentina, Italy and China as he records the countless number of bad drivers which later he explains that none of them compared to that of Miami. Barry uses a humorous tone to inform the audience on the different types of bad drivers. Regardless of the fact that some people may argue that the most dangerous drivers are not situated in Miami, according to Barry, Miami drivers cannot be defeated on the wickedest driver scale worldwide.



vers should always be considerate to the people around them. Barry explains his reasons for believing that the worst drivers are found in Miami as he narrates his experiences in various cities including major cities in America, Argentina, Italy and China where drivers openly violate the laws of traffic (Fawcett 572). Barry uses his experience to familiarize his readers with the widespread reckless driving by offering different instances of bad driving for the readers to be well aware of the fact that he is quite familiar with the issue. For instance, he narrates the time he almost died as he tried to avoid a car from colliding with him in Miami. While he had traveled to many places, he had never experienced a driver trying to overtake at such a fast speed while at the same time watching a music video on his car’s screen.

According to Barry

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the “bad driver” nearly hit his car since he was not attentive to the traffic laws (Fawcett 572). Stop signs in Miami has no legal meaning as the police have neglected the law enforcement on the traffic laws. Shockingly, Miami police can find a human corpse on a car and free the drivers with only a warning. This is the main reason as to why he concluded that Miami was home to the worst and insane drivers. By offering personal experiences and stating factual events, the readers are well convinced that Barry’s work is reputable.

Teenagers should not be allowed to drive. Barry had driven to different places where he noted that different drivers engage in different reckless driving such as ignoring the signs on the streets and engaging in other activities that distract them from obeying the rules of the road. For instance, some changes their paths now and then thereby causing traffics and accidents. However, while he noted that different drivers in different cities were bad drivers, Barry minimalize the drivers of the major cities stating that they are better off to that of Miami as he explains how Miami drivers are equipped with fake driving skills (Fawcett 571). Through this, Barry expresses his belief that the world is full of bad drivers who lack the relevant knowledge needed on the road. Particularly, he explains that when operating a car, one should be able to see the path the car is ending to, just in case there is a need to steer.

Young people are often not acquainted with the relevant knowledge drive safely as most of them start driving at a very young age,

such that they perceive the act as an exciting adventure. The driving education should, without doubt, be made harder than it is with more requirements and time. While diving schools are instilling drivers with smart things, they are obviously not enough. These are shocking events to Barry, and he hopes to instill the shock to his readers as well so that they can familiarize with the importance of paying attention to the road. Often, many people believe that getting a license and driving some motor vehicles is a very exciting thing. However, Barry makes it clear that not even excited young people on the road should have an excuse to drive recklessly.

The most important thing when driving is paying attention to the road as failure to do this may present dangers to other road users. Barry argues that drivers are often distracted from the road by other things such as eating, brushing teeth while driving, putting on makeups, reading, making calls and listening to music videos (Fawcett 572). In particular, he narrates the story of how a certain lady saw a guy shaving his head as he drove. This, as Barry argues, is insane as one ought to be aware of what he or she does while driving.


Driving, as Barry explains is a very dangerous activity and thus the reason it should be taken seriously. In essence, drivers should be able to comprehend the fact that not only do they have control of their safety, but also that of the people riding with as well as the ones on the road. Barry comments on the immature and bad drivers that according to him ought to

learn the traffic laws for them to drive safely without risking their lives as well as that other people. Barry’s argument that drivers often engage in distractive activities behind the wheel are common in many cities as drivers have overlooked the fact that they are operating a probable weapon. The choice drivers make may be what endues another life. Perhaps, no tough laws are needed on the roads, as Barry argues, reckless drivers should be eliminated, especially the inexperienced ones, the young people who are often looking for adventures on the streets.

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