Dreamweaver Lessons Essay Example
Dreamweaver Lessons Essay Example

Dreamweaver Lessons Essay Example

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  • Published: May 2, 2018
  • Type: Lesson
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In the first lesson of Dreamier, the user learned to add images to their code by using the live view window, which automatically inserts the required code. The lesson also covered adding alt descriptions for images. In the second lesson, the user learned two ways to create a new site, viewed site settings, and created servers to connect to remote locations. The third lesson focused on creating an immersive experience for users by adding text and images to web pages. The example site included pictur


es of beets and cucumbers, added through the drop-down menu or selecting from files on the right-hand side and dragging and dropping them onto the web page. Despite being new to this software, familiarity will come with practice. Drag and drop proves far simpler than typing in coding, which is common practice according to textbooks.I think Dreamier will reduce the necessity of hand coding for website creation, which may cause some developers to become complacent if they fail to practice regularly.

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