Donnie Darko – Detailed Summary
Donnie Darko – Detailed Summary

Donnie Darko – Detailed Summary

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  • Published: October 8, 2017
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Donnie Darko is an intelligent. yet hallucinating and emotionally-ill adolescent. who’s idealistic phantasy of rectifying the wrongs in society. eventually appears possible in a ‘tangent universe’ ( an inventive world ) . where he is guided by an fanciful friend Frank. who appears as a malevolent giant bunny in Donnie’s day-time hallucinations.

In the early phases of the movie. Frank literally lures Donnie from world and introduces him to a tangent existence where Donnie observes what would’ve been. ( yet finally is ) his ain decease in world. where he is crushed by a plummeting airliner engine that crashes through the roof of his house straight above his sleeping room where he sleeps. In the tangent world though. he is simply a bystander. bemused and frightened by the catastrophe of the wake. as he returns place the forenoon subsequent to the catastrophe. He realizes that his long sleep-walk escapade the old dark. ( Summoned by Frank ) had ensured the turning away of his decease.

The spectator is ab initio under the feeling that Frank is a merchandise of Donnie’s disturbed and imaginative sub-conscious. as he is but a vehicle to let Donnie’s suppressions to show themselves through Acts of the Apostless of profanation. In many ways. Frank seems to take advantage of Donnie’s mental province by haling him to commit offense. Yet Donnie appears to recommend his ain actions. bespeaking his purposes for social alteration. reformation. and besides for company – he fears the chance of “dying entirely. ” in which instance. Frank is an ally who can help Donnie in get bying w


ith his emotional battles and adversities.

The fact that Donnie’s mental status is subsequently classified as ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ by Dr Thurman ( Donnie’s head-shrinker ) . would look as another feasible theory or feeling. for the spectator to follow. However. it proves non as strong. The ground being. is that the initial or aforesaid theory supports the film’s notable subject that ‘destruction is a signifier of creation’ ( an thought propagated by Donnie’s secondary literacy instructor. Mrs. Pomeroy ) . whereas the latter is a shoal. yet logical decision that isn’t glaringly in maintaining with any implicit in messages of the movie itself.

Subsequently in the movie. the tangent existence allows for the find of Frank. as an reliable individual. who is murdered by Donnie as he is straight responsible for a fatal auto accident affecting Donnie’s much- adored ‘tangent’ girlfriend. Gretchen. This enlightens us as to the ground for Frank’s contact with Donnie. – Frank has traveled back through clip. to in-turn ; open a port-hole to Donnie’s hereafter and enable Donnie to see facets of his life in front as a series of ocular manifestations. ( ie station airliner engine calamity ) .

In making this. he informs Donnie that Armageddon will get in 28 yearss. which handily serves as a manipulative motivation to help his primary aim: – To deter Donnie in go oning his life in world ; in the hope that Frank’s life will be spared.

At this point in the movie. the repeating subject of clip travel claims its fastness. regardless of old recognitions and illations.

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For case. in one peculiar scene Frank implies he is from the hereafter. and in legion others. Donnie is seen thirstily researching and discoursing theoretical disclosures. refering to the doctrine of clip travel. Obviously though. these scenes and others. such as the ‘Frank-influenced’ spoliation of Donnie’s school and the incendiarism of a corrupt deviants house. exemplify critical phases of Donnie’s interior journey – that is. from a disillusioned adolescent. troubled by the foolishness of mainstream attitudinal beliefs. to an person who transcends world in order to exist in an idealistically superior society. of his ain innovation.

After 27 yearss of enterprise through hideous public shows and cloak-and-dagger befoulment. the foretold event of Armageddon looms near. Donnie ambles through the concluding minutes of his tangent being ( interior journey ) . as his character-defining retentive dynamism begins to melt. As expected. he assumes his fatalistic outlook of “all life things have a set way. ” and that worlds are simply vessels going along “God’s channel. ” bit by bit approaching a pre-determined finish. At this phase. Donnie’s mentality suggests a hunt for religious consolation and spiritual significance.

Whilst denying an utterly negativist mentality. Donnie exerts a brave outside by modestly welcoming his destiny. in the hope that there will be “so much to look frontward to. ” He is of class mentioning to a reformed humanity that is barren of insufficiency. corruptness and suppression.

It is here. that the movie takes an unexpected bend. whereby Donnie’s inner journey in the tangent existence is virtually thwarted due to the sub-conscious recognition of an hearable phrase. originally voiced by his late girlfriend. Gretchen. It is portion of her speculation of emotional consolation: “What if you could travel back through clip. and replace all those hours of hurting and darkness with something better? ”

At this point. Frank uses his god-like kernel to cite Donnie in world. presuming that he’d been subjected to enough to be dissuaded. and. much to the viewer’s amazement. Donnie awakes in bed. hysterically express joying in awe and incredulity of his ‘dream. ’ Whilst witting. he remembers the tangent visions of hurting and torment. including Gretchen’s decease. and the slaying of Frank. and decides that his hereafter should be exempt from more emotional agony.

Donnie opts to reason his interior journey heroically. by agencies of self-sacrifice – that is. to let the plummeting airliner engine to destruct him. therefore guaranting an drawn-out life for his darling female tangent opposite number. Gretchen.

The movie Donnie Darko is important to the subject of ‘imaginary journey’ as it inside informations a person’s sinister aphoristic ocean trip into the hereafter. and attendant development of emotional change.

Director Richard Kelly uses the character Donnie as a representation of idealistic idea inherent in society. It is no unrevealed fact that society itself. is pervaded by ideas and ideals that are in contrast with expected social sentiment. Kelly intimations at the impression that we are engaged in the journey of life. yet our propulsion is suppressed slightly. by the undeniable demand to conform to society’s bounds and limitations – therefore society would look to prevent worlds from accomplishing their primary end ( s

) or reasoning their journeys. Besides intertwined with this perceptual experience. is the suggestion of the facade of human nature. Kelly suggests it is unnatural for regular human disposition to be constrained. hence the principle of life-long journeys that are embarked upon to detect a sense of ego.

Donnie’s self find is shown through his forfeit for Gretchen. Whilst on his fanciful journey. Donnie identifies with her troubled emotions and sinister background of household injury. He discovers a individual unusually similar to himself. so his forfeit in kernel could be perceived as an attempt of self-preservation as he was purpose on guaranting continuity of his ‘spirit’ within a physical entity other than himself. This is a feasible reading. relevant to a brooding ‘inner’ journey. as it is a primary motivation for initial committedness to the journey itself.

Kelly realizes that Donnie’s journey is extremely implausible and unrealistic. Without take awaying from the intended sedateness. it seems a effort such as Donnie’s could merely be surmounted by a ‘philosophical super-hero’ with aeriform powers. Kelly intentionally captures the fervent yet somewhat naive cardinal vision of Donnie’s ideological outlooks in the movies rubric. and in Donnie’s heroic bluster. However. he encourages aggravation of idea and motivational impulse on our set way in life. or interior journey.

The ground being is that worlds are inclined to roll from world. if so ; there is an absence of true achievement in their being. By this. Kelly infers that an interior journey is necessary to undergo. as it induces dissoluteness and contributes to the preservation and prolongation of 1s mind.

Director Richard Kelly uses the medium of clip travel to typify the ageless human endeavor/journey in Donnie Darko. I use ageless. because we yearn for such an easy method as clip travel to uncover future results and finishs. yet we are at the same time disenchanted by its obvious impracticalities.

Kelly expresses his reading of fatalism via ‘liquid lances. ’ which consist of H2O and metal. and appear as a cylindrical bulge from a human’s thorax. In the scene known as the ‘liquid spear walk-in. ’ ( tangent existence ) . Donnie in his hallucinatory province. sees these lances connected to the thoraxs of his friends and household. He observes that the single ever follows the way of the lance. to their immediate finish.

For illustration. Donnie’s spear leads him to the electric refrigerator on one juncture. whilst he was thirsting for a drink. He would’ve made that same trip even if the spear wasn’t at that place.

Furthermore. the inclusion of mystical activity in the movie. such as the liquid lance. adds to the surrealism of the tangent existence. reenforcing the ‘imaginary’ focal point of Donnie’s journey. Kelly has portrayed the same dream-like ambiance via other medium besides.

For illustration. many of the tangent existence scenes are in slow-motion. and filmed from an aerial position. This informs the spectator of the simulation of the tangent existence. whilst making a mysterious ambiance and temper.

Finally. Kelly’s construct of fatalism may good be perceived as a mere whipping boy for human failure. yet such a perceptual experience would be grossly wrong.

He emphasizes that ; we shouldn’t

wittingly suppress ourselves because we travel on a set way in life. If anything. a pre-determined hereafter should supply motive. and promote one return advantage of day-to-day chances and chances.

After all. we are unmindful as to when precisely. our journey of life shall finally discontinue.