Dignity of Labour Comp Essay Example
Dignity of Labour Comp Essay Example

Dignity of Labour Comp Essay Example

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  • Published: May 31, 2017
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'Work is worship' is a genuine adage that highlights the dignity and nobility inherent in all forms of labour, whether manual or otherwise. The saying equates work with prayer.

The emphasis is on the importance of actual accomplishment over empty verbal prayers in any field. However, many individuals of the present generation hold the misguided belief that manual labor is beneath them and not a suitable means of earning a livelihood. The higher and middle classes in our society tend to look down on the physical work performed by the poorer classes for their daily sustenance. Despite changing perceptions of what constitutes respectability in these increasingly difficult times, educated young men continue to undervalue the dignity of work, preferring starvation over honest labor such as dairy-farming or poultry farming, which generally employ less educated individuals.



eaking about the value of work, we are specifically referring to manual labor such as farming, crafting or artisanal tasks. Despite this, there is a social belief that physical labor is less respected than mental labor which is incorrect. This idea overlooks the fact that our food production relies heavily on the demanding and arduous work of farmers. Supplying enough food remains the most critical challenge facing our nation today; only then can attention be turned to other concerns.

Although farmers play a vital role in producing the food that supports us, they are often undervalued as mere "workers" as a result of established societal norms. Nevertheless, Western nations and the United States do generally recognize and honor the worthiness of labor.

Unlike in the Western society, where there is no servant class, individuals belonging to the higher classes, such as ladies and

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gentlemen, are expected to perform their own household chores without feeling degraded. This concept does not require constant preaching, unlike in less developed nations like India.

It is a common belief in our country that tasks such as purchasing goods, shining shoes, or washing clothes are beneath certain individuals. This misguided notion of dignity not only lacks wisdom but also causes harm by creating a mentality that disrespects those in lower social classes. Before taking steps to rectify the damage we cause to those who serve us, it is essential to overcome this mindset. We must acknowledge that all forms of labor have value and importance, whether it involves physical work or skilled craftsmanship. These jobs can be just as noble as those held by learned statesmen who create laws for the country. There is no shame in performing one's duties with faithfulness and a sense of purpose given by God.

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