Digital Marketing Stukent Ch. 1-13 (London 2016)

Geofencing is a practice of
sending text messages to potential customers who enter a “fenced” area
To streamline the booking procedure for mobile users,’s mobile site loads the hotel search page with a default check-in and check-out date of
today and tomorrow
Which of the following is NOT a technical constraint of mobile devices that a web designer needs to consider in optimizing a mobile website?
Mobile devices make scrolling more difficult
In addition to a purchase transaction, a conversion for a mobile web user can be
D. All of the above
(-an in-store visit
-a phone call
-an app download)
Dayparting is a practice of
offering different ads or changing bid amounts by time of day
Generally, the recommended approach for optimizing mobile web content is to
use responsive web design
Options for optimizing mobile web content include all of the following EXCEPT
random assortment content coding
“Fat-finger” clicks refer to
accidental clicks caused by the lower level of precision of a fingertip relative to a mouse icon
Production of a mobile application should begin
B & C only
(-after full optimization of the mobile website
-only if the company determines that an app will provide significant benefits to customers beyond the mobile website)
Mobile device users typically differ from desktop users in all of the following ways EXCEPT
mobile users are more likely to want to make an online transaction
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
-The act of reviewing what’s being said about a company/individual online so the company/individual can engage in activities to improve the overall public perception of a company they are considering doing business with online
-Recognizes that negative online content can have unnecessarily damaging effects long after the underlying issues have been addressed
-Equipping businesses with tools needed to handle new negative issues and turn customer complaints into satisfaction and loyalty

-everyone participates in ORM
-Companies monitor their brands so they can manage their reputations online
-A company should be using all online feedback to improve its products, services, employee training

Google Alerts
Free tool where a user can monitor what;s being said online about a particular person, topic, company

-Users can enter terms they want to monitor (includes: company name, products company produces, company’s trademarks, high-level employees)

-Monitor: competitor’s brands, industry news topics, regulations and laws that affect the company, customer’s company names

-Prioritize alerts (“company name + fraud” or “company name + scam”)
-What users can decide: specify type of content they want, language, region/geography to monitor, frequency in which alerts are delivered, # of results they want, receive my email or not

Monitor the SERPs
monitor search results, conduct searches on brand-related terms
Top Sites for Negative Content
1) Online review sites (Yelp, Zagat)
2) Scam reporting sites (,
3) Online forums (, connectedmoms)
4) Press articles (Huffington Post)
5) Websites of activist organizations (PETA,
6) Social media sites (FB, Twitter)
7) Blogs (PeopleofWalmart, DeltaIsEvil)
8) Informational Sites (Wikipedia,
Online Review Sites
Published on sites such as Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zagat as well as the e-commerce platform where the product is sold

Positive Reviews – improves a company’s credibility and improves conversion rates

Negative Reviews – can deter customers from doing business with a company, allows the company a chance to respond to restore customer satisfaction and loyalty

Scam Reporting Sites
-Good for SEO
-Rank well for brand names of businesses
-A company should only respond once & then leave it alone (additional updated content will improve Search engine ranking of the negative post)
-A company shouldn’t mention the brand or product in their response (makes negative pages better optimized for keywords)
Online Forums
-Increase credibility in 3rd party forums is based on a company’s participation in these forums
-Wise to have a account that actively participates in these forums
-EX: Reddit, brand forums
Press Articles
Company representative should be available to comment on negative articles or stories with a [email protected] email address
Activist Organizations
To resolve issues – work with the organization to change the way its talking about a company/brand online. If this doesn’t work, the company must share their side of the story elsewhere
Social Media Sites
A company should make direct contact offline via phone or email with those that are posting negative things about a brand
Most negative content is in comments section. Companies should respond professionally
Information Sites
Having a company add its own content allows a company to set the record straight about false reports

Rely heavily on User-Generated Content (UGC)
-These sites allow others to post content on the website, so they’re not held liable for what’s being said
-Important for companies to monitor what’s being said and share the correct, accurate story about what’s being shared

Emergency Response
Press Release
Three Ts:
1) timeliness (respond quickly)
2) transparency (company should admit wrongdoing)
3) training (plan for employees to respond to complaints)
Taking it Offline
The more frequent a brand is associated w/ negative content online, the higher the likelihood that search engines will rank the negative content higher

-Create social profiles for responding to negative customer conversations/comments

Creating Positive Content
Positive content = rank well in SERPs

1) Corporate blog
2) Corporate website
3) Corporate ads
4) Social media profiles
5) Directory listings
6) Charity micro sites
7) Customer support sites
8) product micro sites
9) Cause microsites

Online Reputation Management is the practice of:
-Ensuring that searchers find overwhelmingly positive information about a brand online.
-Monitoring the web for negative content.
-Determining if when and how to respond to negative content about your brand online.
Assume that Nike PR and SEO employees are monitoring mentions of the “Just Do It.” Why would they most likely do that?
To catch and stop frequent trademark infringement.
With Google Alerts you can
Get emails and/or RSS feed alerts that send links to new pages Google has crawled/ indexed surrounding terms you specify
In order to rank lots of positive content about your brand on the SERPs for your brand, it is wise to
Create lots of positive content on a variety of sites that discuss your brand as a main topic and add value to the web so it can outrank the negative content.
Sites that frequently rank negative content about brands online include:
-Scam Reporting sites
-Online Review sites.
-News/Press sites.
Effective emergency response to negative publicity includes:
A timely response.
When responding to negative content it is best to
-Be transparent and admit any wrongdoing.
-Have a plan in place for how, where and when employees should respond.
-Try to always respond to negative complaints offline.
If you were, which site is a site that you would NOT want to rank for your brand on a keyword search for “Target.”
Positive content online is easier to rank online if
it has a large amount of links from reputable, powerful sites that also mention the branded keywords you wish to rank for.
Web pages that frequently rank well for branded search terms include
-Corporate ads
-Social Media profiles
– Product microsites
Online retailers can and should encourage every customer to sign up for regular emails from the retailer. In order to avoid spam filters, the retailer should
provide a check box that is unchecked by default during the checkout process for customers to sign up for emails
A double opt-in email capture practice is one that
sends an email to confirm the customer’s desire to be on the email list
One way to use an email list segmentation scheme is to send certain emails only to specific segments. Another way is to
send emails to the whole list while changing parts of the content to match segment characteristics.
A transactional email is
sent to an individual to update him/her about a purchase
Sending an email to a shopper who has abandoned their shopping cart is an example of
a triggered email
If I run a retail website that sells sports equipment and I send a broadcast email to my email list advertising a 15% discount on ski helmets, then a user who clicks on the email should be taken to
a dedicated landing page showing ski helmets with a 15% markdown
When a member of our email list clicks an unsubscribe button, they should be taken to
a page that unsubscribes the user but allows them to stay subscribed to a smaller portion of emails and/or asks the reason for unsubscribing
Why is social media not free?
Companies must allocate resources to managing their social media accounts.
A video or other content “goes viral” when
those exposed to it forward it on to other friends, thus spreading it until it reaches market saturation.
A company wants to be scientific about creating a viral video. It has created a video and estimates the following virality parameters: Pf = .03; N = 500; Pv = .5. If the company is able to get 1,000 people to watch it at the outset, and its parameter estimates are accurate, is the video likely to go viral?
For a company like Oracle or Cisco, neither of which sell products online, the purpose of their social media is likely to be to
build brand equity.
Ford’s objective in running social media campaigns is to build brand equity rather than increase online sales because
their dealers would be upset at having to compete with online sales.
Social media content from a company should
provide value to its followers
Companies should plan their content before they begin efforts to attract followers because
Both a and b.
Company X has 2,000 Facebook Likes while Company Y has 10,000 Facebook Likes. Company X’s Facebook efforts might be more successful than Company Y’s efforts if
Company X’s fans are more engaged.
When two people connect on Facebook, they are friends. When a person connects to a company on Facebook, the person is considered a __________ of the company.
Facebook decides which ads to show based on eCPM, effective Cost Per Mille, which is calculated as
bid amount × click-through rate
A Twitter handle, the unique identifier of a Twitter account, begins with which symbol?
A hashtag’s primary purpose on Twitter is to
make Tweets searchable.
A viral strategy that targets “influencers” (key people with a larger-than-average share of influence) is more likely to work on Twitter than Facebook because
some Twitter accounts have a list of followers that is many degrees of magnitudes larger than average.
The majority of Pinterest users are women because
it first gained popularity among the mostly female arts and crafts community.
Two general methods of promoting a brand on Pinterest are (1) to curate Pin boards belonging to the brand within Pinterest and (2) to
provide a “Pin it” button on Pinterest-worthy content on the brand’s website.
The benefit of advertising on YouTube instead of or in addition to television advertising is
a greater ability to target smaller, more specialized audiences, the ability to advertise with a smaller budget, and the ability to achieve conversions immediately.
The gold standard for business use of YouTube is to create a video that
simultaneously entertains and advertises.
IBM’s primary goal in its use of YouTube is to
build its brand equity.
Which of the following would you NOT see in your LinkedIn Updates?
IPO news from industries you are following.
Advertising on LinkedIn can be very profitable for
companies targeting professionals.
In order for 2 computers to communicate via the internet, they must first locate one another. How do computers locate one another on the internet?
IP address
Which programming langauge is a static, client side language?
direct traffic is defined as visitors who:
type the URL directly into their browser’s address bar
both paid search traffic and paid referral traffic are the result of
online advertisements
unpaid search traffic comes when a user clicks on
an organic search result
what is NOT a way that a media site might measure engagement?
traffic source

(it WOULD measure in page views, video views, and time spent on site)

Web browsers process what language?
In order for two computers to communicate via the internet, they must first locate one another. How do computers locate one another on the internet?
Through the IP address
What does a cookie do?
It identifies the requesting computer to the server.
Which of the following programming languages is a static, client side language (as opposed to a dynamic, server-side language)?
Direct traffic is defined as visitors who….
type the URL directly into their browser’s address bar
Both paid search traffic and paid referral traffic are the result of
online advertisements
Unpaid search traffic comes when a user clicks on
an organic search result
A retail website’s conversion rate is calculated as
Which of the following is NOT a way that a media site might measure engagement?
Traffic source
In general, advertisers are willing to pay more if
they can more precisely target potential customers.
Web browsers process which language
Which of the following is NOT a weakness of finding internet content through lists of websites organized by subject matter (versus through a search engine)?
Lists can only cover a few websites per subject
What is the downside of a search engine based solely on relevance?
Websites with little useful content can often earn good rankings
Where did the name “PageRank” come from?
The creator of the metric, Larry Page, named it after himself
In the original PageRank formula, when web page A linked to web page B, it passed PageRank to page B. Why was the amount of PageRank that A passed to B divided by the number of outbound links on page A?
A link was considered an endorsement, so B only got part of A’s endorsement score if A endorsed multiple pages
Why is a link from worth more than a link from a small blog?
Yahoo has a higher PageRank, so it passes on more PageRank to the page it links to
How does anchor text factor into Google’s ranking calculations?
Anchor text is one input into a web page’s relevance score
Consider a Google user who does a search for “yam recipe”. Consider two web pages with an identical PageRank. Page A uses the phrase “yam recipe” near the top of the page. Page B uses the phrase “recipe for yams” near the bottom of the page. Which page will rank better on this search and why?
Web page A, because of its larger font and higher position
What is “black-hat” search engine optimization?
Any practice to increase a webpage’s rankings that Google deems manipulative
Which of the following is NOT a practice instituted or strengthened by the Panda update?
increased opportunity to shop for products directly on the SERP
The Penguin update focused mainly on
Anchor text
If I have a website that sells running shoes, I should map the keyword phrase “Asics Gel Kayano 20” to
a product page
As compared to fat head keyword phrases, long-tail keyword phrases typically
receive lower volume of searches
are longer (have more words)
are more plentiful (there are more of them)
A brand new website should NOT choose target keyword phrases based on
Current ranking
Nowadays, search engines determine our website’s quality based on
external links to our site
search engine users’ behavior toward our webpages from the SERP (search engine results page)
spelling and grammar on our site
Black hat SEO is any practice that
search engines frown upon
SEO stands for
search engine optimization
The title tag of a web page appears
at the top of the browser
on the SERP (search engine results page)
Which header tag is the largest?
Header 1 (‹h1›)
My chosen keyword phrase for a page should make up __ to __ % of the page’s content.
All text is
the text that appears if an image does not download from the server
We can influence our click-through rate on the SERP through
the title tag
the meta description
Ideally, we should never add content to our site.
T/F: A reliable way to increase our rankings is to create multiple copies of our site at different URLs.
Why does having too much advertising space damage our search rankings?
Search engines consider a site with lots of advertising space to be lower quality.
If I think my website is being punished for engaging in black hat SEO tactics, I should
immediately fix any pages using these tactics
A website’s popularity is determined by
external inbound links
A reliable strategy for long-term off-site SEO success can be characterized as
consistent efforts to generate inbound links from reputable sites.
Which of the following might be a paid link (advertisement) on our site?
‹a rel=”nofollow” href=””›Great Hotel Deals‹/a›
PageRank could be easily manipulated by
creating spam websites linking to one another
A page’s ranking is determined by both its popularity and its relevance to the searched phrase. The page’s popularity is measured based on
its link profile as well as the root domain’s link profile.
If my website sells exercise equipment, then a link from ___________ is likely to be most valuable to me (if all of these sites have similar popularity).
Getting 100 backlinks from 100 different websites is better for ranking purposes than getting 100 backlinks from 10 different websites because
search engines consider link diversity a sign of organic, independent endorsements of a website’s content.
Networking with other website owners can be beneficial to your website’s rankings because
website owners are more likely to link to sites owned by people they know.
A manual link-building practice that was once considered standard but is now considered (by Google) to lean toward black hat is
guest blogging
What would be the HTML code to create a link to using the anchor text, “My favorite news site”?
‹a href=””›My favorite news site‹/a›
Which of the following is NOT displayed in a PPC text ad?
The destination URL
In a PPC text ad, it is a best practice to include which of the following?
All of the above (UVP, Call-to-Action, Keywords pertaining to the ad group
What does PLA stand for?
Product Listing Ad
Which is the correct formula for calculating CTR?
(Clicks/Impressions)*100 = CTR
To calculate your ROAS, you must know which of the following?
Total ad spend and total revenue
How often does Google recalculate Quality Score?
Every 100 times an ad is considered for display for a particular keyword
Ad Rank takes into consideration:
A and B (Bid amount and Quality Score)
Which of the following is NOT considered when determining Quality Score?
Conversion Rate
Which advertiser is awarded the top ad position
The advertiser with the highest Ad Rank
The second-price auction model
Charges the highest bidder only a penny more than the bid of the second-highest bidder
The Google Keyword Planner
B and C (Is relevant, but one should not expect to pay the exact same CPC as the Planner suggest and Provides data that helps one do keyword research
Organizing campaigns can help with all of the following except:
Landing page optimization
If a keyword has low search volume, you should do which of the following?
Consider the CPC and relevance of the landing page to determine if that keyword should be chosen
If you bid on the keyword “ipad mini tablet” as a keyword using the [ ] brackets like this: [ipad mini tablet], your ad will show up
Only when someone searches for “ipad mini tablet”
Which of the following is the correct format for the Modified Broad Match keyword match type?
+ipad +mini
Publishers that participate in a display ad network
Get paid each time an advertiser is charged by the ad network for displaying advertisements on the publisher’s site
Advertisers buy ad space through display ad networks
A and C (A: So they dont have to buy ad space from each publisher individually. C: But can pick what types of sites they will allow to show their ad)
if an advertiser bids a $1.50 CPM, receives 40,000 impressions, and gets 80 clicks, the equivalent CPC bid would be
With the Google Display Network, you can run
All of the above (Banner ads and text ads)
Which advertiser is going to pay the most per click?
The Google Display Ad Planner tells you
where your target audience is spending their time online
Remarketing ads are displayed:
After visitors to the advertiser’s site have downloaded a cookie on their browser and they go to a site within the ad network where the advertiser is paying for clicks
When compared to a typical online ad campaign, remarketing campaigns typically have
higher CTR and higher conversion rates
After 100 impressions, ad A has a CTR of 1% and a conversion rate of 100% and ad B has a CTR of 2% and a conversion rate of 0%. Which is better?
100 impressions is not enough data to know which ad is better
To have consistent messaging online, all of your ads should
All of the above (use similar color scheme, use similar calls to action, and highlight the same value propositions
Single product landing pages should include all of the following, except:
Links, images, and info about other products
Which of the following should go in the upper-fold of a lead generation landing page?
Phone number
This landing page type is known as the infomercial of the internet:
Long-copy landing pages
The upper fold of the landing page is defined as:
The part of the page that can be seen without having to scroll down
If you advertise on a keyword such as discounted andriod tablets, which type of landing page would be best for this ad?
Multi-product landing page
Landing pages should not include:
Elements that do not directly impact the visitors’ decision to reach the goal you have in mind
A trust symbol is:
Any symbol, icon, image, or small statement communicating to the user that the site is legitimate
When trying to increase the number of form fills received on a lead-generation landing page, which of the following is NOT a best practice?
Increase the number of required form fields
John’s Bracelets, an ecommerce site, received 304,000 visitors and earned $73,500 in revenue from 48,700 transactions. What is John’s conversion rate?
16.02 (48,700/304,000)
Lowering the shopping cart abandonment rate is a reliable way to improve conversion rates. Which of the following actions is most likely to decrease shopping cart abandonment?
Streamline the payment process
How does analytics track the identity of a computer?
It places a cookie on each computer that visits the site.
What technical information about a visitor’s computer is NOT known to analytics?
What is the most detailed level of geographic information known to analytics?
Zip code
A “hit” is another term for
a page view
My analytics tells me that last week my site had 3,000 visits but only 2,500 visitors. What explains this discrepancy?
Some visitors made multiple visits.
The 3,000 visits to my site last week resulted in 12,000 hits. What was the average page depth last week?
A retail site should track conversions by setting up a(n) ___________ goal in analytics.
I have a blog and I want to track the engagement of my readers. My blog posts usually take at least 4 minutes to read, and I want to track the percentage of users who read an entire blog post. I should set up a(n) _____________ goal.
Time on site
KPI stands for
key performance indicator.
A media site with lots of written articles should probably use __________ as a KPI, while a media site with mostly video content should us ____________ as a KPI.
average page depth; average visit duration
Consider the following conversion funnel: Visits: 1000 > Product in cart: 100 > Proceed to checkout: 98 > Entered shipping information: 93 > Entered payment information: 87 > Completed transaction: 85 – Where should we focus our efforts to increase the conversion rate?
Getting visitors to place an item in the cart
If we find through analytics that visitors from mobile devices have a 0% conversion rate while users on a full-size monitor have a 3% conversion rate, we should
investigate whether our site is optimized for mobile users.
Last-click attribution will likely exaggerate the value of traffic that comes from
search engines
Linear attribution gives credit to
all prior customer touchpoints that can be tracked in analytics
Last week, the 3,000 visitors to my site generated $600 in revenue selling product that costs me $300. What is the most I should spend on a PPC ad for my website?
Online retailers can and should encourage every customer to sign up for regular emails from the retailer. In order to avoid spam, the retailer should…
provide a check box that is unchecked by default during the check out process for customers to sign up for emails
A double opt-in capture practice is one that …
sends an email to confirm the customer’s desire to be on the email list
How often should a company send emails?
As often as it can create valuable content
During what time of day should emails be sent?
When response rate is highest
One way to use an email list segmentation scheme is to send certain emails only to specific segments. Another way is to…
send emails to the whole list while changing parts of the content to match segment characteristics
A transactional email is …
sent to an individual to update him/her about a purchase
Sending an email to a shopper who has abandoned their shopping cart is an example of …
a trigger email
If I run a retail website that sells sports equipment and I send a broadcast email to my email list advertising a 15% discount of ski helmets, then a user that click on the email should be taken to …
a dedicated landing pages showing ski helmets with a 15% markdown
Suppose I send an email with the following characteristics: 25% open rate; 25% click-through rate; 20% conversion rate; $100 average order value. How much revenue can I expect this email to generate if I send it out to my entire email list of 1000 members?

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