Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences

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Describe how own values, belief systems and experiences may affect working practice. My parents have had a big Influence In my life shaping me Into the person I am today. Understanding right from wrong and been keen to help people In need. This has been developed In my Christian faith through the Salvation Army. Helping to treat all Individuals equal. Trying to put others first. Has a Christian I have always been taught to look out for other people who are In need of help. I believe that every Christian should be trying to help someone. Faith without deeds Is dead.

James 2: 1 7 In my education I have tried to be a good example to my classmates. Although I was never perfect I would always try to behave in a Christian manner and discourage friends from fighting in the playground for no real reason. How have they affected what you value and believe today? Throughout my life I have often been eager to show a caring and understanding side of me to others. Looking out for other people, helping others. My family is very important to me including my wife and my two daughters. I have many friends

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whose influences are very different but hopefully I can take out the useful aspects from them.

In our continually changing society we meet people with different faiths and beliefs, cultures and many views around what is right and wrong. Often these views will go against what I believe to be right. We may have children whose own family expect their faiths and traditions to be observed accordingly. In our professional role we have to respect each other and what they stand for. We need to tolerate each other’s viewpoints and work together to support each other in helping the children receive the best care we can offer.

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