Defensive Driving Course Essay Example
Defensive Driving Course Essay Example

Defensive Driving Course Essay Example

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  • Published: January 26, 2022
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In one way or another, people find different ways of relaxing after a long day work. I find myself in odd hours taking drinks as a way of relaxing. I have been following victim of speeding trying reach home faster to catch a sleep. This has been my norm because I assume the law is on my side and i would justify the reason for speeding. How do you expect a sport car to travel like a trailer? I feel it is my right to speed and assume i am above the law. Speeding is a custom way for breaking traffic law. Law breaking has some consequences, but breaking a law speeding can lead to more fatal consequences (Sagberg et al 1249). Being caught up speeding and having received a speeding ticket, thinking it is my right, i took the fine to court where there lurke


d more troubles.

The judge had a better chance to hand me the fines and to authorise me to attend a traffic school to undergo defensive driving course. Having to pay for the traffic school and enduring nine hours class somehow pricked my consciousness.

In the defensive driving classes, I learned that choices have consequences with the state of Colorado imposing tough laws; where one driving licence is provoked for a year if caught drunk and driving or refuse to undergo the urine or blood test (Skok et al 146). The advice is to drink and not drive. ABC driving test was a refresher course that reminded me of the important of taking caution on roads. On the distracted driving like texting, the primary law allowed the ticketing of drivers by office

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without any other violation. The secondary law allowed the officer to issue ticket if the driver had committed another violation like speeding. Assuming the already set laws, I came to learn they are more stringent laws that push hand on drunken drivers. The most interesting part of training was the safety class. Here, I learned of car, human and internal collision (Skok et al 150). These are all impacts met out on the passengers and driver during crash. When one fastens the belt the forces of rapid deceleration is distributed all over the body and thus saving the life of occupants. In all deaths and serious injuries, seventy-five percent occurs in less than 25 miles at less than 40mph speed. Safety belts are important despite the distance one is covering.
Speeding can be dangerous and endangers both the pas sengers and the driver. Besides, when caught speeding there are sphere penalties like fines and speeding tickets. One is supposed to under defensive driving course that demand some training fee. It is good to observe traffic rules to avoid such fines and worst deaths due to speed driving.

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