Decolonization And Independence Test Questions

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One of Jawaharlal Nehru’s first duties as India’s Prime Minister was to
improve living standards for Indians.
Why did Gandhi encourage Indians to weave their own cloth?
Textiles were a major source of income for Britain.
Gandhi was trained to be a
Which of the following ended the post-partition fighting between Hindus and Muslims?
Gandhi’s protest hunger strike
If the United States was to be partitioned in the same way India was, the partition would be based on
religious groupings.
Gandhi’s nickname, Mahatma, means
great soul.
The refugee crisis that occurred in India after its partition was a result of
too many people trying to relocate at one time.
Which of the following illustrates the concept of Satyagraha?
camping out by a “no loitering” sign to protest the law
Why was the Salt March a turning point in India’s struggle for independence?
A foreign journalist gave the story an international audience.
Which of the following is the best example of civil disobedience?
refusing to pay taxes because you disapprove of how the money is being used by the government
Which world event sped up independence movements by European colonies in southeast Asia?
the occupation of southeast Asia by Japan
Why did the United States become involved in the Philippines’ affairs?
to fight the Spanish-American War
Before gaining independence, the colonies in Indochina were controlled by
France and Britain
Which Indochinese country was under control of a junta for decades?
How did the Dutch set themselves up for an uprising by the people of Indonesia?
They provided too many opportunities for the Indonesians, who used their new skills to demand independence.
After the Philippines became independent, its relationship with the United States
Which of the following best summarizes the character of Aung San Suu Kyi?
fearless activist who would risk imprisonment for principles
Which of the following countries were part of French Indochina? Check all that apply.
This chart shows the gross domestic product of the Philippines after independence.
Which of the following nations achieved independence through armed rebellion? Check all that apply.
Vietnam’s war for independence and division into two countries in 1954 led the United States to send military forces to the region. Why did this take place?
The United States feared the spread of Communism throughout Southeast Asia.
After World War II, the Philippines was granted its independence by which nation?
the United States
After independence, the Philippines struggled under the dictatorship of
Ferdinand Marcos
he Philippines gained full independence from the US in
Since independence, Malaysia has been highly successful in
In the Philippines, attempted takeovers by Communist rebels
are still an ongoing problem today.
What was the first step in Ghana’s independence?
Africans gained a majority in the parliament.
The economies of most African colonies were dependent on
one or two crops.
What was the purpose of pan-Africanism?
to unite people of African descent around the world
The large number of casualties in the Nigerian civil war can be attributed to
the many different factions at war with one another.
Why did corruption increase when opposition political parties were banned in Ghana?
Nkrumah’s government held too much power, and officials could do whatever they wanted.
European nations benefited from African colonies’
labor and resources.
Because there was very little investment in education, African colonies
had few leaders with government experience.
Another name for the Organization of African Unity is the
Africa Union
The majority ethnic group in Rwanda is the
When military leaders and dictators ruled Nigeria, they sometimes tried to prevent unrest by
prohibiting all criticism of the government.
What was a major contributor to unrest in Nigeria?
its many ethnicities and religions
Jomo Kenyatta caused discontent during his rule in Kenya by
exhibiting favoritism toward the Kikuyu people.
Europeans ignored cultural divisions when setting colonial boundaries because
Europeans had no interest in or concern for African cultural divisions.
What can one conclude about the link between falling cacao crop prices and rising economic problems in Ghana?
The country was too dependent on exports of its cacao crop.
Porfirio Diaz and Santa Anna each led Mexico after independence as
What type of ideology has gained popularity throughout Latin America?
Which best describes the difference between socialism and communism?
The government controls people’s lives under communism, while it provides certain services for citizens under socialism.
After being elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez
strengthened ties with socialist countries like Cuba.
Who were two leaders of the rebel army during the Mexican Revolution?
Zapata and Villa.
After Cuba lost economic aid from the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro
allowed some economic reforms to occur.
Which best describes how Mexican leaders sought to protect democratic rule after the country’s revolution?
They approved a new constitution.
Mexico’s Constitution of 1917 helped the working class by
protecting the right to strike.
The main reason Cárdenas nationalized Mexico’s oil industry was to
enable the country to get direct benefit from its vast supplies.
Which actions did Fidel Castro take in Cuba after creating term-82a communist system in 1959? Check all that apply.
He nationalized the Cuban economy.
He repressed the civil liberties of all citizens.
He prohibited free press in the country.
He forbade the selling of private property.
He banned all travel to and from the country.
The Venezuelan people gave Hugo Chavez a referendum to rewrite their constitution and implement
Which best describes the successes and challenges of modern-day Mexico?
It has experienced economic growth and a growing middle class, but poverty continues to linger and government corruption remains
Mexico experienced a series of liberal reforms in the 1860s instituted by
Benito Juarez.
Which best describes what occurred in Mexico following the institution of liberal reforms by Benito Juarez?
The government action caused conflict between liberals and conservatives.
After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States demanded that
Afghanistan’s Taliban government turn over Osama bin Laden.
How did al-Qaeda get its start?
as a force against Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
What is a coalition?
a political alliance
What was the most likely motivation for Iraqis to set fire to oil wells in Kuwait?
They wanted revenge when they were forced to retreat from Kuwait.
What was the source of al-Qaeda’s hostility toward the United States?
Al-Qaeda wanted the United States to withdraw troops from Saudi Arabia.
As part of the war on terror, what action did the United States take in Afghanistan?
It drove the Taliban out of power.
Al-Qaeda’s main targets on September 11, 2001, were
New York City and Washington, DC.
Operation Desert Storm was the name of
the ground invasion in Kuwait.
Why did Saudi Arabia fear an Iraqi invasion?
Iraq invaded nearby Kuwait for its oil.
Why was the US invasion of Iraq controversial?
Many did not agree that Iraq presented a terrorist threat.
Why did Saddam Hussein use weapons of mass destruction against Kurdish people and Shiite Muslims?
They rebelled against Saddam Hussein’s rule.
The Department of Homeland Security was created to
protect the United States from terrorist attacks.
Arab forces most likely fought with the United States in the Gulf War because
they wanted to protect their own resources.
How would al-Qaeda have been affected if the Taliban had not supported it?
It would not have developed a strong base in Afghanistan.
Why did Singapore secede from Malaysia?
Its primarily Chinese population was facing threats and conflict from the Malay majority of the country.
In addition to Spain and the United States, which nation controlled the Philippines for a time?
In ____, Osama bin Laden first told al-Qaeda to target Americans.
How did Osama bin Laden form Al-Qaeda?
He united Islamic fighters he met in Afghanistan.
Read the passage from a speech by President Harry Truman.
It has been the repeated declaration of the legislative and executive branches of the Government of the United States of America that full independence would be granted the Philippines as soon as the people of the Philippines were prepared to assume this obligation…the people of the Philippines have clearly demonstrated their capacity for self-government…
-Proclamation of Philippines Independence, July 4, 1946

What did the Philippines need to do before assuming independence?

show they would be able to govern themselves
Approximately ____ people died in the attacks of September 11, 2001.
Fidel Castro led a revolution in Cuba in 1959 and created a government based on
a communist dictatorship.
What of the following characterized Ghana after 1992?
advances in education and human services
Which of the following groups attempted insurgency against the newly independent Philippine government?
In chronological order, Mexico’s leaders after its independence in 1821 and before its revolution in 1910 were
Santa Anna, Benito Juarez, and Porfirio Diaz.
Why did India’s desire for independence increase following World War II?
It felt that its service in the war effort should grant it independence.
In 1967, ethnic minorities rebelled against Yoruba rule in
Which event sparked extremist Hutus to incite genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda?
the death of the Rwandan president
What resulted when Europeans created colonial boundaries that ignored Africa’s cultural divisions? Check all that apply.
widespread ethnic conflict
lack of national identity

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