“Darkness at Noon” by Harold Krents Essay Example
“Darkness at Noon” by Harold Krents Essay Example

“Darkness at Noon” by Harold Krents Essay Example

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  • Published: October 14, 2017
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In “Darkness at Noon” . Harold Krents vividly describes some of the mundane biass disabled citizens must confront. Presented in an frequently humourous manner. the writer opens the reader’s eyes to the barbarous sarcasms of society’s pre-conceived and inaccurate judgements. and their long stretch effects on his life. Krents begins his essay by indicating out to the reader that he can non see himself. and therefore. frequently has to depend upon the point of views of others. He states: “To day of the month it has non been egotistic. ” The mean reader may non be cognizant that the word “narcissistic” means. “Excessively in love with oneself. ” It is helpful for the reader to maintain this first observation in head as he continues through the article. and hears Krent’s descriptions of society’s point of views. Krents points out three peculiar judgements that are frequently passed on him by the populace. “There are those who assume that since I can’t see. I evidently can non hear” so. “…others know that of class I can hear. but believe that I can’t talk” and eventually “The toughest misconception of all is the position that because I can’t see. I can’t work. ”

It is certainly an unfortunate sarcasm. that the handicapped citizen must non merely cover with his ain loads. but besides. the fanciful 1s placed upon him by society. Krents supports his statements utilizing appealing exemplifying narratives with effectual imagination. Krent’s chooses to utilize words which are effectual. and relay a definite scene to the reader. Some illustrations are: “…enunciating each word really carefully


” . “ . . if the apprehension word is spoken. the ticket agent’s retina will instantly detach…”and “…my saint-like temperament deserted me…I eventually blurted out…” He creates intense understanding between the reader and himself by stating his narratives in a personable and friendly writing voice. After explicating these misconceptions of society. Krents begins to speak about their consequence. “…one of the most disenchanting experiences of my life. ” Despite a cum laude grade from Harvard College. good ranking in his Harvard Law School category and absolutely acceptable makings. Krents was unable to happen work. Krents states that the legion rejection letters were “not based on my deficiency of ability but instead on my disablement. ”

From this point on. the essay takes a instead downward spiral. Krents discontinues discoursing his challenges in the work universe without informing the reader of any result. The reader does non understand whether Krents of all time received work or is now imploring alteration away bystanders as he makes his populating under a metropolis span. Alternatively of uncluttering up these issues. Krents continues by telling a apparently stray event in his ain childhood. He begins the narrative by stating. “I hence look frontward to the twenty-four hours. with the outlook that it is certain to come. when employers will see their disabled workers as a small kid did me old ages ago…”

He so describes a hoops game in his backyard and the visit of a five twelvemonth old neighbour and that child’s friend. The neighbour informs the friend. “He’s blind. ” After legion lost

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shootings by both Krents and his male parent. the friend responds “Which one? ” Krents concludes that this is what he wishes to see in the work universe. He says. “I would trust that in the close hereafter when a works director is tourning the mill with the chief and comes upon a disabled and non-handicapped individual working together. his remark after watching them work will be ‘Which one is disabled? ’”

Although this is a lovely sentiment. one time once more. Krents does non do it clear precisely what he means. In visible radiation of Krent’s aforementioned deficiency of ego love. it seems about as though he doubts his ain ability to work aboard a non-handicapped individual and looks frontward to the twenty-four hours when he can.