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Social networking sites like Backbone, Twitter, Youth often get attention and a large number of audiences are interested in content Of the film, evaluate and review on this movie. 1 . 5 Benefits Although customer’s interest often change, with famous series like Harry Potter, it has created trust and expectations of customers who continue to wait for the next part. In addition, montage techniques, action, character design and famous actors are key elements to make the film successful. 1. 6 Competitive Position: There will always be a risk occurs when the director as well as British film industry begin making something new in a movie.

Harry Potter final part marks the debut for a brand and franchise development potential before. However, with the number of written pages too long for the final part of the book, the last part of the film is divided into two parts to fit the time length of the film in cinema. In addition, Warner Brose. Studio has selected the official sales partners obtain licensing in various industries to sell the product related to Harry Potter movie and strict quality control than before to ensure that Harry Potter brand is maintained long term (Debate.

H, 2014). . Target Market profile With the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, it appeals to a large number of customers and can achieve higher profits, together with the support of marketing efforts. With this genre, the main target audiences are teenagers (age from 12-16 years old). Other target customer segments for the campaigns of the films are children (from 5-1 1 years old), students (from 18-24 years old) and the adults (over 30 years old). 3. Target Market Decision- Making Process 3. 1.

Problem Recognition: Based on the famous novel series of author J Rolling, when Harry Potter as purchased rights and turned into movie to meet the needs, desires and imagination of the audiences for what they have read in books. Moreover, Harry Potter film the final part marks an impression after a long waiting time from the audience. They want a compelling content, dramatic, animated, sticking with the original novel with the main cast in the film. 3. 2. Information Search: With advanced technology, social networking sites will help customers easily find the information they want.

Backbone, Twitter is the site to find information in a fast and efficient way, because the marketers as well as the audio have always focused on developing and providing a lot of information in these channels. The internal information about the film, the filming process, background, actors will be updated before at least three months to run the advertising campaign. Or through the introduction from friends, family, word of mouth and the poster, advertising of the film will make the audiences feel satisfied, curious and enthusiastic to come to the cinema about to see the movie. 3. 3.

Evaluation of Alternatives: Right from the first episode, Harry Potter has left a strong impression on the audiences. However, not all Of customers will come to the cinema to watch the film. Through blobs and comments, comparison, audience swill self- selected to see the film in what way. On the other hand, they can buy DVD’s to watch, or watch on Youth, TV channels at a cheaper price or free. 3. 4. Purchase: According to the Box Office Report, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 has made the franchise better than ever by $ 125. 1 million revenue within the first week release, based on studio estimates.

This total number was a record breaking for Harry Potter movie series before. Following that success, the box office cinema has reached El ban in 201 1, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the highest grossing film in 2011″, with E mom (BBC, 2012). This final film part also satisfies the expectations of customers but also somewhat regret because from now it is all ended. 4. Personal Influences on Buying Behavior 4. 1 . Age and Stage in Life Cycle Marketers usually define the target market in terms of the consumer’s lifestyle stage because the stage in life cycle can have an important effect on consumer behavior. . 2. Occupation and Income As the consequence of material prosperity, many people are more concerned about their status in society and image in other people’s eyes. Therefore, a person’s occupation or profession can sometimes define what kind of products they buy. A person’s status can be seen via various symbols like the dress, accessories and property. 4. 3. Life style Life style analysis has been proven essential in targeting buyers. We can define target consumers by life style classification because life styles are reflected in personalities.

Furthermore, it is easier to classify life styles than rationalities. 5. Social Influences on Buying Behavior 5. 1. Social Class Social classes are defined as groups more or less homogeneous and ranked against each other according to a form of social hierarchy. Even if its very large groups, we usually find similar values, lifestyles, interests and behaviors in individuals belonging to the same social class. 5. 2. Culture Cultural trends or “Bandwagon effect’ are defined as trends widely followed by people and which are amplified by their mere popularity and by conformity or compliance with social pressure.

The more people follow a rend, the more others will want to follow it. 5. 3. Reference Groups More generally, reference groups are defined as those that provide to the individual some points of comparison more or less direct about his behavior, lifestyle, desires or consumer habits. They influence the image that the individual has Of himself as well as his behavior. Whether it is a membership group or a non-membership group. 6. Psychological Influences on Buying Behavior 6. 1. Motivation One of the motivations for buying behavior is needs. The more basic the need, the higher it is prioritize for consumers.

Therefore, you need to convince your buyers that your product or service meeting one of their needs or drives. Marketers often use advertising as a tool to associate a product with need fulfillment. 6. 2. Perception People percept the world around them as information, and repetition helps make information stick. That’s why advertising often depends on repetition to deliver important message such as phone number to call for purchase. 6. 3. Learning Advertiser need to attempt to teach buyers about the message of their products because consumers can gain decision-making information from advertising.

This way, they can remove biased conditions and replace them with new information. 6. 4. Belief and Attitudes Belief of buyers about the seller, product or service and affect whether or not they choose to consume certain products/services. This attitude persists even when situations change. Marketers usually try to present products so that they look like associated with positive characteristics and gain buyers’ beliefs. 7. Marketing Strategy, Recommendations & Conclusion 7. 1. Positioning It is clear to see that the Harry Potter series film has been a phenomenal commercial and cultural remarkable.

Since 2001 , the film has generated nearly $ 5. Ban in ticket sales worldwide movie theater (about 3. 4 billion pounds), a figure that does not include the sale of DVD’s in retail stores has been licensing agreement (Russell. J, 2011). In addition, the Harry Potter series has also improved the company’s position of Warner Brose Studio as a big giant and created trust, huge support from audiences. Because of that what is the marketing mix Of? 7. 2. Product In general, the attractiveness of the last part Harry Potter movie also know more about the tastes, preferences and needs of the UK audience.

For the overpayment’s plan to invest in the future of British cinema, the right way is they can look at recent investment of Warner Brose in Leavened Studios and suggest that Britain could, and should, be film franchises like Harry Potter. 7. 3. Price Due to the facility of large range products the price information is done agreement to the market and geographic segment. Each coca cola sub-brand has different pricing strategy. Their pricing strategy is build up the rivals pricing, Pepsi is the direct rival to coke.

Drinking market is defended to be an oligopoly market (few sellers and large buyers), henceforth they form into art ell contract to consolidate a mutual balance in price information between the sellers. 7. 4. Place Harry Potter part II will make customer satisfied. These valuable lessons about friendship and teachers, fight against evil will be a plus point for the final film, marking the maturity of boy wizard Harry Potter. The ending of the film sticking to the original novel will surely achieve the expectations of audiences. 7. 5. Promotion Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part premiere in summer.

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