Computers provide a wide Essay Example
Computers provide a wide Essay Example

Computers provide a wide Essay Example

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  • Published: December 27, 2017
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In a teaching mode, computers provide a wide variety of information and practice material. They can also play a testing role In a range of subjects Including Math, English and Modern Languages. The one-to-one interaction students have with the computer, along with the immediate response to their answers, help to promote independent learning. Outside the classroom, computers provide people with greater flexibility and freedom, and also allow them to organize their time in a more productive way.

In the fast-changing world of business, employees are being physically removed from the oracle and the proximity of their colleagues, while remaining virtually connected via telephone, and the Internet. Laptop computers enable business-people who travel to have access to important information at the touch of a key. Connections through a modem allow them to transfer data anywhere in the world. Computers are used to solve time-consuming data-


management problems, such as payroll calculations, keeping stock records, bank account transactions, airline reservations, and scientific and engineering computations.

Computers are also important in the collection, organization, storage, retrieval and interpretation of Information. In fact, they are essential tools In almost every field of work from constructing models of the universe to predicting tomorrows weather reports. In the film industry, computers are used to create graphics for scenes which would have been Inconceivable in the past. This technique was used for films Like 'Jurassic Park' where the Incredibly realistic scenes of dinosaurs were all computer-generated.

Another area where computers are used is in the military, especially in the velveteen of weapons and surveillance equipment to use in satellites for spying. Additionally, computer technology enables the training of pilots In flight simulators.

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Not only do these create the illusion of flying but they are safer and cheaper than training staff in area planes. In the home, the computer has become a great source of entertainment with the Introduction of interactive Virtual Reality programs which are available on CD-ROOM or through the Internet. They enable people located in different places to come together 1 OFF graphics.

Programs like these can often be downloaded free from different sites. Nowadays, computers come equipped not only with a mouse, but also a host of different devices. Such components are essential if you are to spend any time online, whether it is playing games or researching any number of topics on the Internet. Here you can access all kinds of valuable information and the beauty of it is that you do not need to leave your house to find it. It is possible to explore sites on anything you are interested in, or even chat with celebrities, experts and others who share your interest.

Keep up with the latest news, fashions and reports. Look up facts on everything from who invented the plane to where to go on holiday. In the future, today's technology will probably become obsolete as machines become more powerful. Then, there may well be a microchip in each telephone receiver with more computing power than the huge machines of today. The development of smaller machines will mean that it will be possible to condense all written knowledge in the world into devices the size of a child's notebook. All human knowledge will literally be at your fingertips.

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