comm 109 ch 1-3

which of the following principles helps provide a foundation for understanding communication
communication is systematic
the statement, “communication is a process” implies that
communication is ongoing and ever changing
according to the text, the essential components of communication are
source, message, interference, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, and context
the principles of effective composition and speech delivery were first studied by
the rhetoricians of ancient greece and rome
speech communication is a diverse discipline involving a range of behaviors and situations. the common thread connecting all of these behaviors and situations is
human symbolic interaction
the classical theoretician who noted that communication needed to be presented by ” a good man speaking well” was
your textbook discusses the relationship between communication and ethics. One principle discusses is that unethical communication
May, in fact, constitute effective communication
Aristotle, a classical Greek rhetorician, argued that communication was most effective when a speaker’s character, or _____, was engaged in presenting truth
ethos (ethical appeal)
when individuals are involved in a simultaneous communication process, they are involved in
a transaction
“the whole is greater than they sum of its parts” is a question that best illustrates the principle that communication is
although communication can be considered both transactional and interactional, the prime function of the communication source/ sender is to
initiate the message
the internet has made it much easier for people to access all types of information. Unfortunately, this has led to a greater tendency for some people to
feedback is an essential component of the communication process because
it serves as a corrective device
effective communication skills
are learned over time through instruction and practice
which of the following statements about culture and communication is most accurate
the way in which people communicate is primarily a function of culture
radio, television, telephone, and the World Wide Web are all examples of
mediated communication
After finishing a lecture of thermodynamics, Arleen compliments Dr. Phen by saying, “sir, that was a ‘bad’ lecture” to which Dr. Phen responds, “why, what was wrong with it?” which of the following statements about communication best illustrates Dr. Phen’s response
meanings are in people
Becky decides to translate her feelings of anger into words and communicate them to Brent. In doing so, Becky enacts the process of
Josh and Mark take turns exchanging information about their plans for the day during their morning chat over coffee. Their conversation best demonstrates that communication is
an important principle related to the basic elements of communication is that you
are simultaneously a source and a reciever
Kristen had a disagreement with Paul and told him that he was an idiot. Later, while apologizing, Kristen asked Paul to “forget that little comment” Kristen does not realize that
oral communication is irreversible
Your boss walks by you in the hall, gives you a report, and says, “I need you to have a summary of that report done ASAP.” You take the report home overnight, summarize it, and give it to your boss the next morning. Your boss takes the summary and complains to you, “I’m disappointed that you did not get it to me by when I told you to.” This example illustrates the myth that
meanings is in the words we use
After receiving an email from her boyfriend stating that their relationship was over, Erin began translating the message into her own thoughts. This process is known as
I don’t know why I bother taking a communication class! I simply do not have the knack for communicating very well, and will never improve!” This statement best illustrates which of the following misconceptions about communication?
natural ability to communicate
as a communication source, an individual
determines the meaning of what is to be communicated
thinking of communication as a “cure-all” is a myth because
sometimes communication can create more problems than it solves
During his telephone interview with IBM, Aaron answers a series of questions from Angela, a supervisor in the marketing department. What type of communication best describes their conversation?
mediated communication
“communication is a personal event” describes what type of communication?
according to the text, interpersonal communication must involve
dyadic communication
Which of the following statements best illustrates the point made in the textbook about whether or not communication is reversible?
speakers must explain and compensate for improper statements
communication refers to the process by which we create and share meanings
communication includes both intentional and unintentional messages
communication that is not intended is usually nonverbal
individuals who are high in communication competence will most likely have a narrow repertoire of communication behaviors
communication is a natural ability
unethical communication is equivalent, or the same as, ineffective communication behavior
what we need to improve our relationship is more communication
Sam touches Taylor’s hand and she thinks to herself, “I wonder if that means he might ask me out on a date.” Taylor is engaging in intrapersonal communication about this event.
an interview is a type of interpersonal communication
new forms of communication technology have increased the challenges associated with both presenting and receiving communication
when we maintain our views even when the evidence suggests that our views are not correct, we are demonstrating
perceptual set
i percieve that Billy likes Christy because I always see Billy making an effort to sit next to Christy in class. The organizational function of perception governing my conclusion is
according to the text, what is at the heart of all communication
in his assertion that “Nothing is clear in and of itself but in some context for some person,” Robert Scott means that
in the process of communicating with others, one person;s perceptions are not more accurate than that of the other
the process of perceiving combines
selecting, organizing, and interpreting information
when we asses the number of mental structures a person uses, how abstract they are, and how they interact to shape the person’s perceptions, we are assessing a person’s level of
cognitive complexity
the grouping of stimuli that resemble one another in size, color, shape, or other characteristics is called
cognitively complex individuals
use “person centered” messages
Tina dislikes a lot of television programming and therefore does not watch Tv. Tina is engaged in selective
Suppose after a basketball game, the fans of Team A believe that Team B committed more fouls, while the Team B fans think that Team A committed more fouls. Assume that the officials called an equal number of fouls on each team. Which of the following organizational functions of perception would best help us understand how each team’s fans viewed the facts differently?s
selective retention
the tendency to fill in missing pieces and to extend lines in order to finish of complete figures illustrates what organizational process
our interpretations of different stimuli are based on
past experiences and the opinions of others
You arrive on a new campus to participate in an undergraduate academic conference. You are not sure where to find the designated building. You see a woman dressed in a suit with a briefcase walking by and stop her to ask for directions. Since you are a student and attend college, you decided to stop her because she looked like a faculty person. This example illustrates the fact that we interpret our perceptions based on
past experiences
which of the following metaphors best illustrates the role that perception plats in the communication process
perception acts as a filter
Kaitlin continually communicates with Tiffany as if she was still a little girl. In Kaitlin’s eyes, Tiffany will always be “her little girl.” This illustrates the fact that ________ can interfere with effective communication.
perceptual set
Angela, who is five feet tall, and Tim, who is six feet tall, both decided to test drive a car. Tim thought the car was perfect whereas Angela did not because she could not get the seat close enough to the pedals. This example illustrates the fact that ________ influence(s) our perceptions.
physical characteristics
according to the text, stereotyping
oversimplifies and exaggerates human traits and qualities
many communication scholars believe that the greatest single problem with human communication is the assumption that our perceptions
are always correct
You are having a terrible day. You woke up late and your car wouldn’t start. Once you got to school you couldn’t find a parking place in time and on the way to class you realized that you forgot the assignment (it’s on your kitchen table). You walk in the door and your teacher comments that “it is nice of you to join us.” You perceive that your teacher is verbally attacking you, even though similar comments (made in jest) on other days did not seem as bad. This illustrates that ________ influence(s) the way we interpret stimuli.
psychological state
instead of external factors influencing behavior you attribute the actions of others to being “that kind of person.” This attribution reflects a(n)
attribution error
which of the following statements most accurately describes the state of gender roles in our society?
gender roles are changing
Cassandra has watched the show Grey’s Anatomy for years. When she began to date Caleb she wanted their relationship to be just like Derek and Meredith’s from Grey’s Anatomy. Cassandra’s viewpoint illustrates the fact that differences in perception can be affected by
which of the following would be most helpful in improving your perception competence
trust your interferences as correct
which of the following would be most effective at helping you improve your communication competence
avoid the tendency to assume too much about what we perceive
according to the text, which of the following statements about the relationship between gender and perception are true
Women and men learn to understand the world differently, which results in a difference in the way they communicate.
which of the following statements about ethnocentrism is most accurate
Ethnocentrism involves assuming that our view of our own culture is superior to any other culture’s
the grouping of two or more things that are close to one another in space is known as
the sorting of one stimlus from another is known as
to improve your communication competency, the book suggests that you
that you recognize that each persons frame of reference is unique
recent communication research on gender illustrates that in groups containing both males and females
males take more turns at speaking
communication occurs when two people have internalized identical meanings of the same words
The more cognitively complex we are, the more sophisticated our level of perception
In the perception process, selection must always occur first.
The difference between a stereotype and a perceptual set is that a perceptual set uses categories and a stereotype does not.
Perceptual sets can help us make decisions more efficiently.
Ethnocentrism is “we-oriented,” whereas cultural relativism is “me-oriented.”
Gender is determined by the biological sex of an individual.
Being ethnocentric will help you improve the accuracy of your perceptions.
Cultural myopia is usually learned at the unconscious level.
Concentrating on information you want to attend (focus on) to while ignoring other information is called selective attention.
which of the following statements most accurately summarizes the relationship among self- image, self esteem, and self concept
self concept consists of our self image and self esteem
if you introduce yourself as a mother, part time student, or cashier at a local grocery store, you are giving some indication of your
self image
our self-concept is determined by
our experiences and communication with others
suggestions for improving your self concept include which of the following statements
commit to improve or change
which statement best describes the relationship between attitudes and beliefs
attitudes include and evaluation of whether something is good or bad, whereas beliefs reflect the perception of whether something is true or false
self esteem is defined as
our feelings and attitudes about ourselves
the commonly held idea that competent communicators should be ethical communicators best illustrates a
According to your text, which model developed by John Kinch correctly illustrates the connection between self-concept and communication?
perception of others’ responses, self-concept, behavior, actual responses of others
Joshua gets up to give his business presentation and begins to sweat profusely. As he delivers his speech, his hands tremble and his voice begins to quiver. Joshua’s reactions to giving his presentation reflect symptoms of
communication apprehension
according to the text, our “social self-concept” is derived from
interpersonal relationships
Beth continues to tell herself “I’m going to pass this exam . . . I’m going to pass this exam” as she prepares for her final exam in mathematics. Her expectations that eventually led to her passing her mathematics exam illustrate a(n)
self fulfilling prophecy
research about gender and self concept has found that
women talk more than men about their relationships
According to your textbook, males and females, in terms of gender, are relatively similar. As a result, male and female psychological differences are mainly
the result of cultural influences
according to the text, self concepts are often affected by
our interactions with others and our past experiences
“Honesty is the best policy” is an example of a(n) ________, whereas “People should be honest with one another” is an example of a(n) ________.
belief, value
Self-enhancement (efforts to boost your own image) and other-enhancement (efforts to boost a target person’s image) are forms of
impression management
when you use impression management to try and boost the image of a target person, you are engaging in
According to research on gender expectations by Deborah Tannen, male communication styles are best characterized as
a contest to preserve independence and avoid failure
regarding your understanding of “facework,” which of the following tactics would be most useful
Brent has convinced himself that he is poor at math. When he registers for his required math class, he is convinced that he will earn a poor grade. As a result, he rarely studies, and receives a “D” in the class. This example most clearly demonstrates
self fulfilling prophecy
impression management strategies designed to boost your own self image are referred to as
self enhancement
which of the following is an example of a value
individuals should be more healthy
which of the following is an example of an attitude
smoking is harmful
according to Erving Goffman, facework refers to the tactics we use
to present ourselves to others
which of the following is an example of a belief
tobacco companies intentionally target youths in advertising
which statement is true about the effects of self concept on communication
how others see us may relate to our communication style, which in turn is a reflection of our self concept
a culture with and individualistic orientation would tend to stress
according to your text, during what age period do individuals develop consistent gender identify
“Honesty is the best policy” is an example of a(n) ________, whereas “People should be honest with one another” is an example of a(n) ________.
belief and value
Self-image consists of our feelings and attitudes toward ourselves as we evaluate ourselves.
a person’s self-concept consists of a number of images that can be placed on a continuum ranging from positive to negative.
Men and women are equally concerned about body image, especially regarding weight.
A person’s general self-concept is well established and relatively difficult to modify.
There is a reciprocal connection between communication and self-concept.
Communication apprehension is defined as the fear a person has of public speaking.
Personality theorists, such as Carl Rogers, believe that our self-esteem is the single most important aspect of our personality.
“People should love one another” is an example of a belief.
Our self-concept is primarily formed through communication with others.
Our perceived self is the person that we believe ourselves to be at any given moment of self-examinatio

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