Comcast Business Report
Comcast Business Report

Comcast Business Report

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  • Published: October 13, 2017
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The intent of this study is to dissect and larn about the schemes. direction squad. external environment and industry analysis that Comcast has put in topographic point to go a flourishing and profitable corporation. Comcast. which is headquartered in Philadelphia and is a well-liked service supplier for telecasting. phone. and cyberspace. has been around for many old ages with a positive repute. Comcast is known for utilizing the acquisition entry scheme by buying legion Television webs. such as NBC Universal. and the overseas telegram company. Time Warner Cable.

Why did you take this company?

As a group. we decided to make Comcast for a assortment of grounds. One being that the telecasting. cyberspace. and phone service supplier is popular in the Hampton Roads country. It’s rival for telecasting and Internet service is Verizon. As a Fortune 50 leader. Comcast sets the gait in a assortment of advanced and absorbing concerns and make calling chances across a broad scope of locations and subjects.

What Comcast does?

Comcast is the largest overseas telegram and place Internet service supplier in the United States and is graded 3rd for the largest telephone service supplier. Comcast provides services for occupants and commercial offices in 40 provinces and the District of Columbia. Additional. Comcast is a manufacturer of movie and telecasting contents. operates overseas telegram channels including Tocopherol! Entertainment Television. the Golf Channel. and national channels such as Telemundo.

In February 2014. the company agreed to unify with Time Warner Cable in an equity barter trade worth $ 45. 2 billion.

Where/When it was established?

In 1963. Comcast was found in 1963 ( antecedently known as American C


able Systems ) and is presently headquartered in Philadelphia. PA. Comcast has come a long manner since its beginnings as a single-system overseas telegram operator in Tupelo. Mississippi in 1963. Today. Comcast is a leader in the universes of media. amusement and engineering and our narrative has unfolded due to an entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of everything we do.

Company ends

Comcast has many ends. but since 1963. Comcast continues to carry through Ralph Roberts’ end of constructing an organisation with a close-knit. household feel. Comcast’s strategic aim is to derive long-run market portion and laterality. The company is endeavoring to go the most coveted high-volume and low-priced service supplier in the market

Company Mission Statement

“Comcast brings together the best in media and engineering. We drive invention to make the world’s best amusement and on-line experiences. ”

( Comcast ) Company Vision & A ; Valuess
In Comcast’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report. the company has a scope of different values that the company as a whole would wish to continue. These values would be: Connect media. engineering. and people

Create media that affairs
Reduce environmental impact
Operate responsible
Intensifying trust through stewardship
Develop and prosecute employees
Promote diverseness and inclusion
Bringing the best out of people
Number of Retail Unit of measurements

Although there is non an exact figure for retail units throughout the United States. there is information about the figure of clients for telecasting. cyberspace and phone services supplier for residential and commercial. As of December 31. 2013. there are a sum of 53. 8 million

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clients having service from Comcast. Television service is provided to 21. 7 million clients. high-velocity Internet is provided to 20. 7 million clients and phone service is provided to 10. 7 million clients. Majority of these clients can be found in Maryland. New York. Massachusetts and Miami.

Number of Employees

Comcast has about 130. 000 employees that aid do the company successful. Comcast employees pride themselves with inventiveness and passion with everything that they do. The employees provide first-class service and have thoughts for advanced merchandises to make insightful and entertaining content. Comcast tries to make an attractive work environment and honor their employees because of their dedication. Employees are rewarded with competitory wage. benefits. professional preparation and chances to construct exceeding leading accomplishments Revenue

Comcast is the largest mass media and communications company in the universe in gross. As of March 31. 2014. harmonizing to Yahoo! Finance. Comcast has earned $ 17. 4 million gross. which is a $ 1. 5 million addition since December 31. 2013. Net Income

Comcast’s net income last record on March 31. 2014 by Yahoo! Finance is $ 1. 8 billion. which is a lessening since December 31. 2013. In December it was recorded that the net income of the popular service supplier was $ 1. 9 billion. Harmonizing to ycharts. com. the net income ( quarterly ) scope from $ 866 million being the minimal income in March 2010 to $ 2. 113 billion being the upper limit in September 2012. ( See Fig NI for a line chart of net income since 2010 )

Number of Shareholders

There are a sum of 539. 000 stockholders that hold a portion in the company in either a direct or indirect signifier of portion. Direct stockholder is if you hold a physical stock certification. while an indirect stockholder is if you hold your stock through a agent.

Top Management Team

In today’s work force. diverseness is highly of import to equal chance employment. Womans make up approximately 40 % of the American work force. Comcast believes in cultivating an inclusive and diverse work force in an attempt to leverage positions and remain on the cutting border of invention. Comcast believes strongly in diverseness and the entire squad construct. Harmonizing to the Comcast web site ( 2014 ) Women approximately occupy eight places on the top direction squad at Comcast. These adult females are known as “the adult females of Comcast and NBCUniversal” .

D’Arcy F. Rudnay is the Chief Communications Officer for the Comcast Corporation. Harmonizing to the web site for corporate Comcast ( 2014 ) Rudnay serves as the communications advocate to the Chairman and CEO every bit good as other members of the executive subdivision. She leads the direction of the company’s trade name. repute and strategic communications activities across the Comcast organisation. Rudnay has old ages of experience in both the populace and private sector. Before fall ining Comcast. Rudnay worked at the Lincoln Financial Group where she served as Vice President of Corporate Communications and Media Relations. She besides served as Vice President of Lincoln Financial Group Foundation. Rudnay has a long list of awards to her recognition to include

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