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The company operates through four segments: Financial Services; Healthcare; Manufacturing, Retail, and Logistics; and Other. It offers consulting and technology services, such as IT strategy, program management, operations Improvement, strategy, and business consulting services; and application design and development, systems Integration, and enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management implementation services.

It also provides enterprise information management services, such strategic, advisory, and management consulting; enterprise data management; descriptive analytics/ business Intelligence; strategic corporate performance management; and packaged analytics services, as well as big data services that assist clients in managing and deriving actionable insights from the explosion In the volume, variety, velocity, and complexity of data.

In addition, the company offers application testing services, as well as helps Its clients In adapting social, mobile, analytics, and cloud-based technologies to their businesses. Further, it provides outsourcing services, such as application maintenance services; IT infrastructure services; and business and knowledge process outsourcing services, such as clinical data management, pharmacy vigilance, equity research support, commercial operations, and order management.

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