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Advance Registration
Booking before an event takes places. Allows attendees to register for an event before it actually takes place.
Advisory Board
A group that offers advice or counsel to event organizer, event management, or other organization on strategic options such as education content, exhibitor matters, contracting policies or other issues.
Aspect Ratio
The ratio of image width to height; pertaining to audiovisual, video and slides.
Break-Even Point
The point at which revenues are equal to expenses.
Closed-Ended Incentive Programs
The number of winners are limited by a predetermined amount to be spent on the incentive program.
1) Assets that can be pledged to guarantee a loan. 2) The promotional material used by the salespeople to support or corroborate the features and benefits of the item being sold. 3) Collective term for material distributed to attendees at registration, including badges, lanyards, tote bags, agenda and other materials
1) Participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation. 2) An event used by any organization to meet and exchange views, convey a message, open a debate or give publicity to some area of opinion on a specific issue. No tradition, continuity or timing is required to convene a conference. Conferences are usually of short duration with specific objectives, and are generally on a smaller scale than congresses or conventions.
Conference Center
A facility that provides a dedicated environment for events, especially small events. May be certified by the International Association of Conference Centers.
1) The regular coming together of large groups of individuals, generally to discuss a particular subject. A congress will often last several days and have several simultaneous sessions. The length of time between congresses is usually annual, although some are on a less frequent basis. Most international or world congresses are latter type; national congresses are more frequently held annually. 2) European term for convention.
Consecutive Interpretation
Oral translation of several phrases or entire speeches from one language to another. Speaker pauses between phrases to allow for interpretation.
Convention and Visitors Bureau
CVB. A not-for-profit organization, defined and recognized by it’s incorporated local government entity as the representative organization responsible for promoting the economic development of their community through travel and tourism. CVBs assist planners by providing information on local resources and services, including site selection, pre-conference and post-convention services.
Convention Center
Facility whose purpose it is to host trade shows, public shows, conventions, and other large functions and that combines exhibition space with a substantial number of smaller meeting and event spaces. A convention center may be purpose-built or converted and municipally or privately owned.
Laws that allow for the ownership of intellectual property ( such as writings, art, music). Copy-written material cannot be used without the owner’s permission or the payment of royalty fees.
Destination Marketing Organization
DMO. A not-for-profit organization, defined and recognized by it’s incorporated local government entity as the representative organization responsible for promoting the economic development of their community through travel and tourism. DMOs assist planners by providing information on local resources and services, including site selection, pre-conference and post-convention services.
An organized occasion such as a meeting, convention, exhibition, special event, gala dinner, etc. An event is often composed of several different yet related FUNCTIONS.
Exhibit Manager
1) Person in charge of individual exhibit booth/stand. 2) Event management staff member in charge of all or part of the exhibit floor.
An event at which products, services or promotional materials are displayed to attendees visiting exhibits on the show floor. These events focus primarily on business-to-business (B2B) relationships.
Exhibition Manager
Preferred term for the specific person responsible for all aspects of planning, promoting, and producing an exhibition. Also Called SHOW MANAGER, SHOW ORGANIZER. See SHOW MANAGEMENT, SHOW PRODUCER
1) Person or firm that displays its products or services at an event. 2) Event attendee whose primary purpose for attending the event is to staff a booth/stand.
Exhibitor Kit
Exhibitor Manual
Manual or kit, usually developed by the general service contractor for an event, containing general event information, labor/service order forms, rules and regulations and other information pertinent to an exhibitor’s participation in an exhibition. Also called EXHIBITOR SERVICE KIT.
Exhibitor Prospectus
Promotional materials sent to current and prospective exhibitors to encourage participation. It promotes the value of exhibiting in a specific show and contains information about technical points, cost of exhibition space, a floor plan of the exhibition and an application for participation.
Familiarization Trip
Fam Trip. A program designed to acquaint potential buyers with specific destinations or services and to stimulate the booking of an event. Often offered in groups, but sometimes on an individual basis.
First Announcement
Initial notification of an event, generally outlining the basic framework of a meeting; a widely circulated document. Also Called PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT.
Floor Plan
1) Scale drawing indicating the placement of exhibit booths and all other features in an exhibit hall. 2) Scale drawing of the floor area of a hotel’s event space. 3) Scale drawing of a function room with specific set-up requirements (tables, chairs, etc.) drawn to scale.
Gate Show
Exhibition open to the public usually requiring an entrance fee.
Hotel Accommodation
Sleeping Room(s) at a hotel and rooming arrangements; usually specifying the hotel classification in terms of its amenities, facilities, level of service and cost.
Hotel Reservation
An agreement between the hotel to provide a guest room on certain dates and rate and the guest who agrees to use the hotel on the specified dates at the agreed upon rate (and any other terms). Normally, a deposit of one night’s stay is required to hold the reservation.
Housing Bureau
Organization that provides reservation services for a group and its attendees.
Price charged clients that includes all applicable gratuities and consumption taxes.
Independent Show Management Company
1) A contractor hired by an exhibitor to perform event services independent of event management-appointed contractors. See EXHIBITOR APPOINTED CONTRACTOR (EAC). 2) Any individual or company hired to perform event services on a contract basis.
In-House Contractor
Contractor retained by a facility to be on-site and provide services as needed, sometimes on an exclusive basis. In some cases, Planners are not required to use their services, but may be charged a surcharge or facility fee for bringing in an outside contractor for the same service. See EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTOR.
Integrated Marketing
Marketing activities with a common focus on the marketplace or a customer segment. The execution of each individual piece of the integrated marketing plan is consistent with, and supportive of, each of the other pieces of the plan.
Intelligent Lighting
Lighting instruments that can be computer controlled to move light around the room, and project color and patterns on screens, scenery, walls or floor.
Interactive Learning
Learning activities that involve hands-on, direct experience activity by the learners, and interaction between learners.
Interactive Response
A system which enables the audience to respond to prepared questions by means of a multifunction keypad, text messaging or other electronic systems. Responses are collected and tabulated by software and can be shared or displayed graphically.
Interactive Video
Video programming which allows the viewer to be involved in an active way with the information to be presented.
Interpretation in Relay
Oral translation utilizing two interpreters. Because the first interpreter is not master of the second language, another makes the final interpretation to the audience. See CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION, INTERPRETATION, SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION, TRANSLATION, WHISPERED INTERPRETATION, WIRELESS INFRARED INTERPRETING SYSTEM.
Invitation Program
A provisional program sometimes incorporating a call for papers. The program gives details of venue, participants, agenda, accommodations, etc.
Invited Paper
Paper or speech on a specific subject submitted or presented at the request of an event’s organizers.
Invited Speaker
A person who is invited to deliver a speech during the conference. Costs of travel, housing and appropriate appearance fees usually are provided for in the conference budget.
A session that opens or highlights the show, meeting, or event.
Keynote Address
Opening remarks or presentation at a meeting that sets the tone or theme of the event and motivates attendees.
Keynote Speaker
Speaker whose presentation establishes the theme or tone of the event.
King-Size Bed
Large bed usually measuring 76-by-80 inches (190-by-200 centimeters). A long king-size bed measures 76-by-84 inches (190-by-213 centimeters).
1) Free-standing pavilion or light structure, often inside a facility, where printed or electronic information is available. 2) A small enclosure for ticket sales, information, etc.
Using hypertext, a link is a selectable connection from one word, picture or information object to another. From a Web site, a link points to content.
Loss Leader
Item offered by a retailer at cost or less than cost to attract customers. Also referred to as a price leader.
Magnetic Stripe. A lead retrieval system using a magnetic strip on either the back of a paper badge or on plastic badges similar to credit cards.
Market Segments
Categorization of people, organizations or businesses by professional discipline or primary areas of interest for the purposes of sales analysis or assignment.
Market Share
The percentage of the total sales (from all sources) of a service or product represented by the sales made by an enterprise. i.e. sales divided by total sales.
Lusterless surface.
Media Kit
Packet of information that is supplied to the media; contains all the details of an event that are required to attract media attention and attendees.
Meet and Greet
Service for meeting and greeting persons upon arrival in a city, usually at the airport, pier or rail station and assisting them with entrance formalities, collecting baggage and obtaining transportation.
An event where the primary activity of the participants is to attend educational sessions, participate in discussions, social functions, or attend other organized events. There is no exhibit component . Compare With CONVENTION, EXHIBITION, TRADE SHOW, CONSUMER SHOW.
Meeting, Incentive, Conference/Congress, & Exhibition. An internationally used term for the events industry.
Marketing promotional opportunities. Sponsorship of logoed items (e.g. tote bags).
Multi-Management Firm
A company that offers complete turnkey organizational support for an event, including administrative and event management services.
News Release
Online Registration
Registration made via the Web.
Opt-In Marketing
An email marketing campaign that only sends messages to users who have requested (or opted-in) to receive specific types of information. Email conference reminders and newsletters are examples of opt-in email marketing campaigns based upon permission marketing. See PERMISSION MARKETING.
1) An individual or organization that coordinates and promotes the development of a package tour and establishes operating procedures and guidelines for that tour. 2) Company that organizes speakers’ demo tapes, press kits, etc. for a fee.
Paid-in-Advance Registration
1) Full payment for anticipated room and tax charges at registration; credit for incidentals is not extended. 2) Full payment for meetings, conventions, and trade shows. See CASH REGISTRATION.
Paper Ticket
A physical ticket that is issued and presented to an airline in exchange for a boarding pass, or to an event organizer for admission.
Participatory Learning
Occurs when the participants share knowledge, experience and work together to learn.
Pattern of Event Dates
The dates during which an event can be conducted. May be designated by specific dates, months, or seasons (Spring, Fall, etc.).
1) A designated area within the event highlighting a special product category for marketing and exposure. 2) A group presentation of different entities (such as within a single a country) for the purpose of generating collective impact.
Professional Congress Organizer. Companies or individuals specialized in organizing events on behalf of a client organization. Not to be confused with Destination Management Company (DMC)
A floor support for an exhibit component.
Two or more exhibit spaces back to back with an aisle on three sides. Also Called END CAP.
Peninsula Booth/Stand
An exhibit with aisles on three sides.
Permission Marketing
An email marketing campaign that only sends messages to users who have requested (or opted-in) to receive specific types of information. Email conference reminders and newsletters are examples of opt-in email marketing campaigns based upon permission marketing. See OPT-IN.
Personal Manager
Manager of individual artist or group of artists.
Unit to measure type line length. Approximately 1/6 inch (.43 centimeter).
Pillow Gift
An in-room amenity left in the evening while an event is underway, that the attendee will discover upon returning to the room. Can be gifts from sponsors, etc.
An additional piece of software that extends the capabilities of a web browser or other program by allowing the display of multimedia files or performance of additional functions.
Pocket Program
A shortened version of the event program giving basic information in a way which is easy to refer to and convenient to carry.
1) Measurement of type size. Twelve points equal one pica—approximately 1/6 inch (.43 centimeter). 2) A city, town, village, or other community or area which is treated as a unit for the application of freight rates.
1) Entry, doorway. 2) A Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as email, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls to attract and retain a large audience.
Pre- or Post-Event Tour
Organized outing taking place before (Pre-) or after (Post-) an event for both attendees and accompanying persons.
Preliminary Draft
First draft. The first version of a paper or document which is subject to further amendment.
Preliminary Program
The first public draft of an event’s schedule including information on program structure and key speakers, giving details of ancillary activities and usually containing the event registration form.
Preliminary Announcement
The first announcement that an event will take place, giving the dates, location and theme.
Period of time before a property’s soft opening.
Items such as books, tapes, videos, etc. sold to a client in advance of an event versus items sold in the back of room after an event.
Press Clipping/Cutting
Article cut from a printed publication.
Press Conference
Event held to communicate information to media representatives.
Press Kit
A collection of publicity items that includes: 1) pertinent data on the meeting, such as agenda, historical data, guest speakers, special events, ; the meeting property, such as descriptions of public space, etc. 2) information relative to a sponsor or exhibitor’s products or services.
Press Office
Agency that collects and distributes information to the news media.
Press Officer
The chief public relations contact with the press/media for an organization.
Press Release
1) A prepared statement released to the news media. 2) An article intended for use by the media about a company, product, service, individual, or show. Also Called NEWS RELEASE.
Press Room
A room where members of the media may obtain exhibitor press kits, conduct interviews, or relax. Larger press rooms offer computers, Internet access, and office equipment for use by the press in filing their stories.
Detailed information about a traveler and/or company kept on file by a travel management company.
Schedule of events, giving details of times and places.
Program Book
Printed schedule of events, location of function rooms, and other pertinent information.
Program Design
Structure of event program elements to achieve specific goals and objectives.
Program Development
Planning that takes place before an event regarding its specific content and fabric.
Person or organization whose role is to market an event, maximizing media coverage and income.
1) Publicizing an event. See PUBLICITY. 2) An advancement in rank or position.
Promotional Fares
Reduced fares for travel to particular cities. The number of seats sold at the reduced fare is limited and, therefore, early booking is critical. These tickets also carry many restrictions.
1) Final copy for approval before printing. See BLUELINE 2) To correct before final printing. 3) Standard measure of alcoholic strength; e.g., 100 proof = 50 percent alcohol content.
Checking preliminary printed materials for errors before the final printing.
A potential attendee, guest, buyer or exhibitor.
The document (printed or online) that promotes the chief features and benefits of a product or service to prospects.
Public Relations
Presentation of an event via the media or other outlets, stressing the benefits and desirability of such event.
Public Seminar
A seminar that is open to the public. Usually, tickets are sold to individuals.
Public Show
Exhibition that is open to the public, usually requiring an entrance fee.
A media campaign, normally consisting of a series of public notices and advertising activities, aimed at ensuring maximum attendance by focusing attention on an event. See PROMOTION.
Qualitative Data
Descriptive information that is a record of what is observed, presented in narrative by the respondent. Also referred to as “soft data.”
Quantitative Data
Information that is represented numerically so you can assign ranks or scores, or determine averages and frequencies. Also Called HARD DATA.
Survey; a set of questions used to gather information.
Additional clause in a contract stipulating special requirements.
Return on Objectives. Measurement of the benefit received for participating at an event based on pre-set objectives for success.
Room Block
Total number of sleeping rooms that are utilized and attributable to one event.
Saddle-Stitch Binding
Binding process using wire staples, thread, or wire.
Sales Coordinator/ Manager/Representative
Hotel staff person responsible for assisting salesperson in selling sleeping rooms and function space. Usually reports to Director of Sales (DOS).
The portion of a population selected for a study.
A research method based upon selecting a portion of a population for study.
Period of time when the demand for a certain supplier’s product or service is high, low, or neither. See HIGH SEASON, LOW SEASON, SHOULDER SEASON.
Second Tier City
A city where the space limitations of the convention center, the hotels, or the air lift, make the city more appropriate for smaller meetings and events.
Secondary Airport
An airport that is used as an alternative to a city’s primary airport.
Service/Product Mix
A business, while involving both service and product, where the quality of the service is often more important than the product received. Examples of this type of service would be: service contractors, catering, etc.
1) Performance area including props, equipment, backdrops, etc. 2) Length of time band or orchestra plays between breaks. 3) Make preparations for a predetermined number of attendees. 4) To arrange type for printed materials.
Shell Folder
Brochure with preprinted illustrations to which varying text can be added.
Show Daily
A newspaper published each day during the run of an event or conference. It includes articles about the exhibits and events and, often, advertising.
Simple Random Sample
Method of sampling in which each member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample.
1) Venue, area, location, property or specific facility to be used for an event. 2) A particular platform or location for loading or unloading at a place.
1) The presenter of a program. Types of speakers include keynote, general session, seminar leader, trainer, workshop leader, and “change of pace” speakers such as humorists and entertainers. 2) Device for sound output.
Special Event Tour
A TOUR designed around a particular event, e.g. the Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras, or Rose Bowl Parade.
Special Events Company
A company that presents special effects and theatrical acts. This type of company may contract to put on an entire event or only parts of one. They sometimes hire speakers as part of their contract.
Special-Interest Group
Group travel program designed for persons with common interests.
A designated representative who has the authority, knowledge, and credibility to speak and be interviewed by the media.
Person(s) or company(s) underwriting all or part of the costs of an event. Sponsors may or may not participate in any of the profit from the event. 2) An individual who assumed all or part of the financial responsibility for an event. 3) A commercial sponsor that provides financial backing for an event, and, who in return, receives recognition, advertising, registrations, or other benefits.
1) Donated financial or material support, usually in exchange for recognition. 2) Paid opportunity for entity or an exhibitor to increase its visibility at the event.
Squirrel Cage
Revolving drum used for raffle tickets.
State/Province Event
An event that draws more than 80% of attendees from the state/province in which the event is held. Less than 20% of attendees reside outside a 50-mile (80 km) radius of event site. State/provincial audiences are less inclined to use air travel and local auto rental than regional audiences.
Support Staff
Part- or full-time personnel who provide services for tasks associated with programs, events, or conventions.
Table-Top Display/Exhibit
Small portable display that can be set up on top of a table.
Promotional piece designed to build interest in an event.
Tentative Agenda
A preliminary agenda for a program, that is subject to change.
Tourist Information Board
Nonprofit organization supported by transient room taxes, government budget allocations, business improvement assessments, private memberships, or a combination of any of these funding mechanisms. A CVB (also referred to as DMO-Destination Marketing Organization) typically promotes tourism and encourages groups to hold events, conventions and trade shows in its destination. CVBs provide a wide range of services to assist planners in advance preparation, during, and post convention. See CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU (CVB).
Tourist Office
An organization which exists to promote a city, town, locality, or country to groups or individuals as a tourist destination.
Uniform Resource Locator. Internet address for a web site. Starts with http:// (or https:// for secure sites).
Vertical Show
An exhibition at which the products or services being displayed represent one element of an industry or profession. See EXHIBITION.
1) Meeting of several persons for intensive discussion. The workshop concept has been developed to compensate for diverging views in a particular discipline or on a particular subject. 2) Informal and public session of free discussion organized to take place between formal plenary sessions or commissions of a congress or of a conference, either on a subject chosen by the participants themselves or else on a special problem suggested by the organizers. 3) Training session in which participants, often through exercises, develop skills and knowledge in a given field.
Zulu Time
Greenwich Mean Time, the world time standard.
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