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Cloud Literature Review BY dhaiY2009 1) Project Aim – The aim of this project is to analyze emerging business opportunities of the “Cloud Computing” business. 2) Purpose- The purpose of the project is to help inform BT’s corporate strategy teams about emerging opportunities for Group Investment. BT would like to understand how different value chains will form around specific socio-economic and technology trends. This will enable BT management to understand in a systematic way which markets and specific propositions BT might be able to enter to grow the business profitably. 3) Objectives-

To make Business and commercial analysis of cloud computing. To undertake competitors analysis of existing market players. To explore business case development. To identify emerging opportunities in the cloud computing business. To estimate customer value proposition. 4) Context ‘Background- 4. 1) Introduction – While Cloud Computing is at the top of its hype cycle (Gartner, 2009), it is also real today. It is important to think of cloud computing, not only as technology, but also a new model for consuming services. Cloud computing is also a potentially disruptive opportunity to existing business models.

It enables new and emerging IT services, software and communication service players to introduce competitive

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products and services faster, more cheaply, and with less risk than in the traditional model. Cloud Services can typically range across Infrastructure services, platform service and software services. Since there is no cloud computing without the network, BT’s opportunity is to leverage its assets to define its cloud services. Those assets include extensive customer relationships, global network reach, security services, network application optimization and service assurance. . 2) Company introduction – Operating in more than 170 countries, BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services. Principal activities include networked IT value broadband and internet products and services. BT today serves customers in more than 170 countries. We have one of the largest IP networks in the world with over 1,270 cities connected across the globe. 4. 3) Pre-understanding – BT is the biggest infrastructure provider of I-JK and currently holding largest customer base with broadband and telephone lines.

They already have launched business in cloud computing area and established tie ups with major industry layers like AT and T, salesforce. com etc. They have 5th rank in providing infrastructure services. 5) Literature Review- 5. 1) Introduction- While deriving cloud computing business strategy, main objective is to analyze journey of cloud computing era till date and forecast its direction from its footprints. In addition to this, investigate competitor’s strategies and how they have taken by the market. Based on this environment analysis, we will research obstacles and opportunities in cloud business.

Extensive literature search have been conducted to gather all available information n topic but as this emerging technology is in its primary stage, only 7 books are actually available in university library. In e- library total hits for “cloud computing” was 18372 however many of them are of technical nature and few of them actually address business point of view of provider of Infrastructure as service (I-A-S-S) which is our main focus. British telecom have provided primary documentation available which is very useful in learning what actually cloud computing is and its influence on various sectors of technology.

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