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This book is more or less two stories being told at the same time and then morphing together towards the end. It begins at a doctor’s office in New York with the main characters Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery. They are presented with a case concerning the murder of a mob member, Carlo Franconi.

They are rudely awakened when they go in for the autopsy and the Franconi body is missing. This intrigues Laurie and she is on a mission to find out who stole the body. While this is taking place in New York, Kevin Marshall from Equatorial Guinea is working on transgenic research with bonobos at GynSys.He deals with chromosome 6, particularly the short arm. Making these changes, he creates doubles for over 60 people and currently has doctors searching for more partners and patients/clients.

He is faced with the harsh realities of how human-like the bonobos truly are. In his research, he is aided by Melanie Becket and Candace Brickman who are two women from the companies business. Kevin sees smoke one day coming from the island where the bonobos are isolated and this sparks his interest. As the book progresses, Jack gets the case of a “floater” where the body has been beheaded, the hands had been removed and it had multiple gun shot wounds.He has to identify the body and figure out how he was killed.

He discovers what he thinks has been a liver transplant and asks for multiple tests to be done. Meanwhile, Laurie request a tape of the Franconi murder. When it arrives, she analyzes the recording so much that she makes the connection from the Franconi murder to the floater. This concerns her even more and when she goes venturing out to figure out who stole the body she gets beaten up because the thieves find out she is searching for them.

When more abnormal things begin to happens such as bonobos not moving when they are being tracked on the tracker Kevin, Candace and Melanie decide to go to the island to check things out for themselves, even though they have already been pre-warned that things are fine and NO ONE is aloud on the island or they will be handed over to the Equatorian Guard. When they arrive at the island, the gate is up and there is no way to get over to the island and on there way back to the car they are caught by the guard. Since they worked there they were only given a warning, but the three didn’t stop there.After a day or two passed, they ventured out again, but this time by boat and they end up getting stuck on the island because the bonobos captured them. After the “floaters” body was revealed as Franconi, Jack, Laurie and a couple other coworkers headed over to Africa to see what the deal was at GynSys. This is where both stories begin to mesh together.

After having troubles getting to the island, they still found a way by boat. When they arrive in Cogo trouble strikes again and Seigfried orders them to be arrested.When Siegfried and Bertram, leaders of GynSys, discover that the bonobos really are more human-like than they should be (killing each other, making tools, communicating by a spoken language) they decide to bring them off the island and put them in captivity and while gathering the bonobos the three workers are discovered being held hostage in a cave. This time they are not put in jail, they are put on house arrest in Kevin’s home with guards protecting the house and there are also guards at the jail keeping the four from New York locked up.When Kevin’s house keeper reveals to him that the four from New York are there and are in jail he quickly figures out a way to get out of the house and breaks the prisoners out also. They head out to leave with all exits being protected by guards, but then remember the boat.

As they head out from Cogo Kevin convinces them to stop and release the bonobos from their cages, but run in to trouble when the guard arrives as soon as they let the bonobos go and destroy their boat. Remembering how Kevin, Candace and Melanie got there, travel through the island and find the boats and climb together and escape the island and getting back to New York.When they arrive, Laurie is astonished with the fact that Vinnie had agreed to testify and all of the cases had been solved. – Being an organ donor is a very likely hood option for most drivers today, but never would I have imagined having my genes in an animal. I believe that the genetic research in this book was not wrong in such a way as torturing animals for not good reason. It was not entirely Kevin’s fault that the bonobos turned out SO much like humans.

Killing the bonobos is not like killing a human because it is just a double of a human.If an animal-like human could save an actual human’s life, I don’t think that it is the least bit wrong to do. This could really affect our future in organ transplants. When someone is need of a transplant there will be no waiting list and no more cases where people are dying from being so low on the lists because their failing organ caused them to lose their life. They will be provided with a double that has the exact match to any orgain in their body to take care of them.This kind of research could efinitely save many lives.

If I were to need a transplant, I would feel a lot less remorseful taking it from an animal and it dying, rather than my mother donating one of her organs to me and giving up her life to save mine. This would eliminate a ton of grief when it comes to the medical field. There are animal lovers out there that thinks it is wrong to kill animals, but if it were the only choice in a predicament where it would save someone’s life, then it is completely and utterly necessary and so be it.

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