Chicago Bulls Basketball Team Promotion in Revenue Generation

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The Chicago Bulls basketball team is one of America’s most successful professional basketball team, having recorded excellent performance since it was established. It is a professional basketball team that has its base in Chicago, Illinois. The team plays in the central division of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Eastern conference and has continued to show remarkable performance in the NBA.

In addition, the team is regarded as one of the NBA’s most successful team due to its very impressive record of wins and awards.The team was founded in 1966 and its success is related to the team’s contribution to one of the greatest dynasties in the NBA, by winning 6 championships and a record of 72 games. The Chicago Bulls Basketball team has made NBA very popular all over the world (Lazenby, R, 2002). The team enjoys great support from its fans all over the world, a situation that has encouraged it to develop a promotion program that aims at maintaining and increasing its popularity, increasing its revenue and making contributions to the needy.

The team is undertaking a promotion program which has integrated several activities in order to generate revenue for the team and to gain supports from the fans. The overall promotion program of the team involves the retail and online sale of the sports team’s logo and the Chicago themed clothing. In addition, the promotion also integrates entertainment activities by the Bull brothers and Bulkidz, charitable activities in the community through the CharitaBulls (Charitable organization) and the running of the Chicago Bulls Training Academy.In this paper, the Chicago Bulls Basketball team promotion program will be discussed. The effectiveness of the program will also be looked at.

Discussion The designing and selling of the Chicago-themed clothing has been a great source of revenue for the team. The Chicago Bulls Jersey have been offered in the American as well as global market as one of the ways in which the team is marketing itself as a successful team, and creating its popularity. The Jerseys come in different sizes, colours and numbers. Examples of Chicago Bulls Jersey brands that are currently in the market include, the Kirk Hinrich Jersey ( sold at $55. 5), Adidas Chicago Bulls ($74. 95), Chicago Bulls Luol Deng Replica Jersey ($44.

95 to $49. 55), Bulls Andres Nocioni Jersey ($55. 95) and Bulls Joakim ($44. 95).

All these Jerseys have been sold in large numbers to many people all over the world, which has increased the revenue generation of the team. The sale of Jerseys has succeeded as a revenue-generating strategy because the popularity of the team and team players all over the world is so great such that fans who want to identify themselves with the team have continued to buy the Jerseys over and over again.The support that the team enjoys has motivated the fans to buy the high valued Jerseys that are affiliated to their favorite team and players, especially due to the team’s great record of success which has made it popular. Being one of the NBAs most successful franchises, a large number of people all over the world are proud of the team, and their desire to support it has made the purchase of the Jerseys in large numbers possible. For instance, the team’s former player, Michael Jordan is recognized as one of the best shooter in the NBA who has won awards. Many fans still admire him up-to-date, seen by the purchase of No.

3 and No. 45 Jersey that he wore during his time in the team (www. nba. com/bulls/).

The Chicago Bulls team has gone even further to design and sells a wide range of other clothing accessories that are used within the house. For instance, the comfy feet Chicago Bulls slippers those fans can buy for their use at home, while at the same time supporting their favorite team in relaxing home environment. The slippers can be found in three colors; red, black and white and are offered in different sizes to suit people of all ages. The slippers are sold at a fair price of $25. 5, and are great gifts for everyone (both the old and young).The slippers are very comfortable and are made from thick foam sole as well as a padded upper which boosts the quality of the slippers.

This has made consumers preference for these slippers to increase the sales greatly. Other advantages of the slippers over the other brands include their bright colors to decorate the house or office and easy-to-clean materials since they are 100% polyester. Furthermore, the slippers have been designed for people of with different ages, feet sizes and sexes (both men and women).The Chicago themed clothing does not end with the Jerseys and slippers.

Chicago Bulls sneakers and athletic shoes are also offered in the market. The Chicago Bulls sneakers are often released in the market at fair prices. For example, Ben Wallace has released a sneaker referred to as “Big Ben” selling at $14. 98.

This brand of sneakers is targeted to provide cheap casual and college-themed clothing. Another favorite clothing category is the Chicago Bulls Infant and Youth clothes which have received positive response in the market, due to the team’s growing popularity with the young children.The Red kids Bulls sweatshirt goes for $33. 95, The Bulls Kid sweatshirt ($24.

95), Bulls Wristbands ($8. 95) and Youth Logo Bulls T-shirt ($14. 95 to 16. 95).

The bull’s hats are also loved and purchased in great numbers. Promotion by the team is also done through entertainment. One group of entertainers is made up of 15 boys and girls, who are aged between 6 and 12. The group is referred to as Bullkidz often perform at regular season games.

The young members of the team have promoted support of the team, and they have increased the team’s popularity in young people.The group is also referred to as “Energy in a small package” and it has motivated a large number of people to support the team in all means. This has increased the team’s sale of clothing gear, through donations, and by the sale tickets during the matches. The Bull Kidz group was selected on October 18, 2006 at the team’s stadium, United Center and is usually scheduled to perform during the seasons games. This has won great support for the team and its activities (www.

shopcartusa. com/… /RSFilter_brand_adidas-fg_nba_basketball_team_chicago_bulls/).

To facilitate effective means of selling tickets to the fans, the Chicago Bulls team provides season tickets online which make it very easy, and cost effective for the fans to purchase the tickets. The Fantasy Ticket packages encourage fans to participate in pre-game shoot around, while lower level Ticket Auctions enable the fans to participate in acquiring great seats in the sold out 100 levels. Fans are also able to interact and get autographs with their favorite players (sportsillustrated. cnn.

om/basketball/nba/teams/bulls/).The Chicago Bull Team players have a community calendar, which offers them an opportunity to interact with the community in their various activities. For instance, the Bulls planned visit to the Illinois center for Rehabilitation and Education is a great indication of their love and desire to work together with the community for its welfare. The team has pledged $50 per basket to assist South Sudan which has been experiencing very difficult situations due to the ongoing conflicts.The bulls also visit hospitals where they offer gifts and help to the patients.

The team plans occasions of enjoying holidays with the families and take part in donating anti-malarial nets to the affected areas all over the world. The teams’ involvement in community programs has promoted its support by the global community through the individuals’ participation in the activities or in monetary. The Chicago Bulls Training Academy offers training to the young children and the youth who are interested in basketball.Through the academy, the students’ talent is nurtured in order to empower them to become successful basketball players in future.

This move leaves no doubt that the team supports the society, which the society reciprocates by offering financial assistance to the team. The CharitaBulls has been established to encourage the team to participate in charitable work. The team contributes through time, materials, resources and financial support. The contribution aims at assisting those who share the team’s civic goals to achieve their mission.The CharitaBulls program offers financial support to scholars and students through donations, which has promoted education in those who desire to acquire knowledge and skills, but they lack financial ability to do so (www.

nba. com/bulls/). The promotion program has been very effective and successful in increasing the team’s popularity and revenue generation. The sale of Chicago-themed clothing has facilitated increased revenue generation from the support of the fans.

The CharitaBulls fundraising has promoted numerous contributions from the team’s corporate partners and even individuals.The contributions are then channeled to the team’s charitable activities. For instance, the 50/50 Raffle has raised over $1 million since the 1996/1997 season. The Memorabilia Auctions and UnBullievable Dream Car Raffle have increased contributions of the fans to the team. Each year, the team is estimated to raise about $175,000 from the FestaBulls fundraiser that is organized by the team management.

In addition, the corporate CharitaBulls sponsor program has succeeded in raising an estimated $100,000 every year from the corporate partner’s generous donations.In December 13 2007, the Chicago Bulls Team received $10,000 donation from a fan, Mark Brown (President of M. Brown and Associates). The funds provided reading materials to the students of the William H.

Brown Elementary which is the Bulls adopted School. The team has received honor from various organizations & foundations for its contribution in assisting the needy in the society. For instance, it has been honored by the Little City Foundation due to its support to children with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.The Chicago Bulls Basketball team has been successful in generating its revenue from different sources through its promotion program.

The revenue has in turn been used for various activities that do not necessarily involve the sport directly. However, it is these activities that have promoted the great support of the team from many people all over the world. This has made the people donate and contribute generously to the team in its endeavor. The promotion program has no doubt achieved its goals of garnering support and increasing revenue generation from individual or corporate fans.

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