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benzophenone molar mass
Which radical, the hydroxyl isopropyl radical or the benzhydrol radical, should be more stable?
The benzhydrol radical should be more stable due to ring resonance
A student went to the stock room to get 2-propanol for his experiment. By mistake he grabbed the bottle labeled 2-methyl-2-propanol which he used in his experiment. When the student went to the roof to retrieve his sample he found that he had no crystals in his test tube. Why didn’t the student’s reaction work?
2-methyl-2-propanol would not work because it lacks a hydrogen atom that can be extracted (to protonate the benzophenone)
benzopinacol molar mass
carbon molar mass
hydrogen molar mass
oxygen molar mass
calculating theoretical yield requires what
balanced chemical equation, grams or mols of starting reactant, a molar ratio, and the product given in grams
how to calculate theoretical yield
grams of starting reactant to mols of starting reactant, mols of starting reactant into molar ratio, mols of products to grams of product
percent yield
(actual mass/theoretical mass)*100
for adding significant figures
use “least accurate place”
For multiplying significant figures
use “least number of significant digits”
heat water, add benzophenone to 2-propanol, add one drop of glacial acetic acid to get the rxn going, heat rxn, shake rxn, collect product by filtration on a buchner funnel, rinse crystals with cold 2-propanol. determine product percent yield.

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