Chemistry Chapter 11 Test Questions

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If force is held constant as surface area decreases, pressure
What does the constant bombardment of gas molecules against the inside walls of a container produce?
Why does a can collapse when a vacuum pump removes air from the can?
The unbalanced outside force from atmospheric pressure crushes the can.
Which instrument measures atmospheric pressure?
If the height of mercury in a barometer at 0 degrees C is less then 760 Hg, then
the atmospheric pressure is less than standard atmospheric pressure.
Convert the pressure 0.75 atm to mm Hg.
570 mm Hg
Convert the pressure 2.50 atm kPa.
253 kPa
Standard temperature is exactly
0 degrees C
Standard pressure is exactly
1 atm.
Who developed the concept that the total pressure of a mixture of gases is the sum of their partial pressure?
Three samples of gas each exert 740. mm Hg in separate 2 L containers. What pressure do they exert if they are all placed in a single 2 L container?
2.22 x 10^3 mm Hg
What is the partial pressure of water vapor in oxygen gas collected by water displacement at 10 Degrees C and 750 mm Hg?
9.2 mm Hg
A sample of gas is collected by water displacement at 600.0 mm Hg and 30 degrees C. What is the partial pressure of the gas?
568.2 mm Hg
The volume of a gas is 400.0 mL when the pressure is 1.00 atm. At the same temperature, what is the pressure at which the volume of the gas is 2.0 L?
.20 atm
A sample of oxygen occupies 560. mL when the pressure is 800.00 mm Hg. At constant temperature, wheat volume does the gas occupy when the pressure decreases to 700.0 mm Hg.
640. mL
if the temperature of a fixed quantity of gas decreases and he pressure remains unchanged,
its volume decreases.
at 7.0 degrees C, the volume of a gas is 49 mL. At the same pressure, its volume is 74 mL at what temperature?
150 degrees C
The volume of a gas is 93 mL when the temperature is 91 degrees C. IF the temperature is reduced to 0 Degrees C without changing the pressure, what is the new volume of the gas
70. mL
Why could the pressure of a sample of gas at a constant volume fall 75 mm Hg?
The temperature decreased.
Why does the air pressure inside the tires of a car increase when the car is driven?
The air particles inside the tire increase their speed because their temperature rises.
On a cold winter morning when teh temperatrue is -13 degrees C, the air pressure in an automobile is 1.5 atm. If the colume does not change, waht is the pressure after the tire has warmed to 15 degrees C?
1.7 atm
The pressure of a sample of gas at 10.0 degrees C increases form 700. mm Hg. What is the new temperature?
90.9 Degrees C
The volume of a sample of oxygen is 300.0 mL when the pressure is 1.00 atm and the temperature is 27.0 Degrees C. At what temperature is the volume 1.00 L and the pressure 0.500 atm?
227 Degrees C
The volume of a gas collected when the temperature is 11.0 degrees and the pressure is 710 mm Hg measures 14.8 mL. What is the calculated volume of the gas at 20.0 degrees C and 740 mm Hg?
14.6 mL

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