Chemistry and Measurement

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The study if the composition and structure of materials and of the changes that the materials undergo.
An observation of natural phenomena carried out in a controlled manner so that the results can be duplicated and rational conclusions obtained.
A concise statement or mathematical equation about a fundamental relationship or regularity in nature.
Scientific Method
A process of advancing scientific knowledge through observations; the framing of laws, hypotheses or theories; and the conducting of more experiments.
A _____ explanation of a basic natural phenomenon.
Law of Conservation of Mass
The total mass remains constant during a chemical change.
The quantity of matter in material.
Whatever takes up space and can be perceived by our senses.
Classifying matter by its physical state.
Solid, Liquid or Gas.
Classifying Matter by its chemical constitution.
Element, compound, or mixture.
characterized by rigidity; fixed volume and fixed shape.
relativity incompressible fluid; fixed volume, no fixed shape.
Compressed fluid; no fixed volume, no fixed shape.
Physical Change
A change in the form of matter but not its chemical identity.
Chemical Change
a change in which one or more kinds of matter are transformed into a new kind of matter or several new kidns of matter.
A kind of matter that cannot be separated into other kinds of matter by any physical process such as distillation or sublimation.
A substance that cannot be decompressed into simpler substances by any chemical reaction.
A new substance composed of two or more elements chemically combined.
Law of Definite Proportions
States that a pure compound whatever its source always contains definite or constant proportions of the elements by mass.
A material can be separated by physical means into two or more substances, has variable composition.
Heterogeneous Mixture
A mixture that consists of physical distinct parts each with different properties.
Homogenous Mixture
A mixture that is uniform in its properties also is called a solution.
The comparison of a physical quantity with a fixed standard of measurement – a unit.
The closeness of the set of values obtained from repeated measurements of the same quality.
The closeness of a single measurement to its true value.
Significant figures indicate _______.
Exact Number
A counted number or defined number.
Scientific Notation
The representation of a number in the form.
SI units
An international system of units made up of a petticoat choice of metric units.
Base Units
The seven metric units from which all other units can be derived.
A measure of “hotness”

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