Chapter quiz 1

each half of the Earth, divided either north and south or east and west

A set of imaginary lines that run parallel to the equator

alatitudes set of imaginary lines that go around the earth over the poles

an imaginary line that divides the earth into northern and southern halves

an imaginary line that divides the earth into eastern/western halves
prime meridian

the word geography comes for. a Greek word that means “to describe the earth”
how does that meaning help you define Geography
study of distribution a

______Is a series of satellites that orbit the earth to pick up geographic data

A _________ is a particular type of map that shows natural and man-made features on the earth

A_______ is a way of drawing the earth’s surface that reduces distortion caused by converting three dimensions into two dimensions.

_____ is a system that creates specialized maps from digital map information stored in a databank
Geographical information system

A_______ is a three-dimensional representation of the earth

What are at least 2 ways in which geographers use technology to gather or use geographical data?
1.To survey the land
2.To construct maps

provide absolute location to the user
GPS (global positioning system)

type of map that shows features on the earth that humans have created
political map

type of map in which geographers present information about a country based on a set of data other than land area
themetical map

List 5 themes of geography
D)Human Enviornment interaction

The solid rock portion of the earth’s surface

A soft layer of molten rock under the earth’s surface

the thing layer of rock that coats the earth’s surface

the water elements on the earth

the layer of gases that surrounds the earth

True or False: Aquifers hold more than 95 percent of the earth’s fresh water supply

True or False: Ground water is held in the pores of rock just below the soil on the earth’s surface

True or False: The earth’s surface from the edge of a continent to the deep part of the ocean is called the continental shelf

True or False:The relief of a landform is its highest point

True or False: Drainage basins are areas of land from which water flows into small streams and eventually into a major river, on its way to the ocean

What is the realtionship between ground water and the gydrologic cycle
When Participation happens in the hydrologic cycle, it goes in the ground, which is part of the hydrologic cycle.

Moving pieces under the earth;s surface that from the earth’s crust are called
Tectonic Plates

A seismograph measures the size of the waves caused by

A giant ocean wave that is sometimes caused by an earthquake is called

Magma can flow out of cracks in the earth’s surface as

The flow of magma through cracks in the earth’s surface is called

Why is “Ring of Fire” a particularly appropriate name for the zone around the rim of the pacific Ocean
It’s where 8 plates collide with the pacific

What is formed when physical or chemical processes weather rock on or near the earth’s surface?

Which term names the type of weathering that changes the size of a rock but not its composition

What is created when a river carries sediment along on its way to the ocean

Which term names the organic material that contributes to the fertility of soil?

Which term names a process by which moving masses of ice change the topography of a region

True or False:The equinoxes are the two times each year that the suns’s rays shine directly overhead at noon

True or False: A region’s climate includes the weather conditions that occur there over a long period of time

True or False: Convectional, orographic, and frontal are the threee classifications of Seasonal Climate

True or False:In the center of a tornado is a calm, clear area called the “eye.”

True or False:In Asia, a hurricane is known as a Blizzard

A large circular system of flowing water that moderates a region’s climate
Hydrologic cycle

A measurement system of the earth that can be divided into three zones: low or tropical, middle or temperate, and high or polar

the transfer of heat in the atmosphere by the upward motion of air

a periodic climate change that causes the waters off the west coast of South America to warm
El Nino

The warming trend that occurs when gases in the atmosphere trap solar energy
Greenhouse Effect

The two most significant factors in defining different climates are
Temperature and precipitation

The Climate zone in which regions have a rainy season in summer and a dry season in the winter is called
tropical wet & dry

A region is categorized as being in the desert climate zone according to the
precipitation/rainfall less than 10 inches per year

The flat, treeless lands that form a ring around the Arctic Ocean are called

When the subsoil of a region is constantly frozen the region has

An interdependant community of plants and animals is called

Another name for Broadleaf trees is

remember this :O
Needleaf and Coniferous

Total of knowledge, shared atttitudes, and behaviors of the members of a specific group of people is their

The spread of ideas and customs from one society to another is called

If the members of one society decide to adopt a custom that they observe in another society, this process is called

A religion that involves the belief in many gods is a

A version of a language that includes changes related to class, region, or other cultural changes is called

True or False: The Mortality rate shows the average number of children a woman would have if she had children at the current rate for her country.

True or False: To calculate the rate at which a population is growing, demographers subtract the mortality rate from the Fertality rate

True or False: Population Density refers to the average number of people who live within the boundaries of a specific amount of land, such as a square mile

True or False:Cultivation refers to the number of organisms a piece of land can support

True or False: The rate of Natural increase is the rate at which a population grows

Why, since the era of the earliest societies, have population centers sprung up in coastal regions and river valleys?
Since there is a water source near, and they’re plants and animals.

A King, queen , or ruling family holds political power

Citizens, or their elected representatives, hold political power

A group of people with a common culture living in a specific location

the government holds all or nearly all of the political power and means of production

an independent unit occupying a specific area and controlling its internal and external affairs

Geographers developed the field of urban geography to
Cities, City Structure

A City, along with its suburbs, and exhurbs, forms
Metropolitan area

Urbanization is the
Dramatic rise in the number of cities and change in lifestyle.

Basic land use patterns found in all cities include
residential, industrial, and commercial

The commercial core of a city is called its
central buisness district

What are the functions of a city, and what is its relationship to its suburbs and exurbs?
church, education, and work.
They help maintain the surburbs/exhurbs

A capitalistic system, in which the production of goods and services is determined by demand from consumers
Market economy

The total value of all goods and services produced within the boundaries of a nation over a specified amount of time

The basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, such as transportation, energy, and water

The total value of all goods and services produced by a nation’s businesses and industries over a specified amount of time

A planned economic system, in which the government usually owns the means for producing goods and services, and determines rate and type of production
Command Economy

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