Chapter 9 Federal Government Study Guide

From 1890 to 1910, about __________ of all votes in Congress evoked a partisan split.

Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution confers on Congress all of the following powers EXCEPT
the power to veto bills.

In Great Britain’s parliamentary system, candidates for Parliament are selected by
the party

A basic difference between a parliament such as Great Britain’s and the U.S. Congress is
party members in a parliament vote together on most issues.

Congress was designed by the Founders in ways that almost inevitably make it

What is the term used to describe a two house legislative body?

Under the original U.S. Constitution, members of the House, unlike members of the Senate, were selected by
state legislators

Originally, members of the Senate were selected by
The Constitution provided that senators were chosen by the State legislatures.

How many members are there in the U.S. House of Representatives?

By the end of the nineteenth century, the Senate was known as the _________ Club.

The purpose of a filibuster is to
prevent actions on a bill

Today, it takes __________ of the Senate to cut off debate.

The typical member of Congress is a(n)
middle-aged, white, Protestant lawyer.

The “Blue Dog” Caucus consists of Democrats who happen to be
moderately conservative house democrats

In the nineteenth century, a large fraction—often a majority—of congressmen served
only for one term

The Supreme Court struck down an effort by a state to impose term limits on
its own members of Congress

The November 2012 elections brought __________ first-term members to the House of Representatives.

A marginal district is one in which
the winner in an election gets less than 55 percent of the vote.

One proposed explanation for why congressional seats have become less marginal is that
incumbents can use their powers to get programs passed that benefit their districts, and thereby themselves.

The original conservative coalition in Congress consisted of
southern democrats and conservative republicans

Recent changes in the composition of Congress have resulted in
ideology and partisan

If you wished to study the real leadership office in the Senate, you would most likely focus on the
majority leader

A member of the Senate has just been elected to a position that requires him to keep the majority leader informed about the opinions of other party members. He has just been elected
majority party whip

Who presides over the House?
the Speaker

__________ decide(s) the outcome of disputed congressional elections.
congress alone

The Supreme Court upheld Senator Mike Gravel’s reading of the Pentagon Papers—some then-secret government documents about the Vietnam War—into the Congressional Record because
privileged speech

Most of the power in Congress is found in
the committees

The type of committee most likely to deal with a bill near the end of its legislative process is the __________ committee.
conference committee.

Where is the real work of Congress done?
In the committees in both houses

The original purpose of the General Accounting Office (GAO), now the Government Accountability Office, was to perform
audits of financial records.

The staff agency that advises Congress on the probable economic effect of different spending programs and the cost of proposed policies is the
Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

A bill can be introduced in Congress by
any member of Congress.

A concurrent resolution passed by Congress seeks to
settle housekeeping and procedural matters that effect both houses

Which of the following statements about revenue bills is TRUE?
It can vary enormously.

A discharge petition is used by the House to
get a bill stalled in committee onto the floor.

Unlike in the House, the scheduling of legislation in the Senate is
determined by the majority and minority leaders.

In the Senate, a filibuster can be ended by invoking

When a bill passes the House and Senate in substantially different forms, the differences are resolved in
a conference committee

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