Chapter 9–Decision Support Systems and Marketing Research

Everyday information about developments in the marketing environment that managers use to prepare and adjust marketing plans is referred to as:
marketing information
A(n) ____ is an interactive, flexible, computerized information system that enables managers to obtain and manipulate information as they are making decisions.
marketing decision support system
A true marketing decision support system possesses all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:
a. flexible
b. discovery oriented
c. interactive
d. accessible
e. synergistic
____ is the creation of a large computerized file of customers’ and potential customers’ profiles and purchase patterns.
Database marketing
____ is the process of planning, collecting, and analyzing data relevant to a marketing decision. The results of this analysis are then communicated to management.
Marketing research
Marketing research has three funtional roles. These roles are:
descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive
In contrast to marketing research problems, management decision problems are:
action oriented
Data previously collected for purpose other than the one at hand are an important source of information as the researcher defines the problem. These data are called ____ data.
secondary data
Trade groups, commercial publications, and government departments can be used as sources of:
secondary data
The research design specifies:
the research questions to be answered
Information collected for the first time for the purpose of solving a particular problem under investigation is called ____ data.
What is the chief advantage of primary data?
Relevance to the problem at hand.
The most popular method for gathering primary data is ____, in which a researcher interacts with people to obtain facts, opinions, and attitudes.
survey research
In-home personal interviews:
offer high-quality data at a high cost
Which type of survey research method involves interviewing people in the common areas of shopping malls?
Mall intercept interviews
Telephone interview offer:
speed in gathering data
____ research depends on watching what people do.
A(n) ____ sample is characterized by every element in the population having a known statistical likelihood of being selected.
A ____ sample is any sample in which little or no attempt is made to obatin a representative cross section of the population.
Nonprobability samples:
include any sample in which little is done to obtain a representative cross section of the population
Which of the following is a type of probability sample?
a. Judgment sample
b. Convenience sample
c. Random sample
d. Quota sample
e. Snowball sample
Random sample
All of the following are advantages associated with the use of Internet surveys EXCEPT:
a. decreased costs
b. ability to contact hard-to-reach
c. reduced measurement error
d. ability to get survey results much more
e. ability to personalize the survey
c reduced measurement error
All of the following are advantages associated with online focus groups EXCEPT:
a. good participation rates
b. cost-effectiveness
c. narrow geographic scope
d. accessibility
e. honesty of respondents
narrow geographic scope
Marketing research should not be undertaken when:
the perceived costs are greater than the projected benefits
An intelligence system that helps managers assess their competition and vendors in order to become more efficient and effective competitors is called:
competitive intelligence

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