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Management Lesson 5 (Ch. 4): Planning & Strategic Management

question T answer (T/F) The basic planning cycle goes in one dimension – into the future. question T answer (T/F) Situational analysis, as part of the formal planning process, focuses on internal forces at work within the organization and examines influences from the external environment. question T answer (T/F) Goals need not be linked to […]

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Chapter 9 & 10 Practice Test

question Business ethics concerns answer the application of ethical principles and standards to business activities, behavior, and decisions. question Management’s most powerful tool for winning employee commitment to good strategy execution and operating excellence is answer a properly designed system of rewards and incentives. question The single most visible factor that distinguishes successful culture-change efforts […]

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Yallop 1.08
21 Sep 2020 Database

question Unified communications (UC)is a business trend and that seeks to: answer Simplify and integrate all forms of communications question You make it a point to send email messages which is an instant messages that are considered “safe for work.” This is a good way to ensure that your messages: answer Will not be constructed […]

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US History Section 20

question Nativism answer Prejudice against foreign-born people question Isolationism answer Policy of pulling away from involvement in world affairs. question Communism answer An economic and political system based on a single-party government ruled by a dictatorship. question Anarchists answer People who opposed any form of government question Sacco and Vanzetti answer They were charged with […]

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Understanding Business Chapter 19
17 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question Initial Public Offering (IPO) answer The first public offering of a corporation’s stock. question Investment Bankers answer Specialists who assist in the issue and sale of new securities. question Institutional Investors answer Large organizations-such as pension funds, mutual funds, and insurance companies-that invest their own funds or the funds of others. question Stock Exchange […]

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15 Sep 2020 Database

question 1. Risks can have both negative and positive effects on meeting project objectives. answer T question 2. A risk-seeking person prefers outcomes that are more uncertain and is often willing to pay a penalty to take risks. answer T question 3. The last step in project risk management is deciding how to address this […]

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Systems Analysis – Chapter 2

question biometric devices answer Mapping an individual’s facial features, handprint, or eye characteristics for identifation purposes. question business case answer Refers to the reasons, or justification, for a proposal. question case for action answer a summary of the project request and a specific recommendation. question computer resources committee answer A group of key managers and […]

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question Public assembly facilities have existed since: answer ancient times question Older ballparks like Fenway Park and Ebbets Field were built with irregular shapes and sizes in order to: answer accommodate urban space limitations question The youngest of the four major North American sports is: answer Basketball question Which of the following sports was the […]

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Section 12.8 Network Security

question Your client has hired you to evaluate their wired network security posture. As you tour their facility, you note the following: * Server systems are kept in a locked server room * User accounts on desktop systems have strong passwords assigned * A locked door is used to control access to the work area. […]

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Quiz 3 ADM-316 Computer/Info Processing
06 Sep 2020 Database

question A PowerPoint presentation consists of a series of ________ that can each contain graphics, text, and multimedia or a combination of these. answer slides question The Windows disk utility ________ rearranges file parts on a disk to improve efficiency. answer Disk Defragmenter question A(n) ________ allows an application to request services from the operating […]

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Principles of Management Chapter 3: Ethics
04 Sep 2020 Database

question Sustainable growth answer an economic growth and development that meets present needs without harming the needs of future generations. question Compliance-based ethics programs answer company mechanisms typically designed by corporate counsel to prevent, detect and punish legal violations. question Unconscious biases answer a bias that people favor themselves and their group. question Moral Awareness […]

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Philosophy chapter 1 homework

question Chapter 1 Exercises 1-1; all answer … question 1. What is an argument? answer An argument consist of 2 concepts: one part of which the premise(s) is intended to provide a reason for accepting the other part (the conclusion). question 2. T/F? A claim is what you use to state an opinion or a […]

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Operations Management – Chapter 5 Notes

question The term capacity refers to the maximum quantity an operating unit can process over a given period. True or False? answer True question Capacity decisions are usually one-time decisions; once they have been made, we know the limits of our operations. True or False? answer False question Stating capacity in dollar amounts generally results […]

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Multiple Response

question b, c, d answer Which of the following are tabs found in the Windows Task Manager dialog box? question c, d answer Which of the following utilities can be accessed using the Computer Management window? question a, b, d answer Which of the following types of events are logged by Windows and can be […]

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MKT 4083 EXAM 1

question Which of the following is true regarding international marketing? answer It involves the performance of business activities to sell the goods and services of a company in more than one nation for a profit question At the global level, differences can be observed in marketing ____ from country to country answer Environments question Which […]

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MISC Ch. 4

question telecommunications answer refers to the electronic transmission of signals for communications, by such means as telephone, radio, and television question telecommunications medium answer any material substance that carries an electronic signal to support communication between a sending and receiving device question speed answer an important characteristic of telecommunications is the ______ at which information […]

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Microeconomics Ch. 14

question Which of the following is not part of an oligopolist’s business strategy? A) meeting worker health and safety standards required of all firms B) deciding the level of total output of a new product C) determining the amount of advertising a new product needs D) setting the product’s price after considering what rivals will […]

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MGSC 395 Practice Exam 1
19 Aug 2020 Database

question A credit? card-processing firm would be likely to list the following competitive priorities for its external? customers: A. Concurrent engineering B. Mass customization C. Consistent quality D. Postponement answer c question Which of the following events from the twentieth century defines the history of operations and supply chain? management? A. The invention of the […]

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MGMT 325 – Test1

question The nation is rapidly moving from: answer industrial to knowledge-based. question Which of the following corporate trends have contributed to the growth of entrepreneurship? answer The idea that “small is beautiful” in large companies, resulting in less hierarchy and layers of management question The following is true regarding entrepreneurial education: answer All of the […]

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Marketing Final, Ch. 13 Supply Chain Management

question supply chain agility answer an operational strategy focused on inducing inventory velocity and operational flexibility simultaneously in the supply chain question supply chain integration answer when multiple firms or business functions in a supply chain coordinate their activities and processes so that they are seamlessly linked to one another in effort to satisfy the […]

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Management Test 1 (quiz questions)
12 Aug 2020 Database

question ____ is defined as getting work done through others. answer Management question Fruitlicious is a fruit juice manufacturing company. The company ensures that all the raw materials are used well and minimal waste is produced. The juice extraction and packaging units are designed in such way that quality is maintained with minimal costs. It […]

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MAN320F Final

question The team decision technique of __________ asks everyone to respond individually and in writing to a basic question such as: ‘What should be done to improve the effectiveness of this work team?’ answer nominal group technique question Len emphasizes cooperation and assertiveness in dealing with conflict situations in his department. Differences are worked through […]

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