Chapter 7 Quiz – Marketing 305

Million Dollar Baby is an example of a successful movie that could have failed because
its original title did not convey the correct message to its prospective audience.
Which of the following statements concerning marketing research is most accurate?
When collecting marketing research, people may not be willing to tell you what you want to know if it is potentially embarrassing.
The fourth step of the marketing research approach is to __________.
develop findings 4
There are two key elements when defining a marketing research problem. One of these is __________.
set the research objectives
Drawing conclusions about a population from a sample taken from that population is referred to as
statistical inference
Data refer to the
facts and figures related to the problem that are divided into two main parts: secondary data and primary data.
The two main types of data are
primary and secondary.
Fisher-Price watches young children play with its toys to determine if and how various products should be changed or improved. Fisher Price is collecting __________ data.
When customers have their groceries scanned at the supermarket checkout counter, the data are collected and processed by tracking services such as IRI’s InfoScan. Consumer product firms like Procter and Gamble use data collected by IRI to allocate scarce marketing resources. Which of the following data are NOT collected at retail checkout counters?
household demographics
Which of the following statements concerning ethnographic research is most accurate?
Ethnographic research uses anthropologists and other trained researchers to observe consumers encounter products in their natural use environment.
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