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Health & Wellness ch. 6
25 Sep 2020 Database

question body composition answer the body’s relative amounts of fat and fat-free mass question Successful management of body composition requires a. a very low calorie diet. b. an active lifestyle only. c. a very low calorie diet and an active lifestyle. d. long-term, consistent coordination of many aspects of a wellness program. answer d question […]

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Ch. 23 & 24 True False

question Through world trade, an economy can reach a point beyond its domestic production possibilities curve answer true question Higher unemployment rates are linked with higher crime rates and higher rates of physical and mental illness. answer true question Barriers to free trade impair efficiency in the international allocation of resources answer true question An […]

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Windows 7 Chpt 3 Review

question False answer Windows 7 still supports legacy Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) devices, which sometimes required manual configuration of resources. Answer: True False question c. Desktop Gadgets answer ____ is a method for displaying small applications called gadgets at the side of the screen. Choose one answer. a. Windows Update b. Windows SideShow c. Desktop […]

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USH-ch. 14-15

question Describe the factors responsible for the immense industrial boom that occurred in the US. answer 1. A wealth of natural resources, 2. Government support for business, 3. Growing urban population that provided both cheap labor and markets for new products question Originally, what use did Americans find for oil? answer To make fuel and […]

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Types of Business Organizations

question Producer answer maker of good or provider of services question Business Organizations answer commercial or industrial enterprises and the people who work in them question Sole Proprietorships answer business organizations owned and controlled by one single person question Limited Life answer situation where a business closes if the owner dies, retires, or leaves for […]

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TestOut Flashcards – 13.6 Windows Recovery

question In which of the following situations would reverting to a System Restore point be the best option? A. You recently installed a new application and now the system behaves erratically. B. You need to restore several word processing files that were accidentally deleted from My Documents. C. You accidentally deleted several important e-mails from […]

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Supply Chain Chapter 3
12 Sep 2020 Database

question 1) One phase of a large project is scheduling. True or False answer True question 2) Which of the following statements regarding Bechtel is true? A) Its competitive advantage is project management. B) Bechtel was the construction contractor for the Hoover Dam. C) While helping to rebuild Iraq, Bechtel’s crews had to travel under […]

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Sociology 1101 – Test 3A Final Review

question C. The Sales Crow Song answer What was the name of the song in the video on the Japanese Management School? a. Atragon b. Seppuku c. The Sales Crow Song d. Work Until You Drop question A. Deviance is a normal element of social organization answer Assume you were listening to a lecture on […]

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Salesforce Admin 201 from Bluewolf training

question Where in salesforce can the administrator determine how many licenses have been used? (exploring the SFDC org) answer Information about the amount of licenses your company has used can be found in the company profile. question Is the Gregorian calendar based on a standard fiscal year or a custom fiscal year? (exploring the SFDC […]

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QDM – Quality Driven Management

question QDM Principles answer > Customers Define Quality > Be Scientific > Measure, Measure, Measure > Optimize Business Performance > Quality Involves Teamwork > View Failures as Opportunities question ABLE Problem Solving Process answer > ASSESS > BUILD > LAUNCH > EVALUATE question ASSESS answer > ASSESS opportunities to improve the customer experience or business […]

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PR Case Studies

question Angle answer A specific emphasis we chose for a story that we present to the media question B2B answer Business to business; Clients that focus on resources by businesses for businesses; PR efforts deal a lot with trade and business publications as well as analyst firms question B2C answer Business to consumer; Clients speak […]

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Personal Finance–Ch. 5

question Monetary Asset (cash) Management answer Encompasses how you handle all of your monetary assets, including cash on hand, checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and other short-term investment vehicles, and longer-term savings instruments. question Liquidity answer Refers to the speed and ease with which as asset can be converted to cash. question Safety […]

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Ohio Life and Health Insurance
30 Aug 2020 Database

question According to the law of large numbers, how would losses be affected if the number of similar insured units increases? answer Predictability of losses will be improved question Which of the following can be defined as “the potential for loss”? answer Risk question An insurer has a contractual agreement which transfers a portion of […]

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Politics Salve

question Civil liberties are protections given to people, opinions, and property as mandated by the U.S. and state constitutions. answer Civil liberties are protections given to people, opinions, and property as mandated by? question The U.S. Bill of Rights limits all three branches of government answer The U.S. Bill of Rights limits which branch(es) of […]

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Module 1: Money Management
27 Aug 2020 Database

question Spending Log answer A list in which you record everything you spend money question Delayed Gratification answer Waiting until you know you can afford something. question Needs answer Things that are essential to your health and security. question Wants answer Things that make life more interesting, but you can get by without them. question […]

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MISY 160 TIA Exam #2
25 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question A large network designed to provide access to a specific geographic area, such as a large city is a __________. A. MAN B. PAN C. LAN D. WAN answer A. MAN question 2. All of the following are benefits of networks EXCEPT, _________. A. sharing an Internet connection B. sharing printers and other peripherals […]

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MIS 3063 CH 8

question Which of the following problems is particularly common for data that have been gathered over time? answer lack of consistency question In the ________ phase, a BigData collection is broken into pieces and hundreds or thousands of independent processors search these pieces for something of interest answer map question ________ is the application of […]

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MGT Chapter 10 Practice

question An effective way to deal with change is to allow grieving over the loss of old ways. answer true question People are generally comfortable with and embrace change, even change in apparently major matters. answer false *uncomfortable about change* question The marketplace is becoming more homogeneous and moving toward more similar products. answer false […]

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Mgmt ch. 6
18 Aug 2020 Database

question planning answer identifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of action; one one the four principle tasks of management question strategy answer a cluster of decisions about what goals to pursue, what actions to take, and how to use resources to achieve goals question mission statement answer a broad declaration of an organization’s purpose […]

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MGMT 1 Chapter 9 Operations Management

question True or False: The US economy is no longer primarily manufacturing based answer True. Over 70% of US GDP and over 80% of US jobs are now in the service sector question production answer creation of finished goods and services using the factors of production: land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge question operations management […]

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Flashcards on Marketing ch. 6

question What are the three main types of organizational buyers? answer industrial firms; resellers; government units question What is the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)? answer The NAICS provides common industry definitions for Canada, Mexico, and the United States, which makes it easier to measure economic activity in the three member countries of NAFTA. […]

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Management Exam 1 – Flashcards with Answers
11 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question 1) In his capacity as the regional production manager, Mark Brown is required to address the regional heads from across the country in a quarterly meeting organized by his company. At this meeting, Mark presents the detailed production figures of his region and also outlines the changes he plans to implement in order to […]

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