Chapter 14: Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing LearnSmart

The process a message is conveyed to others is known as:
Advertising, personal selling, and public relations r part of which element in the marketing mix?
IMC stands for
Integrated Message Communications
In the marketing communication, the …….. refers to the company or person who has information to convey.
Within in the communication process, encoding could best be described as:
transforming ideas into symbols
refers to the process by which the receiver takes a set of symbols and transform them back to an idea.
– Advertising
– Personal selling
– Public relations
– Sales promotions
– Direct Marketing
r the five elements of the…..
Promotional mix
Any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, good, service, or idea by an identified sponsor is known as:
When using the objectives and task method to determine the promotion budget, marketer must take which of the following steps:
– Determine its promotion objectives
– Determine the promotion costs for performing task.
Put the five stages that a prospective buyer goes through, known as hierarchy of effects, in order from first to last
– Awareness
– Interest
– Evaluation
– Trial
– Adoption
Direct orders
Results from offers that contain all the information to make a decision and complete the transaction.
Lead generation
Results from an offer designed to generate interest in a product and a request for more information.
Traffic generation
Results from an offer designated to motivate people to visit a business.
Which of the following are methods of setting a budget for promotion:
– Competitive parity
– All you can afford
– Objective and task
Sales promotion
refers to a short-term inducement of value to arouse interest in buying a good or service.
The two promotional strategies used by a manufacturer to assist in moving a product through the channel of distribution r known as:
– The push strategy
– The pull strategy
to inform
To persuade
To remind
To phaseout (eliminate, withdraw)
In the communication process, the ……… is the person who reads, hears, or sees the message.
The feedback loop in the communication process is made up of a ……… from the receiver and feedback, the interpretation of the same by the source.
In the percentage of the sales method of promotion budgeting, funds r allocated to promotion as a percentage of either ……………
past or anticipated sales.
Salespeople calling on wholesalers to encourage orders and providing sales assistance r typical of a ………
push strategy
The tools of the promotional mix r used primarily to do which of the following:
– To remind buyers later about the benefits they enjoyed by using the product.
– To persuade prospective buyers to try the product.
Which two of the following promotional alternative benefit from the customization interaction between the seller and a prospective buyer:
– Personal selling
– Direct marketing
While considering your competition in promotional budgeting is important, use of ………… budgeting may be not effective if u have different promotional objective that will be implemented with the different expenditures.
competitive parity
News stories, editorials, and announcement about organizations goods and services are examples of……
Personal selling
is the two way selling flow of communication between a buyer and a seller designed to influence the buyer’s purchase decision.
Which two of the promotional alternative benefit from a customized interaction between the seller and a prospective buyer?
– Personal selling
– Direct marketing
Attempts to influence feelings, opinions, or beliefs held by customers and others about a company and its products r called …..
public relations
Image that a firm sends out a message in the form of a print advertisement of a product. Which of the following elements is most likely to contribute to receivers decoding the message differently?
whether or not the receiver is a user of the firm’s product.
(This will impact a receiver’s field of experience)
The channel of communication
is the means by which the message is conveyed to the consumer.
For a message to be communicated effectively, the sender and receiver must have a mutually shared ……….. , a similar understanding and knowledge they apply to the message.
field of experience
Telephone solicitations, mail, infomercials, catalogs, and emails can all be considered part of …..
direct marketing
Which two of the following r advantages of the personal selling:
– ability to modify the message based on immediate feedback.
– Reduction in wasted coverage
Which of the following refers to the extraneous factors that can work against effective communication by distorting a message or feedback received?
In the communication process, the information sent by the source forms ………..
the message.
Which two of the following would most likely be used by a firm when its product is in the growth stage of the product life cycle?
– Personal selling that solidifies the channel of distribution.
– Advertising the stresses brand differences.
The all you can afford method of promotion budgeting has been criticized for:
not being based on the promotion sales relationship nor on the production objections.
Developing, executing, and assessing the promotional program helps an organization by ……………
prescribing a strategy approach that improve promotional decisions.
Which of the following r benefits consumer reports regarding their experience with direct marketing?
– Save time and money
– 24 hour shopping
Which two of the following would be considered part of the feedback loop in the communication process?
– A consumer uses a used car as a result of their interaction with a sales person. (ex. of a response)
– A retailer notices a increase in sales following its purchase of advertising in Sunday’s paper. (ex. of feedback)
It would be considered ………. if a sales person uses so much industry jargon that a prospective buyer was unable to understand the message properly.
By paying for ………., a company can control what it wants to say, when to send its message, and to some extent to whom the message is sent.
Which two of the following r disadvantages of advertising?
– Lack of direct feedback
– High absolute cost
Sales promotion 1
often stimulates sales for its duration, but gains r often temporary and sales drop off when the deal ends.
Sales promotions should not be conducted ……….; they will loose their effectiveness as customers begins to delay purchase until the promotion is offered again or question’s the product’s values.
Which of the following is a particular challenge for the coordination of a consistent promotional effort?
Promotional elements r often the responsibilities of different departments.
Personal selling to provide information and support after the sale and advertising in trade publications r common promotion elements when the purchaser is:
A business buyer
Intermediaries in the marketing channel benefit from ……. through which intermediaries receive marketing advice and expertise, in addition to information about allowed markup, merchandising support, and return policies.
personal selling
Which of the following would most likely to be used by a firm when its product is in the maturity stage of the product life cycle?
Sales promotion to maintain loyalty.
Little money is spent on any type of promotion during which of the following stages of the product life cycle?
When a pharmaceutical company uses the phrase “Ask u doctor if Zetia is right for u” in its print advertising, it is an example of a ……
pull strategy
To the extent that time and money permit, the target audience for the promotion program should ………….
match the target market for the firm’s products.
Successful promotion design r often the result of …….
insight regarding the consumer’s interest and purchasing behavior.
Which of the following activities r likely to be affected by seasonality?
scheduling the promotion
Which of the following r characteristics of an effective promotional objective?
– Designed for a well-design target audience.
– Measurable
– Covering a specified period of time.
Which of the following r challenges facing direct marketers in global markets today?
– Countries with less reliable and secure email system.
– Countries with mandatory “opt-in” requirements.
– Lack of credit and credit cards in different part of the world.
When a manufacturing direct the promotional mix at ultimate consumer to encourage them to ask the retailer for a product, and the retailer then orders it from the wholesaler it is known as a …………….
pull strategy
Which of the following is a key element in any direct marketing program?
Which of the following is related to the dramatic growth of direct marketing?
increasing interest in the customer relationship management.
The high cost …….. is a major disadvantage; on a cost-per-contact basis, it is generally the most expensive of the five promotional elements.
personal selling
which of the following is the ethical concern most likely to be an issue for the direct marketer?
Publicity, lobbying efforts, and press conference r some of the tools used in ………
Public relations
A marketing message may never make it to the desired receiver if an error is made in determining ……
the channel used for the message.
A tool used to evaluate a company current processes and assets such as internal communication, key audiences, databases, advertising messages, and promotion expertise is known as …..
IMC audit
Integrated Marketing Communication
The ideal execution of a promotion program involves …….. each design to allow for changes and modifications, and then …….. to evaluate the impact of each promotion and its contribution toward the objectives.
pretesting / post-testing
When manufacturers face resistance from channel members who do not want to order a new product, they may instead implement a …….. strategy to stimulate demand at the consumer level.
Which of the following is the advantage of publicity?
When Ford motor company provides its Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers with incentives for meeting or exceeding its goals, this is an example of ……..
push strategy
Push and Pull strategy assist the manufacturer in:
moving a product through the channel of distribution.
News stories, editorials, and announcement about organization goods and services r examples of:

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