Chapter 10 Study Guide: Marketing

The consumer decision-making process is different for final consumers than for business consumers. (T/F)
Which marketing function involves communicating directly with potential customers to determine their needs?
product, distribution, price, and promotion
What are the four elements of a marketing mix?
This type of marketing research study gathers information from people using a carefully planned set of questions.
____________________ are the final business organization in an indirect channel of distribution for consumer products.
Gross margin
__________ is the difference between the selling price and the product costs.
channel members.
Businesses that take part in a channel of distribution are known as
In a communication path, the person or organization that has information to communicate to another person or organization is called the
The most known and used type of mass promotion is
sales promotion.
Contests, games, and product give-aways are all examples of
marketing strategy
A company’s plan that identifies how it will use marketing to achieve its goal is called a ____________________.
A marketing ____________________ considers the needs of customers when developing a marketing mix.
Finding solutions to problems through carefully designed studies involving consumers is called marketing ____________________.
A(n) ____________________ is everything a business offers to satisfy a customer’s needs.
The money a customer must pay for a product or service is called ____________________.
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