chapter 10 IS

E-commerce refers to the use of any networking technologies to transact business.
Retail consumer e-commerce is growing at single-digit rates.
The Internet shrinks information asymmetry.
Rich media advertisements are a sales-oriented marketing format.
All previous mass media in modern history, including the printing press, use a broadcast model where content is created in a central location by experts.
Disintermediation provides major benefits to the distributor.
In general, for digital goods, the marginal cost of producing another unit is about zero .
An example of the service provider business model is Flickr, a photo management and sharing Web site.
An example of the content provider business model is, a retailer of printed books.
Web personalization is used primarily as a major marketing tool.
podcasting allows subscribers to listen to live, streaming radio and other audio content
intellectual property refers to all forms of human expressions, both tangible and intagible
ninety six percent of all us households with internet access use a broadband connection
Behavioral targeting occurs at two levels: individual Web sites and through ISPs.
EDI standards that take advantage of network communications have yet to be fully implemented at the industry level.
Net marketplaces may either support contractual purchasing based on long-term relationships with designated suppliers, or short-term spot purchasing.
Exchanges have become one of the most popular types of Net marketplace because they encourage competitive bidding that drives prices down.
Automobile manufacturing is an example of a vertical market.
Advertising networks track a user’s behavior at thousands of Web sites.
In the free/freemium revenue model, firms offer basic services for free and charge a fee for special features.
Online advertising sales
Through what channel did e-commerce first evolve?
still in a revolutionary phase.
Based on your reading of the chapter, e-commerce is:
A marketplace extended beyond traditional boundaries and removed from a temporal and geographic location is called a(n):
The music recording industry is disrupted as music creation and distribution become decentralized
Which of the following is not a recent development in e-commerce?
Technology players such as Yahoo! seek to dominate online advertising and expand into offline ad brokerage.
How are the Internet and e-commerce causing severe disruption to the existing advertising business model?
the availability of the internet everywhere and anytime.
The quality of ubiquity, as it relates to e-commerce, is illustrated by:
Which of the following is not one of the unique features of e-commerce technology?
The act of engaging consumers in a dialog that dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual describes which dimension of e-commerce technology?
The integration of video, audio, and text marketing messages into a single marketing message and consumer experience describes which dimension of e-commerce technology?
information density
The lowered costs of information storage, processing, and communication, along with the improvement of data quality, has resulted in which unique quality of e-commerce?
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