Chapter 10 Ap Gov Review

A comprehensive study on political advertisements found that the largest number emphasized
Voter’s fear

A major difference between presidential campaigns and congressional campaigns is that
presidential races are generally more competitive

Based on research, Morris Fiorina argues that the culture war is more of a myth and is only a reflection of the fact that
the media publicize the polarization that exists among political leaders and not that most Americans occupy the middle position of many issues.

By the time the 2012 presidential election was completed, the Obama campaign and the Romney campaign, together with a dozen other contenders for the presidency, had raised and spent approximately
$1.3 billion

Compared with Americans, Japanese are MORE likely to
stress social harmony and group cohesion in their social relations

Democrats could be predicted to win every presidential election if the only factor were
party identification

Concerned about the shortened length of campaigns, parties have begun to
reduce front loading of primary elections and reduce delegates from early states.

In Federal Election Commission v. Wisconsin Right to Life, the Supreme Court held that
issue advocacy was protected by the First Amendment and could not be banned.

In recent elections, candidates have relied increasingly on
broadcasting to reach potential voters.

In the 1980 presidential election, many people voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter as a vote against Carter’s performance. This is an example of a(n)
retrospective vote.

In the culture wars, a progressive is more likely to
value personal freedom as much as traditional rules

The agency responsible for monitoring federal elections and campaign finance is the
Federal Election Commission

Religious diversity flourished in the United States due to the absence of a(n)
established religion

Since 1964, African Americans have voted Democratic by at least

Soft money is money that is obtained by
Political parties

The Constitution’s doctrine of “privileged speech” has been interpreted by the Supreme Court to mean
that members of Congress cannot be sued or prosecuted for anything that they say or write in connection with their legislative duties.

The culture war differs from other political disputes in that
Money is not at stake, compromises are impossible to arrange, and conflict is more profound are all true.

The experience with 527 organizations in the 2004 elections suggests that campaign finance laws
are not likely to take money out of politics.

Which of the following is not considered a pivotal state in presidential elections?

The text argues that the U.S. constitutional system was designed to make the adoption of radical departures in policy

This basic element of U.S. political culture holds that people ought to take community affairs seriously and help out when they can.
Civic duty

When Hubert Humphrey won the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 1968, he did so
without competing in a single state primary.

Electoral coattails refers to
the winning presidential candidate’s positive effect on congressional elections.

Which of the following statements concerning attitudes and opinions expressed by Americans in surveys is CORRECT
They have greater faith in political institutions than citizens of other nations.
They are more likely to be patriotic than citizens of other nations.
They have greater faith in private institutions than citizens of other nations.
Their trust in government has declined in recent years.

All of these choices are true.

Who explained the rise of capitalism in terms of religious beliefs and the community involvement of individuals?

Counts for more then half campaign expenses

Requirements for presidency
35 years old, natural born citizen, must live in the United States for 14 year

When is Election day?
First Tuesday after the first Monday of November

Campaigning can also be described as

Who is in charge of elections?
Federal Election Commission

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