Chapter 1 PA Driver’s Manual Study Guide

At what age may you obtain a class C learner’s permit?
At age 16.

How far in advance may you obtain a physical?
No earlier than six months prior to your 16th birthday.

List five items needed when you apply for your learner’s permit:
1. Application for noncommercial, learner’s permit
2. Proof of date of birth
3. Proof of identification
4. Social Security Card
5. Check/Money

List two other acceptable forms of identification in order to get your permit?
1. Birth certificate with raised seal.
2. U.S. Passport

How much will it cost to obtain you initial permit and four year licence?

If your parents do not go with you when you get your permit, what must have they done in advance?
They must have completed a Parent/Guardian Consent form.

When should you sign the “Physician’s Report of Examination?
Sign only in the presence of the provider.

Is driving a right in the Commonwealth in PA?
No. It is a privilege.

What is the DMV’s website where you can get the permit application?

What two tests will you take before your permit is issued?
Knowledge test and Road test.

How long is your permit valid?
For one year.

If you fail the permit test, when may you take it again?
The next Business day- Knowledge Test
Seven days-Road Test

How many hours of behind the wheel skill building, do you have to have in order to take your license test?
65 Hours

How many months do you have to wait before you can test for your license?
Six Months

Will you social security number will be printed on your learner’s permit?

Who has to be with you when you are driving with a learner’s permit?
A licensed driver at 21 years old or older.

Where must that person sit?
In the front.

How old does the person driving with you have to be?
At age 18 or 21 if it is family member.

What does the person driving with you have to have with them?
The driver’s license.

How many non related people may you transport?
No more than 1 non related person.

How many related (brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister) people may you transport?
No more than three people

During what hours are you NOT permitted to drive?
11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

What 5 conditions must you meet in order to obtain a senior license (from a junior license) before the age of 18?
1. Passed a driver training course
2. Not involved in a car crash
3. No violations
4. Consent of parent/guardian
5.Submitted application

When will your junior license automatically become a senior license?
At age 18

What class of license will most of you be applying for?
Class C.

What other class of license may you obtain at age 16?
Class M.

How many questions will have to answer on the permit test? (Max.)
18 questions.

How many questions will you need to answer correctly to pass?
At least 18

What five items do you need to present to the examiner before you take the license test?
1. Valid Learner’s permit.
2. Certificate for 65 hours behind the wheel driving
3. Proof of vehicle is currently insured
4. Registration Card
5. Valid driver’s license of a person 21 or older.

Name one thing that may cause you to fail the license test?
The ability to not parallel park.

How many chances, per permit do you have to pass the license test?
you get three tries.

Do you have to make an appointment to take the license test?

How can you recieve a 90 day suspension of your junior license? (List both examples.)
1. If you accumulate 6 or more points.
2. Convicted of 26 mph or more over the posted seep limit.

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